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Some of you may remember my 2-71! dream (or the doll. or any mentions of it I might have done after space camp)

Today a new member of the family was welcomed to the fold.

Friday night, we were going home from concert contest and stopped at a gas station in somewhere. I have no clue, 'cause I was talking with ryan and brent about final fantasy and couldn't keep track of the time.

I went in and got a bag of combos and a strawberry fanta.

Paid for it. Nothing spectacular. I shoved the dollar bill change and the receipt in my wallet and everything else in my coat. Which was hard because my coat was just sitting on my shouldersXD

We go home, I drink the fanta and eat about half the combos.

Then this morning, I wake up get dressed reach for my wallet and think, 'Hmm! I should take that receipt out!'

I take it out from the clip and lay it on the counter.

"Love's Country Store #271"

I had been telling brent about the story of 271 when we were walking into that gas station. I kept being reminded of space camp and was thinking about how this gas station was a lot like the one wherever it was that we stopped that evening. (I mean gas stations are already a lot alike, but this one *really* reminded me of that day for some reason. I think it was the surplus of teenagers hitting the bathrooms)

I'm giving in and adding 271 to my list of awesome numbers.


(Did I even tell the 2-71 stories here?)


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