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I had a dream I was pregnant, had a baby boy, fed him a bowl of rice, then left to explore the countryside and visit a tech fair. I was still pregnant-fat (I think this reflects more on my holiday weight gain than on my recent sexual undertakings), so I couldn't climb the staircase to view some of the exhibits. I appealed to a young grad student watching a booth, and she let me use their moving sidewalk exhibit to raise me over the steps and up to the next floor of exhibits. The sidewalk was a little mat about the size of a coffee table book, made of bamboo shoots that rolled over one another to move forward under your feet. Upstairs was an exhibit of magnetic crystals. They'd clump together to about the size of a pea, but larger than that and they'd fall apart under their weight.

a very bizarre, yet enjoyable dream.
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I had a dream that I was helping a friend clean house, and I discovered that Lola Cat had been trapped in a back room for two or three months, covered in cobwebs, surviving off of whatever rodents she could catch. She was dirty, and thin with her ribs sticking out, but I was so relieved to find her that I couldn't even berate my friend for having lost track of her for so long.
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I was in the mechanical engineering building working on homework on a dreary day. I went to the office to.. use the bathroom, roffle, but they were closing for lunch. I didn't feel like delaying them or anything, so I set off for the other bathroom. Instead of being about thirty feet down the hall as it normally is, it was out in another building a half mile's walk away. I was determined and really had to pee, so off I went.

This was the engineering research center, I suppose, but it was a gigantor pavillion with all kinds of stuff as on a warehouse floor. There was a team of people with leafblowers working who had the direct route to the bathroom roped off, so instead of taking the diagonal, I started my walk all the way around. I turned the corner, and realized there was a guy following me. As we walked, the warehouse evaporated, shrank back into the distance to become a tower, and we were surrounded by barely cleared forest on a hot summer day. I was barefoot and had to jump from one patch of cool grass to the next, rather than walk easily down the gravel road.

My companion kept stopping to inspect the top window in the tower. I could see a glinting flash coming from the window, but nothing else. He remarked that his brother was watching us, and wondered if he would agree to talk with him.

We made it to the gates before the tower and were repulsed, so headed back. Then started a great chain of adventures with incredible looking creatures, terrifying until I learned their purposes. One of the most fearsome was actually very gentle at heart, only strikingly loyal to the companion's mother, at the cost of killing any percieved the threat.

I can't remember much else sequentially, but there was a lovely scene set on a soybean field, full of moist patties. The agri students weren't coming through with their farming, and the blue creature and I frolicked through the standing water just after dusk. The sky was so purple and the ground so green, and the shadows so


How do children first come to grips with dreaming? 'This is real, but I have no evidence it actually happened.' Maybe that's why babies cry so mysteriously sometimes.
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[ profile] yar_yars, I believe I can one-up you with my dream.

My dream included me as Mary-Anne from the Babysitters Club, a mile long steep slope of slippery leaves, culminating in a half mile drop at the bottom, a silk road strewn with tokens of regard and $100 bills, monks on said road, enano owning a funeral home, an imaginary amusement park in Florida where Bill Clinton and Mr. and Mrs. Obama went through, getting climbed on by full grown cats, and sitting in a state of undress in my living room while the front window blinds were completely open.
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I found out that i knew most of the words to somewhere over the rainbow today. This makes sense, because I was half convinced to try out for the school production of the Wizard of Oz back in 11th grade, so I probably learned the song for the auditions (that I didn't go to) I would've been a kick ass glinda.

I've spent a good deal of the week-end AP grinding in ff5. I've got about 5 or so classes mastered per character by now. Mmmm Bal Castle.

Anyways, the week-end was fairly fun, apart from what I just said. Friday night, stu and I continued our quest to find interesting places to eat in Fayetteville, and we found a doozie. Bizys Neighborhood Grill is on the rich side of town (it's in a strip with a Harps that has chandeliers.) We only spent about $20 though! it was nice. They had an open rafter ceiling, modal lighting, crayons and paper on the tables, and a steak/seafood special for $10.

Since we were already on that side of town, we decided to take the highway to Rogers instead of the interstate, well we decided to see if the highway would infact lead to Rogers, and we passed the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks which looked like it would be interesting in daylight. We made it to Springdale where we were officially back on the beaten path (Well, I was), went through a little Hamlet called Bethel Heights, almost made a left turn on a creepy narrow road, then took the next left for great justice, as it was a road that goes straight by the mall we were hoping to find. It was kinda like that scene in The Long Winter where Laura and Carrie are going home from school in the blizzard and they just barely happen to touch the last storefront of town before being lost on the prairie. Phew.

Anyways, we only went to two stores, since it's more of an outlet mall, where everything is all spread apart and annoying to walk between. 3/4 the time was spent in Sephora, where I finally made purchases (:D), and the rest was spent at Best Buy where I made no purchases, but managed to surprise a clerk by going from dSLRs to touchscreen cameras xD I explained about my need for portable cameras but he still seemed amused xD

I spent a long time playing with the current gen MBP. Oh god, I want one. When I got home, mine felt so thick and clunky. *cries* I love you macbook, I really do, but. . . Your brushed aluminum is getting scratched up, your screen is a little too small, your touchpad doesn't click as well as it used to, and it would be neat to not have a separate button there ;o

I did decide that I will not be getting an MBA if only because the touchpad click button is like 1cm thick. I can't hit that!

Anyways, we came back, and what we did, I don't remember. I probably played ff5 xD

One of those nights, we watched A Beautiful Mind, and it was a wonderful wonderful movie. I could sympathise so much with Nash's character. I don't have schitzophrenia, but I do understand his drive to do something unique, as well as being controlled by your own mind.

I think my classes prospects look pretty good this semester. All five of them will have due assignments, or some sort of accountability, and that does wonders for my study habits. I'll have to bite the bullet and team up with a guy who isn't popular, but I knew last semester I should've done this, so I can't make any excuses. Besides, I am awkward myself, and have no room to avoid him because he's awkward.

I also started thinking about extending my college stay to the five year plan xD There are so many more classes that I'd like to take than I would have time for. I would have to pay for two extra semesters, or however long, but it's tempting. I've e-mailled some people in the Honors college some questions I have, and asked stu and my dad what their thoughts were, but nothing is definite yet. I just had the inspiration when I noticed that one of my critical classes would have to be delayed a year because one prerequisite isn't offered in the spring.

I had a beautiful dream this morning. It involved stu's sister as the princess of Hawai'i, stu as someone approximating Lelouch, and a battle with a sea monster featuring Princess Cornelia.

There was a beautiful open field, cross country bikers, a wedding, and some nakedness and thoughts on the duties of the noble.

new doll!

Jan. 2nd, 2009 01:21 pm
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I had another France dream. I was in Paris again, and feeling pretty inadequate. Wearing this dress was probably the highlight of the dream.

(base by )

The dream I had this morning was kinda weird in that it actually had a conclusion.


Dec. 28th, 2008 10:35 pm
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I guess it's because I listened to She Will be Loved last night on repeat for a while; I couldn't stop thinking about that night of the concert in Besançon.

Maroon 5 had a free concert in Besançon while I was there, and I chose not to go because it was raining. Okay. Well, later, sitting in my room with the window opened listening to the sounds of outside, I heard some songs I recognized. 'Hmm, sounds like a party somewhere'. I told my host parents I was going out for a walk, and I just followed the sound of the music until it stopped, then while headed back, I missed a turn and turned my walk into an hour long trek. Ouch, yeah.

The next morning, I realized I had heard the last set of the concert, the hill acting as a sonal conductor, bringing sounds up to my bedroom from miles away. 'Cause the time I noticed the music stopping was right when the concert stopped. And it was all maroon 5 music.

So that's one of my big regrets from France, but regardless, it lead to an interesting dream this morning where not only I, but stu and my dad were doing study abroad at the CLA.

I have dreams about Besançon and the Rollets so often. I don't have dreams about Lafayette, or Stu's house, and I thought those made similar impressions on me. . . I've stayed at them the same amount of time anyways.

I don't know.
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Sometimes I forget to update WILT before I go to bed, so when I think about it the next day, I wonder 'do I want to keep trudging on?'

well I think it's become too much of a habit to give up too soon xD It's nice to think back over a day and realize just how much information I am expected to absorb in a day.

Anyways, that was just an excuse to plug it if some of you have forgotten or never saw it before :)

I had another France dream this morning, except Mrs. Cioppa was there. We walked up a staircase with famous quotes by french people on it, and I was reading them and exclaimed 'oh wow, I totally know what all these mean now!'

More interesting though, was the first part of the dream.

I dreamed I went on a trip with a lot of young people my age. We stopped at a place that looked like my elementary playground (that's been showing up in dreams a lot lately too). But this had a large tract of sodden sand. I walked over it pretty easily in my flipflops, but there were 50 girls wearing high heels with us, and after they walked over, the sand was filled with these cute little holes that the heels made.

I made an awesome 3d model today. I guess it's not really that awesome, but it's a lot more awesome than my wedge.

I also borked my tablet in a new way. Well, not today, but I discovered it today. Apparently when I had rocked my chair onto the cord, it'd actually rocked onto the plug, so when I tried to plug it in,hmmmmmmmmmmmm didn't fit! UGH. Mike and Stu managed to pound it back into shape enough that it can be jammed into a port and used. Ugh. I sent an e-mail to wacom to see if they would be generous to fix it (and the cord) for me.

Anyways, my teacup pot.

I initially wanted to do a teapot, then forgot about the lid and started drawing a handle, then decided to make it a spout instead, then still forgot about the lid. so it's kinda weird. The other thing is just a random object xD
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but ultimately annoying still.

I dreamed I was totally uninspired by my wardrobe and didn't want to wear anything.

then I found a bunch of clothes I'd just recently bought. They were wonderful and grey and orange will clever stripes and ruffs. I'm pretty much uber disappointed that I don't have them to wear this morning when I'm still completely uninspired.
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I dreamt I was in the Rollets' house again talking to Andrea, Nicolas and Manon. I spoke in french to them but they replied in English and I got frustrated because they didn't speak english that well when I was in besançon.

I also dreamed I was experiencing the seventh harry potter book. JKR was going to write so much more, but she left out everything unrelated to hallows and horcruxes due to space. It started off with harry overlooking a stream hearing the voice of Dumbledore in his head, thinking about the last things DD had said at the end of HBP. He was also thinking about wormtail and how the lifedebt would be repaid him.

I had my first big sobfit since starting celexa this evening and it was because I had completely forgotten how to do Calculus.

If/when I start to go senile, the times when I remember the things I used to know are going to be so hard. That's scary.
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My dream this morning had dateline doing a special on african boys who'd never driven a car before, so a lot of people drove cars down to PHS(including me) and then while waiting for the chance to leave, I ran into my PHS friends.

It was kinda strange. Nina, a girl a couple of years older than us was leaving town to study architecture. She was going to rent an apartment in the same house as a really nice man, the only issue my friends' eyes turned wide at was that he was sharing *his* room with his boyfriend.

Nina left and everyone started gossipping. I heard Hannah in particular, and she just started to piss me off, so when we left the building we were standing in, I just kinda yelled 'what the hell is wrong with you guys. You shouldn't care what gender or sexual orientation the guy is. It's none of your business.' etcetc except I was more articulate in the dream (strange). And they just kinda ignored me, so I went back to my car and started leaving the school's back parking lot, and that's when I realized it was Dateline there, because someone was like 'hey if you don't want to be on tape, then go left. They're taping off to the right'

Well I'm a camera whore, so I set off to the right. They gave us headsets so we could listen to the broadcast in progress.

dragcave now has a 'we have detected you might be using an adblocker, that's not nice!' at the top of every page in boldface. Ugggggggggggh. It's not your business what I do in my browser. Buzz off. If you weren't a behavior whore or shitfaced 18 year old, I might GIVE you money, but oh wait, you have a big obtrusive button for that too.

I really want an iPod. And these moccasins I saw at payless.  )

I even decided what I would get engraved on the back of my iPod.
Regardez toujours les étoiles.

Someone broke google translate really badly. Or maybe this is a Flowers for Algernon moment and it only looks broken because I have transcended its previous ability.


Aug. 19th, 2008 03:35 pm
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My dreams this morning were pretty involved.

The first part I remember is that I was going to a Mech E conference with the guy who had spearheaded the nasa trip last november. He couldn't get anyone else interested in going so it was just the two of us.

Right after I realize I hadn't brought any cds to listen to, I ask him where the conference is at, and he's just like "Savannah".

I kinda freak out because just driving to HUNTSVILLE is an entire day, let alone a state east of there. We're supposed to be at the conference at 4 the next afternoon. I thought we were going to Hot Springs!

Anyways, shortly after that, the dream changes and I'm in a room out in the woods on the mountain, or a mountain, and grandpa bill has just died. I was crying so hard. All my mom's relatives were there and they started going through his effects, and I took this small potted plant and just kinda held on to it and cried. I wasn't really aware of anything else in the dream but just being completely and utterly sad that he'd died.

After the items were all claimed, my uncle George invited my mom and I to go to his house, which was the one grandma mary and grandpa bill built and lived in until about ten years ago. I haven't been in there since they moved out (I'd only been in George's trailer a handful of times before then anyways).

We were all sitting in the kitchen and I was trying to remember which of the women was his new wife, and I asked my cousin Robin if she'd show me around the house, and she acted like she was going to, when my aunts just took over.

I really don't remember what happened next, and the last part I'd rather not say.

It's been a while since I'd had such a long vivid dream though. It was kinda nice.
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I had a pretty cool dream this morning

I was in this harrypotteresque world, and Mr. Burns was kinda their Voldemort, except instead of having LOLSPOILERsliced his soul up in piecesENDLOLSPOILER he just was pretty old and he had this little glass piece that was pretty much analogous to the One Ring and the Philosopher's Stone combined.

But he wasn't using it, he had it hid out, with the knowledge of its existence adding to his power.

me and stu and some other people were in his house trying to find it to destroy his power, and he suddenly commanded his servants to move it away from the fourth floor or something, so we all broke and ran for it.

It turned out that fourth floor was actually the bluff in front of my house, and it was dim and rainy out there. Everyone was covering all the grounds looking for it, but I watched mr. burns and his sidekick go towards where they knew it would be, and right before they got there, I saw it and ran and grabbed it and turned invisible.

They knew I was there obviously, and tried to predict which direction I would move off to (very badly), and I tried to get away, but I kept gasping for breath and the sidekick's attention would come back to me.

I decided to just make a run for it, and ran across the street so i was a little ways away, and I just threw that thing (it was kind of a glass demi oval. It was flat on top for a ways, then had very very rounded edges to drop back into a flat oval-shaped surface. It was kinda pretty.

Anyways, it shattered when it hit the ground, and mr. burns was taken aback, but no on else seemed to notice.

I went back to the house a short ways behind him, for suddenly all feelings of animosity between either of us were gone, he was just old now and wanted to rest, and I was exhausted.

The next morning, someone knocked at the door loudly and after I got up and went into the hallway to see what was going on. It was a vampire dude, and I guess he'd been burns's little general dudes, but anyways he was pissed that I destroyed the object, and I told him to stfo in some other words, and went back to bed(I got a nice 3rd person perspective of myself. I was pretty hot looking).

Then later that day, I went to a magic clothing shop with some people I went to school with and [ profile] bondchick_nett!

Dreaming is so nice.
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So I had this dream last night. My parents decided to turn the air conditioning down and I was cold already so. . .

maybe some hp spoilers, but it's kinda a dh replacement than supplement )

I think it's time for hiking soon. I did twenty minutes on a stationary bike yesterday (or is that stationery, someone spcheck me) so my legs aren't really awake right now, but I guess I'll manage.

<3 from 2700ft~
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I woke up after a series of awesome dreams-- I dreamed it was christmas and my mom was serving squid with fried turtle, amongst a lot of other things-- it was warm and happy.

And I dreamed megan#3 and I were in ohio and some weird principalpedo guy from stu's school was chasing us. I had climbed a huge tree and he was climbing after me ad I was trying to kick him in the head and kept missing and scared myself into waking up before he caught me.

I woke up thinking 'Today is my day. I can do anything today.'

I just dunno what to do.
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I felt like I was high when I was sleeping this morning.

I attribute it to drinking a bawls a mere three hours before bedtime.

but I would like to take this time to do a survey )

So yeah, my dream.

We were getting out of school, because of inclement weather (although if it was snow or thunderstorm, I do not remember. I think it was rain) and you know, I'm tired of documenting it already. I told it to mom when we were going to the library, and lately, I have no patience for chronicling my dreams.

I will tell you that I did dream of it being warm outside, and I was considering mowing the yard, and then thought 'no way, it's december. there's no need!'

And it was warm both yesterday and today.
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I dreamed I outsmarted and killed a bear this morning.

As all of you who have read HDM know, bears are very intelligent (and what is intelligence? Ask jebbus:P) so this took a lot of effort. I had to kill the sucker twice.

Sadly, he was not bear shaped, he was human shaped, but very very bulky built. But I know he was a bear, because he was a bear in my dream, and we called him a bear, and I think that if we had been by a stream, he would've caught fish with his bear (lolpun) hands.

The first time I killed him was with a pair of pliers.

I tried using a hammer to smash his skull, but it was too heavy and I couldn't swing it. So then I grabbed a large pair of pliars and start plying at his throat.

Bears are tough, and this sucker came back to life and brought his brother with him.

I had no argument with his brother, and I didn't really want to kill him, so I went to my mom to ask for advice (I killed the other one in our living room). And she told me about this powder called sarfic, or sarafic or something. Apparently it was used in windshield wipers, which was odd, as it reacted with water.

She bade me take a cup and fill it with water from the washing machine, and I did, and when the bear's brother (jeremy? jared? some j name. I'll pick jeremy) walked into her smoking room, I splashed his face with water and threw the sarfic at him. But apparently I missed, as it was a wimpy reaction and only distracted him for the first bear (I do not know his name. He will be the bear, and his brother will be jeremy) soon joined him.

I tried using the sarfic on the bear, but he had seen what happened to jeremy and dodged it easily. In turn, he took a bucket of washing detergent and POURED it all over my mother's head. I think I screamed for her to shut her eyes.

This made me sorta mad, and i ended up using more of the sarfic better on jeremy again, and he decided he would go ahead and leave, since his brother's pride wasn't worth it. The bear had walked back out of the smoking room, and I was on the washing machine sitting, when he came back in. But he didnt' see me, so I grabbed him by the throat, and started working my fingernail into the flesh, looking for his arteries or veins or windpipe or throat to rip out.

And I did rip out something, but it turned out to be the back of his tongue. He must've bit the inside of his lip, because he had blood in his mouth, like his throat *was* ripped out, but it wasn't enough and I knew he was faking. So I kept searching, and eventually I killed the sucker:O

Then, my friends came by my house and asked if I wanted to play softball. I said yes and met them down at my church's parking lot. I kept wasting time and they were getting irritated while I tried to decide what stuff I needed xD For some reason, I needed a pencil, and I couldn't figure if I anted to take my pencil sharpener (which is an absolute DREAM) or a knife, 'cause I had a pocket knife and a couple of x-acto knifes lying around.

I got my act together, and we started walking towards the school. Someone had to tear open this plasticlike boundary, they were using it as a fence, and it was backed with chickenwire, and inside the grounds, there was this great big area, like underneath the playground equipment at Old Post Park. except instead of ouchy pebbles, it had sand.

and I was tired from fighting bears all night long, so I napped.
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I just remembered this xD

I think I dreamed I married PiPxD

At first I was like 'w00t I can sex someone now!'

then it was like 'wait. . . do I really want to sex pip?
. . .'

And sorry, pip, but I think I was going to wait for a divorce:D
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I had a neat dream this morning that involved the old Russellville Elementary school, which doesn't exist I dont' think because yeah. Russellville is too big to have had just one elementary school!

Especially one riley would've attended.

But it was very decrepit. We were looking for the auditorium, and found one, but apparently it was on the old abandoned side, and it was hard to crawl through the the space leading towards it xD It was covered in moth eaten blue velvet, and I was confused, because teh performance was going to start soon but no one was in the audience.

Later, the school people started moving junk in there, and we were like 'zomp need to get some stuff we left here earlier when we were lost!' and the stairs started falling through.

It was really neat though, and I've forgotten most of it besides the blue velvet auditorium.
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Twelve hours of sleep for the win.

I was having allergies like crazy last night, so I gave in and took a benedryl about 7:00.

by 9, I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I went to bed without telling anyone and went to sleep.

I woke up at 7, didn't feel like getting up (itw as too cold. 40 outside!) so I went back to sleep. I think I dreamed about Crono Trigger, except it was cooler. Marle was the main character, and a dead crono was one of the secondaries. Someone that seemedl ike Magus but probably wasn't was the third. But it was mostly me marle. We were fighting the endless ring of bosses at the end, except it was in space or something. The last boss I ended up fighting had one part with 9999 hp, one with about 2300, and one with 700. It died quicker than I thought it would;O

Wait! It wasn't magus, it was a nu mou like from ffta xD stupid tan.

and, I always knew I was small fry )

I took some neat pictures this morning/afternoon/yesterday

eleven more )

you guys should know tyge in the shot of the dogs-- the beagle is Penny, (I think I got this from inspector gadget, but the obvious name for a beagle was penny). She was cory's dog, but seems to be hanging around here. If they didn't think she was close to starving, my parents wouldn't feed her. I think I'll try to convince them to let her start coming in the house.

I love how reflective my car is. It's so pretty <3

My dad and I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (finally). I told him we could watch the Dukes of Hazzard next time(because it's probably the last week CanCF will be playing, even at the cheapwood. Don't get me wrong, I want to see dukes of hazzard too xD) It's not suddenly my favorite movie, but I did enjoy it. I was puzzled the entire time as to why depp was so much more pale than anyone:O To make him look different I suppose.

I enjoyed the sensory details, such as muffling out charlie's grandpa's cursing, and grandpa Joe's eyelids closing ^_^

anyways, it was neat, but I dunno that i like it better than the first one. I should reread the book sometime too xD
ooh, mr. ray has the gene wilder version, perhaps I can borrow it (and Blast!) from him ;D


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