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AFI - Bonus Tracks after . . . but Home is Nowhere and the intro FMV to FF8
Muse - Knights of Cydonia and Pachelbel's Canon in D
there was another but I forgot it
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Myra Breckinridge;
Dark Places: A Novel
The Graveyard Book
Snow Crash
Time Traveller's Wife
The Giver (again)
The Real Story
House of Leaves
The Blade Itself
Death From the Skies
The Ethos Effect
Ender's Game
Accidental Sorceror
Lord Foul's Bane
The Belgariad
When Gravity Fails (marid audran)
Naked Lunch

dangit I don't remember.

I'll update this as I think of them.

[edit- added the book of the months from GHF]
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1) a voltmeter
2) bathroom scales
3) aloe vera (hello paris, you were so sunny)
4) big windows
5) lots of "levels", at least in one room.
6) fans
7) Comte cheese.

how many of those are ones I have wanted for forever? (4, 5)
how many of those I wanted today or yesterday? (1, 3, 6)
how many of those are so right or or so wrong with the rollet household? (2, 7)

just so I remember

(I have 3.5 pages of excruciatingly detailed synopsis of what I did in Paris, and the more interesting photos are at . I took about 230 photos in all, but many of them were 1) photographically unsound 2) only interesting to me as momentos of what I did
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Hmm, where'd I put that post with the two songs I want to put on a cd sometime, because now I have another one:

Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away

I think I'm getting allergies. Wonderful!

Also, our girls basketball team has apparently gone the furthest they've ever gone by going to state and actually winning their first game there. They play again friday and the school is letting people leave school to go and support them 8)
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this is just sorta a reminder for myself

I want to put these songs on a cd, and I want to remember which songs I say this about

Smashing Pumpkins - Rat in a Cage
The Killers - When You Were Young

I don't remember the others. Hence this post.

Oh I remember another one; the kishivoiceguy, I can't remember the band but the song is like Running up that hill, I'll know what I mean anyways.



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