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Jan. 2nd, 2009 01:21 pm
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I had another France dream. I was in Paris again, and feeling pretty inadequate. Wearing this dress was probably the highlight of the dream.

(base by )

The dream I had this morning was kinda weird in that it actually had a conclusion.
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I really like this one :D

Also my dragon ( ) is sooooo close to hatching :X (I found this site through the gathering and as simple as it is, it makes you very excited when you break down and decide to play) *eager* I think I'll name it Hilarion after the mage in Sorceress of the Witch World :DDDD *swoons*

I need to start packing my clothes. Gonna drive down Thursday night and spend the night in stu's room then move into my own room on Friday!

Actually, if I can get ahold of Courtney, I might move some stuff into my room on Thursday.
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On dentist appointment day, I can't do anything but be productive. I guess once you take initiative in a day you have to keep doing it all day long.

I even woke up early (before noon) for this special occasion!

Dentites said my teeth looked good if stained, my gums looked neglected, and my wisdom teeth looked peaceful, so I celebrated with a burger from Sonic. I dropped in at the Pope County Library (main headquarters) to see if their copy of Support Your Local Wizard was in, and apparently it's GONE.

"System availability: 0 out of 0"

why;.; that was a staple of my teenhood! It allowed me to answer yes when my art teacher asked whether we would pick a book with a plain black cover on a library shelf! Now I have to find my own. I don't think I'll find one as friendly as that plain librarybound book though.

anyways, once at home, I had the idea of installing wordpress on my jasonspace at, I had come up with an idea for a blog the other day anyways, so lo and behold. . .

I should have plenty to talk about anyways. I hadn't thought about it, but stu asked if it was going to be a france blog, and I think it should be a good idea to blog about things I learn in france. Probably mostly dirty words that seem like they should be innocent.

Anyways, I spent several hours pouring over the css and php. Holy crap is wordpress annoying to use! There's only like twenty includes files! No wonder all those blogs all look alike.

I also started writing a tutorial about how to be a doller on a mac. It's mostly just program recommendations right now, though xD see?

Then I decided to finish reading my mom's Chronicles of the Witch World book. I love in ;.; It is also going on the List. Maybe I should start making a list of all these books I like.

Anyways, it's really late now, and I'm going to start my amazing book list, then I will go to sweet sleep xD

(and maybe dreaming of hilarion as hyde the magician)
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I told you guys I loved this song.
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base by

she makes me think of selphie
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My one and only big brother Cory Tyler is getting married tomorrow! My mom is excited xD

Also hey, if you guys didn't do this johari thing (picking attributes that fit me) the last time I did it like, two years ago now maybe? Do it now!

I dolled myself as miss scarlett xD From Clue!

It was kinda funny, I opened ws ftp like I always do to upload a doll, then I stopped and thought 'heyyyyyyyyy wait, I have the dollanator thing all finished now, let's TEST IT OUT!'

So I used my form for the first time the way it was intended :)

Of course I added a field to the myql table and didn't reflect that in the form (I love phpmyadmin) so I'll have to add that later, but man!

(I have been having to make up all kinds of sql snippits to work with this database thing, and I don't have a book or anything and the documentation on the web is pretty. . well, unintuitive if you don't know what you're doing (if they'd make that better they'd have more people being web programmers and stuff! php is similarly a FIEND to get a hold on early on! well I guess it might not be if you had patience to do dumb tutorials instead of coming up with what to do yourself and trying to reverse engineer a way to do it, but hey I'm getting some of this stuff down.) ANYWAYS, I've been saving up the snippits in a text file so I won't have to relearn them every single time I want to order the rows in the table xD)

How many of you will actually ever need these? I dunno, but you never know! )

I've been listening to radio-fr again, and I really enjoy it.
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I just finished adding 347 dolls to a mysql database for future ease of snowy-day.

I can think of at least three off of the top of my head I did not add because I don't really have them saved other than as a psp file.

I can think of about ONE MILLION that I did have saved AND uploaded BUT not actually on the site's like pages. So I got to hunt down base links. I posted a big long list of base links/names/images that I wanted people to check for me to find out where they go xD But I have the vast vast vast majority!

But yeah, that was a huge project and I'm numb because I've been doing it all afternoon with small breaks while listening to radio-france

I would show you the php pages that I can generate with all this info but it's really ugly and nothing you all haven't seen before (I think) When I get it pretty (I kept thinking of so much more info to add to the DB while I added these! EX: oldness vs newness/goodness, color, gender, whether they are of people/characters, myself, whatever etc and other things of that ilk.)

I'm really really tired right now though. I think I started at like. . . 161 today and ended up (obviously) at 347.


Also my sinuses are mean to me :(
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oh my gosh!

I just finished one of my biggest dolling projects lately xD I have spent a ton of time on this and I LOVE it :D

bases by hanna, anlina, and dark rose

( (Severus Snape) (Lily Evans, Peter Pettgrew, and James Potter) (Sirius Black and Remus Lupin) )

I kinda like Fetish!Lupin. He looks so cute and like he's enjoying himself!
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Your results:
You are Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix
The Joker
Dr. Doom
Lex Luthor
Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy
Green Goblin
A prime example of emotional extremes: Passion and fury incarnate.

Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...

I was playing ff12 and my nephews came over for the afternoon, and they've been acting out more than they usually do. and then I got gangbanged by a necromancing dumbhead, a teakettle and a bunch of ghouls when I was one screen away from a save crystal, which made me mad, so I went to kmart and bought some new panties and a couple of bras.

Also, why is there so much valentine's stuff up already? kmart had like 50 sqft of space dedicated to big fluffy teddybears and puppy dogs and candy.

Stu will you get me a big fluffy teddy bear for valentine's? :(
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Keane - Is It Any Wonder has a bass line like Rush
Orgy - Blue Monday has drums and a guitar riff like Duran Duran.

Hello the Eighties.

Got a 89% on my physics test. Who owns? I own. That's who.

I am fearin' for my English test. I may have read his lines but Macbeth owns me. I probably should've studied those poetry terms. Well crap. At least we can use our books. That's the best thing about some of these tests. I can use a book better than you can shake your panties out from the dryer.

I have dolled more stuff, kids. Just to show you that I'm serious about this!

bases: mawled'n'dolled, hannah, and mouldycat.

I tried to make every single one of those image tags w3 compliant. with alt text. I did use the ending / though because I need to stay in that habit. But freaking alt text! I hate alt text! I keep trying to type it though :( Livejournal and forums can make their own compliancy though. I can't be bothered with it!

I want to doll harry potter characters. I never have.

Can you believe that? I went to a harry potter RPG for however many years and did however many orders from people there to be in school robes but I've never dolled an actual character. Looking at the middle doll makes me want to do Lily Potter first. I dont' mean like the characters from the movies btw, I mean like the characters from my memories back in like 2001. Those are way cooler.

I wish this warm weather would stick around. We've had our snow for the season, so there's no use in bothering with the cold weather anylonger. I mean I love my coat, but it's enough to just carry it around with me with its soft mass<3
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I haven't dolled in so freaking long.

Like, over a year long.

base by dark rose
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[16:03:13] <rubah> oh my gosh. I think I'm about to become a photoshop fangirl

For years I've used PSP and been faithful to it, right?

Well, ever since I got my tablet, dolling became a pain. PSP doesn't exactly believe very heartily in antialias, so all my lines look choppy and I don't like it.

it doesn't seem to be the case at all in photoshop.

I want to cry:( but I'm happy 'cause I've been bothered for days trying to get the hair on this doll to look right, and it just wasn't working.
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Base by citron rouge/bubblepixels
and for why this really freaks me out )
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Good GRIEF. some people make me annoyed.

and if you couldn't assume, it's more of the "OMG TOOLSHADING IS CHEATING!!11' people.

that ticks me off wonderfully.

I really really really DO want to have a 'PIXEL SHADE *THIS*' thinger.

(and to be PC there could be one in reverse.)
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There's exactly about 70 dolls that I have done ever that I feel are totally original. and even these have a lot of inspiration from other, more subtle places. But there are 70 that aren't fanart or requests from other people (or if they were requests, I was free to make up the outfit and such (mostly val's ;P))

57 have moderately less inspiration than the others.

35 are still interesting.
19 I might wear.
13 people besides me might wear.

wtp haven't I gone to bed yet?
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I like this song.

I'm thinking about adding it to Utter Perfection.

(adding a song months after it was originally introduced in the master playlist has only been seen once before, with the forehead smacking example of Eve6's Open Road Song.)

And we have Shannon^_^

She turned out rather punk to be a charismatic female lead. base by dollicious.
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doll pool doll for BST (base by spiderpixels)

Then it's shays^_^ The aerOmine:D base by dolleria.

Then it's lyssa (I think) an Audialist:D base also by dolleria.
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60 dolls that have stood the test of time )


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