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I never passed out before.

I'd been close; I'm pretty squeamish around blood, especially when it involves puncturing or piercing the skin in some way. I'd had my vision go dark around the edges, and the really loud cicadas buzz in my ears, but I always managed to hang onto consciousness.

Tonight, bae decided he was going to make french fries, which he's done before, but he knicked himself with the peeler and came to ask me to help him apply a bandaid.

I had the bandaid opened up, stuck to my finger, anti-biotic ointment on my other finger ready to apply


the world

just kinda stopped

and then I was dreaming; I was kinda plotting out what I was going to say on this application for, which is what I had been doing immediately prior. And then I was waking up, and bae was leaning over me at a weird angle, and I was in the bathroom floor. That's weird; why was I sleeping there? My head feels like I knocked it on something, huh.

Then the frantic look of worry in his eyes-- "Are you okay? I thought you were in shock!"

"What? What happened?"

"You passed out, you fell with no resistance!"


I still had the bandaid on my finger, so I manage to fumble it onto him and sit up against the wall.

Overall, it was an interesting experience. Now I know I wasn't BSing all those phlebotomists all these years!
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So, after a week with a SodaStream, I finally found out that the buzz you're supposed to use to gauge how much carbonation you've injected via your SodaStream is actually more of a loud BELCH than the droning cicadas that I heard up until that point. Now the stuff I have been making actually has some bite to it!

I want to get some vodka and start distilling essences of different things (herbs, fruit, nuts) to make something similar to the fruity but tasteless soda waters you can buy in stores (la Croix, san Pellegrino, et al)

I also did a lot of work on bikes, both mine, and the one I'm fixing up for my boyfriend. I've still been riding mine to work twice a month or so, and took it on the main drag for the first time last week. It wasn't too bad; there's a lane reserved for parking, but it's not allowed until after 6pm, so at the time I rode (right at 6) there wasn't anyone in it, and most cars avoid it anyway.

I fixed a couple of problems with my saddle and pedals; the saddle was squeaking whenever my weight would come down hard on it, and my pedals were clicking every time they went around. The saddle thing I fixed by loosening the bolt keeping the leather taut, putting some leather grease down around the metal/leather junctions, then retensioning the leather a little less tight than it had been.

The pedals were two issues: first thing was they needed to be overhauled. I took them apart and repacked them with new bearings. The second thing was the kickstand was just in the way of the left pedal. I had to put it on myself originally, and I wasn't really sure where exactly it went. I spent about an hour on some poor people's sidewalk trying different alignments until I got it just right.

Here's a picture of my bike )

For his, the one I had gotten for him was way too big; I could barely get on it myself. I found a smaller frame on eBay and I started cleaning it up. Since it had cranks, I figured this would be a good low-risk opportunity to learn how to overhaul bottom brackets that take cottered cranks. These are infamous in the vintage bike enthusiast community because they're very easy to do if you have the expensive tool, and very difficult to do if you do not have the expensive tool. Of course I don't have a cotter press, but the local bike co-op does! It turned out so easy that I went back today and did the ones on my bike.

Of course, today the main trip wasn't to the co-op, but to see some paintings someone had listed on craigslist. I like to browse the art listings when I'm bored sometimes to see if there's anything outrageous or cool.
The guy only asked $20 for this, but I still feel like I ripped him off... )
That painting is about 3' by 2', so it just barely fits in our apartment... really need to save up for a house! but can't buy paintings or bike parts if I do that... maybe just quit eating out so much :}

We even went to the farmer's market yesterday and got some delicious plums and a beautiful lavender plant (the flowers of which are fated to become soda, I'm afraid)
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The kids at work* have started organizing these Friday night gaming sessions. The first one was a week ago, and we just played Smash Brothers on the projector and ping pong. A couple of the guys who are more senior and work from our clients' sites came by later and added to the party feel.

Everyone immediately agreed that we should do it again, and even a few more people heard about it and came by, this time bringing some drinks, too. One person brought this physical tetris-like puzzle game called Fits that was pretty fun (and difficult!). Another guy had a pack of cards, so I taught everyone how to play ERS.

I hadn't played Egyptian Rat Screw since high school when it was a staple of long band trips and boredom during breaks, but after googling it a little, the rules came back swiftly. )
I won pretty easily while everyone else was still learning the rules, so for the last game, I volunteered to start with no cards and slap my way in, and I still won. I was pretty impressed, because a couple of the guys playing ran out of cards and were able to slap back in themselves for a little while.

There's already one planned for next week that will actually be company sponsored, so the participation will be even greater. I'm excited!

At the end of the night when my boyfriend and I were ready to leave, I had to make the decision of whether I wanted to take my first night bikeride on my Raleigh. I opted to make the trip, since I had installed my lights and my route goes through a quiet residential neighborhood. It was beautiful. The moon and stars were showing clear against some clouds, and there was a stiff, crisp breeze (Even without biking, it was enough to blow you over) that carried the scent of blossoms. A+ would ride again.
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You know, of all the wrecks I've been involved in my life, they've all been while I was a passenger with my mom.

That's not to say I blame her, it's probably that most of them occurred when I was a kid and she was the one who drove me then.

But of all the close calls I've had since I've started driving, well, they were close calls.

Until today!

there isn't a happy ending, but there is a determined and a everyone-still-has-all-their-limbs-intact ending. Which is about as good as you wish when semis get involved.
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So basically, I am in the same timezone as my lovely for the first time in many months, which is exciting in and of itself.

Secondly, I am the furthest west I've ever been. My previous record was Colorado and New Mexico. Hell yeah!

Third, I am in the City of Sin, sitting 19 stories up, looking west at millions of lights nestled in between some beautiful mountains. I thought we had mountains back home. These things are gorgeous! Not done any gambling yet (we won't be here very long, but I'll have another chance on Wednesday), but I did meet a forumite, and completely gorged myself because I neglected to eat all day! xD Mom says this is in the Mojave desert. I got no idea, and she loves western geography, so maybe it's true. No grass! So bizarre.


Fourthly, this hotel sucks pretty bad. Despite having never been to a casino before, it is stranger that everyone is all smoking indoors than that they're gambling. But that's not the bad part; the bad part is that the pool closed at 7 pm! LAME

Finally, tomorrow we're headed for Hoover Dam. My mom and I have always shared a special bond over the song Highway Man, and the third verse of that is about someone working at what [became? was?] Lake Mead. Then after that, it's the Grand Canyon and mule ride :D

It's so strange though. I've travelled quite a bit, but never really felt like I knew what to expect going anywhere. I guess so much media is based on Vegas that I feel like I know it. Scenes from Fool's Die, Fear and Loathing, and The Last Vampire 3 keep flashing through my mind. All three of these had a pretty big impact on me, with Fool's Die having the greatest (so it comes up the most)


Mar. 25th, 2011 09:41 pm
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Am I moving in two months or five? I have no idea. My landlord never returned my call, so I might not have a choice anyway (2). That won't really be a problem, but it'd be nice to know.

But I can't know anyway; I'm supposed to hear back by the 7th if I am in the running for what seems to be an awesome job, in everything except possibly location. But I'm all for it.

I've felt this way for months, but there are an inordinate number of ways that the next few months could work out, each with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. I just don't have enough information to make any firm decisions.

In fact, I had already made one, and then got an e-mail asking if a lady could interview me over the phone for a position I hadn't even heard of. So now, I'm back to indecision.

In the meantime, I am definitely not trying to make things as easy as they could be,

but I still have my sense of nonurgency. Even if I fuck up, it'll still be okay.
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Not going to waste a bunch of words re: whether livejournal dying beyond that seems to correspond to my own observations.

For myself, I'm going to be graduating this year. Probably in spring, although the idea of staying an extra summer session to wrap up my research more completely is very appealing.

After graduating... what to do?

It's too late to apply for 2011-2012 grad school, but if I wanted to apply this fall for the next year, my research advisor is ready to write letters to his prof from UCLA to do biomems there. It would be pretty tough, but it would be an interesting challenge.

(i also asked him to check with his contacts about entry jobs in LA)

LA is kind of out of character for me, but that's where my darling is.

However, I'm still exploring other opportunities, applying everywhere I can think of. There are a couple of prospective leads right now; facilities design in Texas (although that recruiter seems to talk bigger than he does), and a program with Cameron.

Getting your foot in the door, any door is the ultimate goal. If I get employed, I think I will work there, and then develop skills and contacts to get to my darling. If I do not, I will move, try to get hired until autumn, then apply for grad school, and still try to get hired.

It could happen.
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I'm pretty bad at being a hipster. They dress how I'd like to, but I don't have enough style to do it. Also I'm not heroin chic enough to fit in the appropriate outfits.

I told my darling I wanted to go out to the coffeehouse a few blocks away, and once there, the girl at the counter asks what I want, and I tell him to go first. He says the exact thing I was thinking of, and I've learned by now that if I try to order something else so that we have more options and tastes to try, I will always make a bad choice and regret it, so without hesitating, I say "make that two", and we both opt for the whipped cream.

There are two girls sitting at the table adjacent to us; their cups are empty, only ice and straws. One of them is sitting up straight, reddish shirt, reddish hair, as though she were mentoring the brunette, who has her back to me, and kinda slumps, plays with her phone on the table. They're talking of typical college girl things; people they know, clothing boutiques, other serious things.

There are other people, but they're sitting too far away and I can't hear them over the sounds of our shared delights as we spoon smore "arsagaccinos", milk, chocolate, cream, toasted marshmallow. There is an elderly man sitting at the high bar, looking over a newspaper with a highlighter in hand, with some form of electronic media taking away his concentration momentarily. He must be doing some game in the newspaper, or looking for jobs. The New York Times is on sale, $2 today, $6 on Sunday. Would they chide me if I flipped through it without handing over any bills?

Why bother when there are original seasonal and greeting cards on a rack to spin through, a calendar of charitable journalism to feel uncomfortable with, or a drawer of games. Is this why hipsters are always talking about Scrabble? I thought it was because they are well-read and necessarily must brag about their vocabularies, but maybe it's just because they spend so much time in coffeehouses, where they might strike up a game with a random stranger, or group of friends after the gossip flow has ebbed.

The barristas are adorable, with their colored cords, and pixie haircuts. Sometimes I think of my darling as a pixie, although he isn't feminine in the slightest, and once, when I was feeling particularly heart-broken and lonely, there was a pixie girl on campus, that from a distance, I could nearly mistake for him. What would she have thought if I ran up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss? Just because someone is a hipster doesn't mean they're well-adjusted enough to be embraced by a stranger, or a girl.

The clientele that followed us are hipsters, too, or at least punk. Two girls come in, with hair cut to appropriate shortness, one with electric blue dyes. I think maybe they love each other; they have the certain closeness that I share with my darling.

The electric blue makes me think of the grocery store when I went a few days ago. In the spice and baking aisle, we passed a couple with electric blue and green hair, and punk clothing. I tried to give the kind of smile that says 'hey that's pretty cool' and not 'god you're so funny looking!' because that's really what I thought, but I'm not as talented with my expressions as my darling says one of his particular friends is. Looking at pictures of this guy, I would never have guessed that each expression was so exacting and predetermined, and I guess that's the sign of talent, making the unnatural seem natural. The only expression I can do is this wide ecstatic smile, which I practiced over webcam while skyping with my darling. When you smile so big that your face hurts, it stands to reason that your macular muscles would remember such positions.

He's tried to photograph me a lot since our time together is nearly up, but with my teeth being extracted, it's hard to open my mouth wide enough for the smiles that he wants to capture and take home with him, to get through the lonely months that guard against my graduation. But, I know how he feels, unconsciously afraid of keeping any memories solely in the care of the mind; digital memories never lie, and can be reread or re-regarded at any time, so long as one has an appropriate filing solution and can find the desired memory.

I don't store pictures of him in special "events" folders anymore. Being together is no longer an event; it's simply living.

The Gifts

Dec. 25th, 2010 07:46 pm
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because I know someone's dying to know )

I think my gifts were well-received, which is comforting!
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Hello, Livejournal!

My dovely has joined me for the break. We've started replenishing my stock of NES games, so that means playing some NES games.

We finished Dragon Warrior at level 20! Basically killed the final boss form with the last hit we could withstand ;)

We got Shatterhand, Super Mario Bros+Duckhunt, and Super C at one of the game "thrift" stores. With Shatterhand, he was playing, and made it to the final level, which obliterated him a couple of times, so he was out of lives and would have to continue, but there was no check-point in the level. He was frustrated, and I was frustrated with him for being hung up on something so simple, so I went to bed in a huff, and when he didn't show for a while, went back out as he'd lost his last life.
On the continue? screen, he turned the television off and apologized, putting the controller down, so we kissed and made up.

The next morning, we turned the television back on, to see that not only were we not on the continue screen, but were at the place he'd been the night before...

Fate rewarding those who take the time to learn and grow from their experiences?

SMB was hella difficult to get loaded. My replacement console is finicky, but eventually the selection screen came up, and we got through the first three worlds and the graphics... went to hell, basically. Then got worse.

But we got video footage of it!

Anyway, I ended my semester on a strong note, feel pretty good about my relationship, and have [most] my christmas presents boughten.
And my sister got married today! To a guy that my nephews seem to adore, so I'll trust their judgment for now ;)
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The coolest thing about Johnny Cash that I really know is how he did covers of modern songs. He did a cover of Personal Jesus that I heard on the radio the other day. So cool.

I've been treading water furiously this semester, keeping my head above water. And all my big projects haven't really started yet. *dies*

I've made one new friend this semester, and I'm pretty happy about that, and I've met several new people, and even still talk to intarnet people I met/began talking to

Longtime readers may recall that feelings of friendlessness are recurring for me. Even if this is a temporary respite, it's very welcome.

I got a new phone at the beginning of the month. It's an HTC Incredible, and while I went through a period of a week or two where some errors kept the apps freezing and throwing the phone into an infinite reboot pattern, I exchanged it at VZW, and haven't had any problems since :) I loooooooove it. I love Android OS :D (I was supposed to get a data plan with the phone, but they haven't caught on yet, and I don't really want to tell them. Mobile internet would be great, but I can subsist on just wifi)

Went to another dance party last night. I was tired and my feet were sore, so I didn't do as much dancing, but a friend who has been into the electronic music scene in Faytown for a while hung out with us a lot and talked about the different figures, the DJs, and the musics.

I thought about going home this weekend to help wallpaper, but I've spent the day instead cleaning the house. It really needed it though. Last weekend when I went home, mom and I wallpapered the kitchen, I finished painting my closet, and my dad and I installed the old sink countertop. They finally got the wallpaper I ordered in, so mom started putting it up in my room and bathroom the last couple of days, I guess. All the wood floors have been stained and poly'd. We went to check out different carpets and tiles for the remaining rooms. I want to get a really lush soft gold like I had. The colors of the room are different now, but I think gold will still go well with them.

I bid on my first ebay auction a few days ago, and I won it. I guess I'll see if I get ripped off or not? Should I contact the seller to see when they plan to ship it?

I guess the other interesting thing of note is that I started learning Swedish. Of course after the first day, I haven't had time to devote to it, so I'm stalled out, but I'm hopeful for the future. was very addicting for that time, though :D
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I saw some sidewalk chalk on Thursday proclaiming a rave at a new venue, the Whole Earth Organic Lounge. While that name seemed kinda pretentious, one of my favorite things is to rave. In fact, I just like dancing, but I'm not very good at other kinds, or so the kids in high school said. And with raves, I'm guaranteed to enjoy the music. I didn't hear a song all night I didn't like, although some were too slow for me to dance to.

When you're dancing to 140+ bpm, you start to run into the limitations of gravity. Regardless of your mass, you will accelerate at 9.1m/s/s downwards. At the top of your jump, your velocity is 0m/s. so, you have to be careful so you don't get out of time with the music. What I do feels like I'm jumping down, but I think what is actually happening is that I'm making small jumps, picking my legs up after I jump, and then setting them back down to land, so that it feels like I'm way up in the air, but I'm not, really.

I asked my friend Mike to go with me. Stu and I met him freshman year, and he and stu were roomies for a while. He's gone through several phases, musician, engineer, slacker, pot-head, but he's in a pretty good place right now, I think.

There were some interesting people there. I got the impression that quite a few worked there, or knew the owners, and didn't just find their way there randomly, and several were sporting Greek-life clothing (that means frat and sororities for those not in the Uni know), but they seemed to be having a good time, so whatever?

I only spoke with a couple of people-- a dark-haired girl who danced nearly the entire time, but had this small elusive smile on her face. What was it?; a guy wearing easter bunny ears (we were encouraged to dress up) with flowing curly locks. I thought he was someone I had met recently, but he wasn't, but still, he looked so familiar. The three of us talked outside for a bit, about discordianism, conspiracy theories.
I tried to facebook/directory stalk both of them when I got home, to little conclusion.

I'm still exhausted from the evening, even though I only stayed a couple of hours. It was fun to get glittered up and wear glowsticks, even if only the bouncer noticed the glitter xD
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The last month has been... nearly intolerable. I was pushed to do something, I failed at it, but here I am regardless.

I have a small bundle of other failures, but I think after this week, I will push them away and move on to new endeavors.

The new semester starts Monday. I'm apprehensive, of course. Also, I am anxious. I think I will see someone about that on Tuesday.

The last week in Georgia was a feverish attempt to make any sense of what I had been working on all summer. Saturday will be a feverish attempt to make any sense of that. Then it will be done.

We went to Minneapolis for a end of program retreat. The Science Museum was fun, and Dave and Buster's, and Mall of America, although officially, I did not go there.

It was kinda hard to leave my roommate at the airport, but perhaps harder for her to leave my grad mentor-- they developed a special relationship over the summer that I enjoyed vicariously and defended when necessary.

I packed up two months' worth of living in about five hours on a Saturday morning, then hung out with my friend azzie. Played some Shadow of the Colossus, listened to vinyl, ate ice cream. The next morning, we joined some other internet people at Krispy Kreme. I liked it a lot better fresh (no duh)

Then I drove for a million hours, and listened to a guy read me a book. It helped a lot.

At my parents' house, they gave me the couch in their trailer, and crammed themselves together on the bed. I worked for a week on the house, such as I did. We're hoping to be able to move back into it by Thanksgiving. They don't relish the idea of staying the winter out in their little camper.

They finally got their insurance check today (the fire was in May), so a lot of cares have been lifted from their shoulders.

Since they got the check, I will probably get a new car soon. It represents my share of inheritance from my grandparents' deaths. I will get a Nissan Altima, probably a '10, when the '11s come out. It will be blue.

My car, which my roommate nicknamed Jacy (for my license plate number), was not finished giving me trouble for the summer. As you may recollect, I had to replace the fuel pump while in Atlanta. Also, my battery died, and it had to be replaced as well. While driving from Pottsville, not from Atlanta, by all luck, my fuel gage stopped working. At first, I was afraid I had leaked an entire tank of gas on the interstate. After twenty anxious minutes' driving to find a gas station in backwoods Arkansas (have you ever seen a tax office offering electronic filing out of a small building that could be a shed, and doesn't seem it should have even seen a computer? What about an old fashioned gas pump where you pump your gas and the clerk takes your word on how much you purchased?), I determined that I still had my gas, therefore it must be the gage malfunctioning.

Check gages

Check gages

Check gages.

I've started a trip odometer, and when it gets to 100 miles, I'll refuel. I reckon 3/4 of a tank will take me that far, even driving in town. If not, well, I'll be in town, huh?

I was supposed to determine something to research this summer for my honors college requirements. I was so caught up with the stuff I was doing at georgia tech (no, I dont think it will suffice), I didn't think to think about it until a few weeks ago.

I guess I'm going to meet with someone tomorrow. I hope it will go well. I need it to go well.

I hope I will be able to talk next Tuesday, instead of crying uncontrollably and locking up.

I am in my home, with my cat. Some of my dear friends have left this town, but perhaps it holds a few more kindred spirits.

A weekend

Jun. 27th, 2010 04:32 pm
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So my very excellent day Friday was followed by a shitty day yesterday.

Anyway, in chronological order!

Friday, I spent the morning essentially doing one differential equation. But then! Lunchtime was the lab's Friday cook-out. One of the guys brought a water bottle rocket launcher. A 7ft tall tower of PVC, you place a half filled 2L bottle on it, work a bicycle pump to ~200psi, and pull the release!
I got a little video, but it got about 100ft in the air, seems like! We launched it a few times until the pump stopped working.

In the afternoon, I made a valuable discovery, which means I may be able to be productive this summer! Excellent.

Towards 5, my labmate was watching the Switzerland game, and sinking further and further into his seat in despair, but I invited him to go to a Thai restaurant for dinner with my roommate and I.

Back at the ranch, I do some google!digging, and realize that there is a better choice, that has a somewhat convenient location, in a part of town I haven't been before.
While I drive over there, my roommate is working the iPhone maps, and labmate is telling us about the places we're passing.

The food is good, the price is reasonable, and we had a pretty good time, but not enough for one evening.

"So, what is there to do now?"

"Well, there's a gelato place over ..."

"No food!"

"We passed a park, right?"

"Yeah, it's right on the way"

So we go to this excellent park. Easily the biggest one I've been in :) There are meadows, ponds, playground, swimming, dog obedience classes, lots of soccer. We tool around, walk around the pond, and meet a couple who say they've flown in from LA and are living, carless, in abandoned houses in the area. They ask us where a liquor store is, and I explain about Package Stores (which I've only this week figured out).

I wish I could've gone with them, seen what they're experiencing. Maybe I would've if I hadn't've had sensible people with me ;)

The culmination of the evening was rolling down hills. Just as fun as it was in elementary school.

My roommate and I have vague plans for Saturday to visit the hipster part of town, so we get around reasonably early, get in the car and make to leave.

As I'm pulling out of the parking space, I ask her "do you feel that bumping?"

She doesn't really answer, so I continue, making my way to the road. Halfway down the alleydriveway, the engine dies. It's done this before, so I put it in park and restart it. The engine bumps again, more noticably, and dies.


Fortunately, there is some sort of Move-In event going on, so there are plenty of people around. A guy and his.. grandpa? Help us roll the car back to the lot, but unfortunately, there is some sort of Move-in event going on, so someone has already taken the spot I just vacated. The lot is on a slope, so it's a bitch to push it into a little Towable zone, and I wonder if you can haggle with tow companies to take you to a mechanic rather than their desolate jailyard.

The battery is good, the oil is brown, but not dangerously so. This exhausts our troubleshooting knowledge.

We thank the people who helped us, and they leave. My roommate searches for garages with her iPhone (shit is useful). I call one in Jacksonville, FL by accident. Go into a stress-induced fit of tears, and my roommate tries again and gets the one in town-- she has a good memory and recalls all the information about my car.

We call the tow truck, and he'll be out in half an hour. I remove everything worth removing from my car, and we go inside to wait. I finally get ahold of my parents, and get told 'you're doing right so far' which while reassuring, is not very directive. I want my parents to tell me what to do, because I'm still a quivering mess.

When the tow arrives, I take my spare key I removed from my car, because this is Atlanta, and I don't want to make it any easier for someone to steal my car, and watch the guy cinch my poor baby up on a little hydraulically actuated bed.

"You should see it when we don't have a key to put it in neutral!"


The guy is willing to drive us to the shop and back, and we explain that I am actually the owner, and my roommate was the one standing in as me on the phone. He has a severe case of road rage and loves the horn. The first instance was when a small coupe was parked in the exit of the alleyway. A nervous looking woman dressed in a delicate skirt/shrug ensemble does her best to ignore him as she kindly moves her car. He continues to abuse her as we drive by. I'm a bit embarrassed, honestly.

The garage is run by an Indian man, and he micromanages the customers waiting xD One young man says he has to go and will be back, and the man is a little suspicious and apprehensive. One woman steps outside to talk to a mechanic, and leaves her bag sitting on the floor, and he's afraid she'll forget it, or that I guess one of us might take it. It's kinda funny xD

The cost of a diagnostic is $108, but he says if it's anything simple, he might can have it fixed inside of that cost, which is reassuring, but googling earlier has shown that my kind of car has this kind of problem at my kind of mileage, and it's fairly expensive. The tow truck was already $79, and I was concerned about my cash reserves before we even started this venture. Atlanta is expensive, and Tech is dragging their heels on paying me for my presence.

Anyway, being without a car in one of the most car-heavy metropolitan areas in the US is very... enfeebling. I feel very powerless and a little desperate because of that.

But, I'll get through it. Maybe this is my car's last plea for me to find a new car.


Jun. 9th, 2010 11:22 pm
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I'm all moved into my apartment-- my roommate is super awesome. It's so weird to finally live with another girl who I can really hang out with.

Atlanta is so daunting-- I haven't really gotten out of the little Tech circle in the middle, but my days have been full enough.

I think I'll hit the lab about 9:30 or 10, lunch at 12, and go home sometime 5 or 5:30ish. That seems to be approximately my labmates' schedules (they're really cool, too. Nerdy and funny xD)

everything is so expensive here xD it's so dumb. 20oz cokes are $1.50 in vending machines :p the dorm cafeteria dinners are almost $10, and while they don't actively prohibit you from removing food from them like the UofA did, they don't encourage it either. (although they do seem to encourage you to take a drink with you! it is pretty cool. they even have a slushie machine in there xD) The whole thing was about on par with the NW Quads (that's mostly for stu's benefit), especially with the decentralized layout and the "fancy" foods, but some of it was pretty Brough-like. I found it interesting that they posted the nutritional info for everything.

They don't have so extensive of a campus bus system as Arkansas does, partly because campus is very closely packed, and partly because Atlanta has its own mass transit service.

and ummmm, I'l'l talk about the robot, if anyone's interested!
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house fire (this is a copy of my EoEO post) )

That was Monday morning. Obv now it's thursday evening. We've buried Beato, inventoried the house, made arrangements for a dumpster to start throwing stuff out.

It's incredible to enumerate all your possessions, and exhausting to price them all.
man, though, I was the luckiest of the three of us. living away from home, so mostly old stuff was at the house, my room was the furthest away, so the least damaged, etc.

took lola with us up to the house the last two days, and her white feet are just black now. She's completely grey instead of mostly grey :D she accidentally jumped into the bathtub when I was cleaning up though, and uh, she didn't like that :p

moving day

May. 7th, 2010 06:25 pm
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lucky me, I'm just moving incidental furniture!

stu and I split up our furniture from the apartment. The bedroom looks a lot different with a matching dresser and a big mirror concealing the window. It's okay though, because the window sealing is bad and you can't see anything out of it anyway, and it faces west, so gets hot in the summer (and cold in the winter, but everything is cold in the winter)

I think my parents are unhappy with how the arrangement worked out, but they ultimately deferred to our adult decisions, so they'll get over it.

Before moving furniture, they kishi, and I went to lunch and had some really delicious stuff <3 the leftovers were sufficient unto dinner, even! we sat on the deck at the restaurant, and it was so nice with the wind blowing, and the pretty day out. Across the street, people were having some preaching for some reason, but it was okay as background noise. I wanted to take my mom to the book store a block away, but we were too full to do anything.

when I first got lola, she was smaller than my mom's little chihuahua. Now she's twice as big. My parents don't get her though, and try to treat her like their cats, even though she hasn't been raised like them, and they wonder why she spits at them! admittedly, she is mean, but dad is very ornery with her! She's going to have to live with them this summer when I'm in Georgia, so she'll have to get used to it ;)

after my parents left, we went to the ME building to pick up my thermo materials, and drove across town to see if the snow-cone stands were out yet. They weren't :( But Maggie Moo's was close, so we got icecreams. Mine was Espresso flavored with butterfinger "mix-ins". After we got back, I passed out for a several hours nap!

I did make this, though!

We've been playing through the Zelda series, and are in the middle of ALTTP atm. I'm still scared of engaging enemies ;_;;;;

Today, I turned in my keys to the old apartment. I renewed this place for another year :) Now that I have a washer and dryer, it's perfect!
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Today has been like, the most action-filled day, ever!

1) was having a dream it was RSL day (in May) at Eyeson. This included an obstacle course!

2) woke up and had trouble resetting my alarm. Woke up at the correct time, and uh, forgot to stay up.

3) ended up getting up half an hour later, half an hour before class!

4) Realized my wallet was missing. Looked around for it, but no dice. wallet was not in the ME building either HOWEVER. Found old wallet (ca. September) in car!

5) got an 87 on my Heat Transfer test (awesome)

6) while tutoring thermo, get a call from someone at Boeing asking about student interning. Get to say "nop, not interested anymore, thank you!" although it's less proud when you realize I was probably a last moment pick :p

7) Was studying for the MED test until the last minute, but really had to pee. However, when I left to go to the bathroom, the professor was headed to the classroom with his books!!

8) Even after peeing, i still made it to the classroom before him (it was in another building)

9) Owned 5 problems on the test

10) really had to use the bathroom an hour in

11) owned the other three problems on the test, for total ownage

12) no articles for econ and it let out early!

13) got kishi-san to take me to BK for a light pre-dinner and to return ratatouille. "Wanna get another one? OH WAIT, my wallet's missing, and thus, my blockbuster card!"

14) Go back to ME building, try to back up in harmon and accidentally knock something off his car :OOOOOO

15) whip out the last portion of the MED project with my groupmates, notice all the PTS initiates standing around gussied up

16) go home and change!!! wear a suit and tie :D

17) get to dinner incredibly early, but get to pick seats, and peruse the drinks list. Order a kilowatt and a raspberry margarita! Proceed to get slooooooooooooshed :D

18) incredible dinner with my nerd friends <3

19) decide to start looking for wallet again. Go through the house, outside, in the car, then post to craigslist and get ready to head back to the grocery store to look, then a flash of sudden inspiration "did you look in my laptop case?" "yes, but you're welcome to search again" "OMG LOOK!!!!"

so now I have to consolidate two wallets :D I'm so stoked
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The question, do we have souls

if yes, what are they. How are they, where are they, et.c.

If no, how do we develop personality? Nurture?

(is it determinism that states all this stuff goes back to electrochemical reactions in the brain? and if we knew it well enough and had big enough excel sheets we could predict and calculate reactions?)

I mean hell, we can't even figure out fluid mechanics. A little pipe is more complex than we can calculate precisely. All that stuff is done with experimental data lumped into terribly complex formulæ that are roughly more useful than not. It'll be a while before we can calculate thoughts. Although, hopefully, then I will be able to record my dreams. I've dreamt of doing that for years now.

But anyway, if we do not have souls, and have no overlying morality to accompany our actions, I see no reason why I shouldn't become some sort of bureaucrat or entrepreneur, taking advantage of anything and anyone.

Sure that'll turn a lot of people off, but there's plenty of others who can be bought with all the wealth I would accumulate.

Anyway, that seems at direct odds to my dream of teaching every kid in the states to love math and science.

I have a research prospect lined up in Atlanta for the summer. I'm super excited. I just have to figure out the logistics of 1) what do I do with my stuff in Fayetteville for three months? and 2) can I take Lola? she's looking at me as I type this, the poor darling. She's so adorable <3

It's completely ridiculous, but my hardest class has this assignment (broken up into pieces) to design a shaft for an old-model car engine (godddddddddddddddd I don't want to think about if it were modern and a V-6 instead of inline. FORCES GOING EVERY DIRECTION!!!! so many sines)

anyway, for tomorrow, we're supposed to (in groups) determine the forces and find the bearing reactions for the bearings holding the shaft the six cylinders are attached to up. The regular groups have two bearings. We have five.

A system of two linear equations is cool. We've been solving those for years. Even through 720° of crank rotation (it takes two circles to make one cycle) divided by 5° increments, that's okay, really.

However, just getting five sets of these damn equations to fit on one spreadsheet was a task of epic proportions. You have to use a different equation for each cylinder depending on what side of which bearing you're currently working with it lies, and you have to do that for all six cylinders and all five bearings. I think I got out to column AO or something.

That still just took half an hour. Once I had the equations in the cells, it was mostly copy, paste, fix whatever cells didn't change but should have or did change and shouldn't've, etc. That got me all the coefficients for the constant terms. The tricky part will be actually solving the system of equations, but hopefully someone else on my team will be able to do that in time tomorrow.

I just wanted to brag about my spatial skills.
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"Congratulations! You are under consideration! Fill out these forms, as we get your hopes up but never actually promise you anything."

still felt good. Hi Boeing. *crosses fingers*

Went to campus for Friday Night Live for the first time since moving out of the dorms. It was about as exciting as it ever is, except the crew this year seem to be particularly inept at advertising. There should be more than three rows of seats filled for the Upright Citizens Brigade, no?

But I did draw a cute darth vader on a journal and make a purple orchid lei (I think they were real flowers :O). And figured out how to eat hot dogs with no bun (answer, wrapped in ruffles)
And I "performed" at open mic. I couldn't think of anything to sing, so I just whistled the opening theme of Wild Arms xD kinda improvved on it anyway xD

Kishi gave me a whisker and claw skin he'd found Lola had dropped. I never knew cats shed their outer claws before I had her. I imagine the reason for that is two-fold-- having declawed front paws, and having outdoor cats. her whiskers aren't as long as Aomy's were, but she's just a little baby still <3

I finally beat FF1. The beginning was terribly dull, but once I was able to deal damage with my mages, I enjoyed it more. Definitely wouldn't've have liked it on the actual console; we abused save states quite a bit xD

I think I have an idea what to do for my Creative Project next semester-- they have three big projects that a lot of people work on collectively: Design, Build, Fly; Mini Baja; Solar Boat. It doesn't make any sense-- I should want to do DBF (airplane), but something is leading me to solar boat. There are people working on it I haven't really gotten to get to know very well yet, and that appeals to me, and the beloathed professor with the hardest classes organizes it, but what can I say?

Going to talk with a prof about research on Monday. I think he does sustainability, so that's cool (i.e. better than robotics or nanotech or modelling)


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