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A: 29
B: 32
C: 14
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mock trials were today. So glad I'm not doing that this year.

Apparently, according to megan, the biggest factor in deciding who won in my case last year was trying to prove me wrong for once.

I'm not sure yet how to take that xD

anyways, so half the freshmen were dressed up today. Brent had his suit that he had in teh play on again (it looks like the same one)

but RYAN straightened his hair, and it was so cute and stuff:D 'cause normally it's really curly.
Like really curly. Curlier than yours, Meg. And yours too, foamegan.

Sometimes he puts gel in it and it looks stupid and weird, but when he straightens it, it's fluffy and cute:D
Go B go!


A: 29
B: 30
C: 13
Sent a help ticket thing to cyberpixels. We should know how good that should work. Hah.
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Since meg was wondering:

This last weeks' bits--


the current scores:

A: 28
B: 27
C: 12
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Generation Loud is tomorrow night. should be getting home from that at about 9:00

Saturday is the state math competition (geometry) Gotta be at school at like 8:30 for that, and I think it's over at 1 something.

we did get out of school early today, the extra half hour was cool. it was for some parade in russellville for the troops' homecoming, and I didn't go. I don't know anyone that's been overseas, much less anyone that's coming home. well, I know people that know people, but I don't know the people that the people know.

Imma gonna go to sleep early tonight, I think. long day tomorrow.

the rest of today's totals:

A: 25
B: 20
C: 11

B: +wtp? we'll call it one.

and heck, give C: +1 too.
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Running totals:

A: 23
B: 19
C: 11

I'm thinking about removing C from the running, because it's not working out very well. Very static.

But today's modifiers:
A+2 B+1 (today's a+1, the other two +1s are from the last few days)
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A: 21
B: 18
C: 11


A+2 B+1
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Current rankings:

A: 21
B: 17
C: 11

B +1

C'mon A and C! You guys are falling behind!
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Current rankings:

a: 21
b: 16
c: 12

Modifiers: c-1, b+1
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I shall keep up a scorecard here.

We'll have A, B, and C.

weighted scores, I believe they stand as such.

A: 20 points
B: 16 points
C: 12 points

Todays' modifiers-- A+1. Others to be announced as come.


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