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It wasn't so much of a New Year's Resolution as a existential crisis in a clothing store.

"Oh god, not even these will fit me? *despairs*"

But I supplemented it with reading The End of Overeating which, despite being pretty repetitive, seems to be drilling the point home. (maybe being so repetitive, it's sinking in since I keep falling asleep reading it) Making me think that these components, salt, sugar, fat are the enemy and I should avoid them. We'll see if I last the week, though, but so far so good.

I also rode my bike to target yesterday to pick up a prescription. I don't remember the last time I rode; probably back in August before it got really hot.
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So the scale was telling me an increasingly distressing story. I knew my snacking at work had gotten out of control. So I stopped.

It's.. rough, but easier than I anticipated.

and day two

Nov. 5th, 2012 10:02 pm
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My goals for today were
a) to mail a DMV form to my dad so he could sign off my AR title
b) make an appointment to renew my insurance papers so I can get state subsidized birth control
c) cook a dinner
d) maybe do a little planting

It was a lot easier to get up, due to the lack of Daylight Savings, but it came around to bite me really hard in the ass. I thought that the parking garage's lights would be on by 5:30, but they weren't. Guess they wait until 6. I mean, I know it isn't, but it just feels dodgy being up there in the dark.

So as for my plans, I made my way through traffic on hold with the doctor's office, only to find out that since all I do have to do is fill out paperwork, they won't actually make me an appointment. So I get to try to go before work tomorrow and hope nothing takes a long time. Wish they could have told me this when I went in last month, but no, I get to find out when my bill at the pharmacy comes up to $106. Like whaaaaat?

I only teared up for a moment, but I was frustrated a little longer at the idea that I could've gotten this over with on saturday. Last week I'm sure I would've been weeping for 15 minutes at least! I'm hoping that depressive fit is done with, but with a visit to the psych on Friday, it's unlikely to end on a high note! But three day weekend should go a long ways to assuaging that.

So then, I work on making out an envelope and cute little note to my dad to go on the DMV form. I realize I can go to a little postal center on lunch to mail it and plan to do so.

Turns out they want $9 to ship it priority with delivery confirmation ;_;! Should've shipped it from work and just paid back the mail room guy.

but hopefully it will be worth it and I will get it back in one piece.

At the same plaza with the mail center is Fancy Grocery store, and they were having a sale on steak! So we got a steak and some potatoes to mash, and I totally forgot to eat my lunch because I was having a good time and actually I kinda filled up on peanut butter pretzel balls at my desk... so... But the pizza I brought I just ate for dinner, because it turns out my dovely didn't want to have the dinner tonight, which is just as well as he gets home half an hour after me, which is when I usually do the cooking, but he had the steak and the potatoes, and to make a long run-on sentence end, I was unable to cook them.

So instead I planted one of the paperwhite bulbs I got at the garden center yesterday. I poked drainage holes in the bottom of a plastic thai take out dish, put about an inch of dirt in, placed a bulb with roots down, put dirt on top, sprayed lightly with water, and placed it in my peace lily plant to let the roots develop a little. I'm eager to see what happens!

and now, after a night of discussing politics on IRC, I am ready for election day!


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