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I spent the last three days re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I took my time, read each sentence, and pictured each event occurring. Several times, I got so worked up, I had to force myself to go back a sentence, a paragraph, even an entire page, and slow down, reread it, take in details, flip back a couple of chapters to check something.

I loved it. At least as much as the first time. I hadn't read this book since it first came out, that summer night, just after I graduated high school. I went to a party hosted by a bookstore, wore a costume, colored pictures with tiny children.

I was a pretty different person then, physically, chemically, emotionally, spiritually. None of those changes diminished my reception of this novel. If anything, they enhanced it. I drew conclusions and realized the nature of things before they were explicitly explained in the end (some people hate that, but not I).

I guess I'm rambling. I just wanted to tell you all how much I cried at all the emotional parts, and how much I've had invested in this series, and while I can never go back to eagerly, innocently awaiting the next book, at least I have them all now, as their cohesive whole.
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I guess it's 'cause it's not worth much in the long run.

But anyways. I finished Code Geass tonight, and I simply could not accept that I'd finished the second season without some sort of creative cartharsis. I tried doing my CW homework, but my poetry book was all telling me about witnessing political turmoil and stuff, and so that vein was unsuited to anything but comparisons to CG.

So after that, I came back, read the first ten chapters of the manga (or skimmed. It wasn't much reading) then desperately looked for stills for reference.

The first attempt at drawing Karen (I don't know what it would take for me to call her kallen) was hideous. I did not despair, though, but thought about it logically, like all those anime drawing tutorials say, and it came out much better.

Of course, I was too lazy to reinvent an outfit, and you really can't tell a character from such a generic looking face, but whatever. I don't draw much anymore ;o

Anyways, I am plumb full of thoughts on the series, so if anyone wants to talk about it with me, I would be obliged.


Jan. 20th, 2009 12:34 am
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omggggg I'm never spending an entire week-end reading/installing crucial computer components EVER AGAIN. Not if it means I have to weed through 200 lj posts! (I read most of the personal ones, maybe a quarter of the feeds, no paragraphs over 4 lines long)

Saturday night: stu and I break into my laptop. We also kinda break it. See, there are these two tiny screws on the inside of the battery compartment. Turns out if you don't unscrew them, you break some flaps of metal OFF. So that's what we did. ("why isn't this stupid keyboard coming up?!?!?" Oh, that's why.)

Luckily, they are about the most useless screws we could've done that with (considering how space urgent the MBPs are, space is distinctly at a premium)

After we solved that little mystery we succeeded in getting the keyboard up. I dusted off the ambient light sensors and the Mobo (they were dusty!) and my fans. Then I held my breath and disconnected the hdd from the mobo. This was pretty terrifying as really the only way to manually interface with the hdd is THROUGH A THIN STRIP OF SILICON TRANSMISSION FUN. Or something like that. I was terrified, at any rate.

Luckily the bluetooth transceiver is coated in what looked to be very thick scotch tape, so I could roughhouse it a little, lifted it out of its little cubby hole between the battery compartment and the hdd, pulled the sleep light and some other sensor thing loose from their grip on the hdd, undone two impossible to access screws (and didn't even lose them!) and suddenly, all my data was in my hands.

PROTIP: MBP harddrives may have their little holder thingy VERY SECURELY SCREWED IN. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT STRIP THE SCREWS (they're torx, size 6 I think) LIKE STU DID. YOU WILL BE SAD. or rather, your girlfriend who actually uses the machine will be sad. ("show me your fugee face, sad face :(")

Anyways, after an incident where we thought we might not be able to put in the grommets, they ended up going, and fit, and everything screwed back into place (except the two unfortunate screws, well really just one, but wahtever)

Now the fun part: RESTORING MY DATA YAY. I can't live off an external disk. Okay, I boot off the Leopard dvd, plug in my external enclosure, and restore the disks about a million times trying to get bootcamp to acknowledge that I may in fact partition it (It didn't want a pre-partition, it had to have a certain boot record, etc etc etc) In the end, I gave up and let stu do it while I read Harry Potter (OotP) and while it was restoring yet another time, he watched serenity (I was crying over sirius, myself, looking up from time to time).

Anyways, you get the idea. I still can't boot into windows (unless I want to reinstall that other harddrive. . .) but really, since I'm not doing CAD this semester, I don't need to. I still have everything on disk if I need it. I'm starting to wonder how I should approach this back up thing now that I have more internal space than external space (well, almost). I guess I'll do some thinking about that this week.

In other, non-computer related news, I found a book I've been searching for for roughly. . . well since 2001. Seven years then. (it was december).

Watchers of the Skies.

I read this in 7th grade after I met my AR goals and could read for sheer pleasure. This book taught me a good deal of what I know about astronomy (and it was published forty-five years ago), and much else besides. I am elated to have found it again (there was a copy handy in the library on campus, especially handy because it's always open).

It's just one of those books that you see, scuffy and dark and bleak, and pick up and fall in love with. Or I did, anyways. I'm weird like that. Anyways, I decided to look it up tonight for who knows whatever reason. I think I started thinking about tycho brahe for some reason, or maybe I figured I could find it if I included him in the search. not so. But somehow, I did remember the publishing date, and that went a long way to being able to find it. I had the title completely wrong, and none of the keywords matched, but a subject and publishing year. Wow.

Anyways. Diff E is still pretty complicated, but the solutions manual is alot more helpful than for cal, so I can cypher most of it out. I just need to devote time to studying. *sighs* Same old story, right?
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I've been rereading the harry potter series ( like [ profile] trebekah !) and I'm so nostalgic, I feel I could burst.

I dunno, I'm having trouble coming up with coherent thoughts that explain what I feel about all this. Something that would encompass reading these book very slowly, very carefully, to catch every last detail, mentally tying in events with how fanfic authors I've read have used those bits for characterization, mentally tying in with fanfics *I've* written, thinking ahead to the later books and drawing lines from hints here to events later in teh book, in later books, years of fanart and foruming, how it felt to read these for the first time, why everyone fell in love with the Maurauders, why were fred and george so distant in the third book (they give him the map, but not much else so far) Where are all the other students in the school, marking out all the inconsistancies JKR missed in editing (Hit Wizards, aren't those like. . Aurors? maybe not, but they could be)

I dunno, it's a lot of things. And I'm dying to finish this series, but starting back to school is a bad time to have to do it. I guess I should finish PoA today.
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On dentist appointment day, I can't do anything but be productive. I guess once you take initiative in a day you have to keep doing it all day long.

I even woke up early (before noon) for this special occasion!

Dentites said my teeth looked good if stained, my gums looked neglected, and my wisdom teeth looked peaceful, so I celebrated with a burger from Sonic. I dropped in at the Pope County Library (main headquarters) to see if their copy of Support Your Local Wizard was in, and apparently it's GONE.

"System availability: 0 out of 0"

why;.; that was a staple of my teenhood! It allowed me to answer yes when my art teacher asked whether we would pick a book with a plain black cover on a library shelf! Now I have to find my own. I don't think I'll find one as friendly as that plain librarybound book though.

anyways, once at home, I had the idea of installing wordpress on my jasonspace at, I had come up with an idea for a blog the other day anyways, so lo and behold. . .

I should have plenty to talk about anyways. I hadn't thought about it, but stu asked if it was going to be a france blog, and I think it should be a good idea to blog about things I learn in france. Probably mostly dirty words that seem like they should be innocent.

Anyways, I spent several hours pouring over the css and php. Holy crap is wordpress annoying to use! There's only like twenty includes files! No wonder all those blogs all look alike.

I also started writing a tutorial about how to be a doller on a mac. It's mostly just program recommendations right now, though xD see?

Then I decided to finish reading my mom's Chronicles of the Witch World book. I love in ;.; It is also going on the List. Maybe I should start making a list of all these books I like.

Anyways, it's really late now, and I'm going to start my amazing book list, then I will go to sweet sleep xD

(and maybe dreaming of hilarion as hyde the magician)

holy crap

Dec. 26th, 2007 03:28 am
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lol nc-17 any?

that fic has me totally turned on 8)

I've been drowning my sorrows of 'lol no more real hp books :(' in a big vat of fanfic. And I'm starting to want to write some more:p Oh gosh. Part of it is reading bad fics that I think about how much more subtly I'd put, and more in character, and others are good fic that I'm pretty much just gushing about the writing of.

going back to college next month is going to suck so hard ;.;
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holy snap I really really adore Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, STILL. I reread it this evening (and it took me four weeks to finish interview with the vampire? I finished that this evening too xD). Didn't take me as long as it did the first time, but then it wasn't as magical, but still just as powerful to read. what made it magical was the beautiful synchronocity with the ending and my ending of reading it.

Anyways, I just feel that strongly that I thought I would point it out to you all.


So uh,

Oct. 20th, 2007 12:26 am
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Dumbledore's gay!

Man. There's a lot of slashers that're gonna be all self-congratulatory about this xD

("it's naked naked naked time!")

went to my first haunted house tonight. It started off with the single most fabulous bus ride in the world (sitting backwards watching a large projection screen with driving to complement the curves) the rest of it had its moments. I kinda wish I had gone to one when I was littler and could be a lot more easily scared xD

then when we got back, the b7 slumber party was going on, so we watched part of an episode of the office then played mafia (which I always just knew as murder in the dark, but this was a lot more complicated. you had to draw cards to see what part you played and you could be all sorts of things etc. When I played it you just had people draw numbers to see who was the killer then they like snuck around and threw pillows and whoever got hit died screamingly!)

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I didn't post the pictures of me in my outfit!

(irc users have probably seen this but WHO CARES)

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re epilogue:

B+F=V, rite?
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[Poll #1025710]

I used to lean towards baby memory, but now I wonder if it might be the vestiges of voldemort in him.

Of course, voldie wouldn't know about sirius's flying motorbike, would he? but I guess he might since souls can see and remember (diary riddle)
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Okay, it's a quarter 'til eight on the morning of July 21st, 2007. This is the first summer morning I've seen in a long time, and frankly it's the most beautiful. The sun is gold, and the nighttime mists are still roiling off of the arkansan mountains. There is a chill breeze floating through the trees and across my bare legs (which is good because my laptop is sitting on them).

I've finished reading what I will hereafter believe to be the best book series I've ever read, and my puppy dog is frolicking across the yellow green crab grass, and trying to jump up onto the bed of the truck I'm sitting on to get to me.

This is the most beautiful day I've seen, and it's only been going for an hour and a half maybe.

My mother's amarylis stands in tall pink bloom over to the right, and the fuschia crepe myrtles sway in front of me and also to my left, although I cannot see them from here.

An insistant cricket is determining to tell me the morning, while a blue jay and a woodpecker join in chorus.

Just gorgeous.

lol more spoilers )

I don't know if I want to go to sleep yet. Everything in the world is so awake, and there's no reason why I shouldn't be also.

I haven't even checked the intarwebz in twelve hours!
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So um, I finished Deathly Hallows right.


I might post thoughts tomorrow. I kinda want to not go to bed now though. Hmm. I'm not that sleepy.

aw heck. MOAR SPOILARS )
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moar hp memes )

Ganked from [ profile] sannalim except she had more sections to hers. I never really was part of the fandom and am not part of the fanfic arena anymore so they weren't jiving so well :}
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Ganked from [ profile] carabbit

HP 7 Divination Test )
no spoilers:)

Also no spoilers for me either plz! I'm freaking excited to read this book, even been dreaming about it :( be nice;_;
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(I am actually listening to You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth at the moment, but I have grown to love this song so much that I felt it should be tributed. I always want to play it first when I pick up guitar hero.)

Speaking of that, I've almost beat Medium on it. I got 98% through Bark at the Moon before I failed :( I tried playing it without the guitar controller and it was so weird xD

In other video game news, I have dropped any pretense at continuing my game of ff7 (not only have I accidentally written over two random files on my only psx save card that I was using for ff7, 9 and vagrant story x.x;;;;;;; but seriously, the game lost its charm after disk 1 for obvious reasons) and am in disk 2 of ff8. I haven't been playing with a guide, but the d-district prison is so annoying that I think I might consult one just to get out faster.

In other non-game news, I saw OOTP on the 12th. My friends were waiting there all day/afternoon (depends on which one we're talking about xD) so I called one up and they said 'shore come hang out with us' so stu and I hung out with them for the two hours before they started selling tickets. We were like second or third to get our tickets because the people working there were like 'lol we're only selling them at one window' and then they were like 'lol psyche, come on over to this window'

It was so neat, but boring waiting half an hour for it to actually start. My friends and assorted took up almost the entire back rowxD

The movie was pretty good. I wish they could've gone more indepth on some stuff, but I can respect it for being a pretty gosh darn good movie! At any rate, after it, I was driving home, and I said to stu 'oh my gosh, in two weeks, I'll know how harry potter ends:O' and he was like 'lol don't spoil it for me' and I was like 'OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG' and it was a good thing that I can drive pretty great while I'm under emotional duress (ie: excited about fandoms, crying bitterly, horny, etc)

when we got home, I played GH with my friend while stu packed, then she got on facebook, and I started to get worried that she would end up staying forever late, so I had to try and nicely ask her to leave so stu and I could cherish the last night together. I won't go into those details, because I'm sure they wouldn't live up to what you guys could imagine! But we did stay up too late for getting up at 9:30 x.x;

so yeah, no stu until COLLEGE starts :( Just over a month now.!!!!

I finally got ahold of my roommate. I guess she's not an internet freak, she just gave me a cell # and no aim/msn/y!m so that's kinda disappointing. She seems pretty nice, if athletic, and I think she's another fellow, so we have some things in common ? x.x;

I'm getting all kinds of excited about colledge. I want to see all the effort I've exuded culminate into this money stuff I should recieve. I want a stipend check, goshdarnit! I want to spend money and make a fantastic dorm. The only difficult part is waiting until I'm actually in the room to figure out what to put in it. I have got a bathroom rug to go on the floor (not of the bathroom, those are communal :|) and a chair to sit in, and ordered loftage for the bed, and got some sheets (it was funny, at orientation they were like 'LOL companies will try to sell you extra long sheets. You don't need these unless you need an extra long bed, and you only need that if you're like 6'5", and then I got a catalog from target in the mail (with OSU stuff int eh back, of all things! It was addressed to Alice Modell, so there's no telling where they bought my name from) and they were like 'LOL XL SHEETS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO IN!!!!! and I just kinda laughed and said 'Well I guess they were right')

I need to get used to using my macbook again. Since stu was here I've barely gotten to touch it! He got the screen all dirty :(

A few days before he left, I was like 'I wanna go on a walk' and he's like 'where to?' and I was like 'dunno' and dad was like 'how long?' and I was like 'dunno'

We ended up walking all the way down my road (~.8mile) all the way down the mountain (~1.2 mile) and all the way to a little pizza pro/sub place they put in the tiniest strip mall ever (a long way). Before we went the last .3 mile, it started raining! and my toes were getting blistered, so I was like 'stu trade me shoes' (lol we can do that) so I put on his converse and took a few steps and demanded his socks as well.

By then it started pouring. So I ran. And he kinda sidled awkwardly in my sandals xD after a short breather under an awning of the old historical Bank, old trading post building, and current photography studio, I decided it wasn't going to let up, so I kept going. When we passed the Manse, I saw the preacher's littlest daughter outside with her umbrella and she was so cute! We took some shelter under the methodist church's eaves, and realized after we got to the front that they were having bible school xD

Some cars stopped for us on the last road to cross, so we ran across and into the pizza pro and asked for some paper towels. After those, we ordered, and you'd think that after a three mile walk that you'd be hungry, but I couldn't take but four bites of my sub. I finished it up after OOTP though, and man it was the best both times. I have a mind to go back for another.

Anyways, we were soaking wet still and I was blistered and tired (my legs are still kinda stiff) so I made a call and we were picked up by the Dad Taxi 8) kinda anticlimatic, but hey, I don't htink I could've made it back UP the mountain. It was bad enough going down!

We did find these cds on the side of the road though, mostly not scratched or broken (the cd stuff is peeling off the front though. i never really understood how cds were made, so this was cool to find out without having tos acrifice any of mine.)

If the crappy cd chain gets started back up, here are about 15 prime candidates. I haven't even listened to them all yet. I have only listened through one of them halfway!

I waxed part of my legs the last couple of days. They're still kinda red and stingy from the last time, but thinking about all those hairs that came out (they looked so cool all aligned so perfectly xD) and how long it would've taken to tweeze a corresponding amount, I feel pretty good about it. I just wish it wasn't such a boring process. I was going to do it while stu was here, but the hairs weren't long enough then :( I need to make a judgment call tomorrow on whether i'm going to shave around them and wait another week or if I'm going to try and get more off xD it's kinda funny looking right now, but that's okay, I haven't really gotten dressed all day long.

Something I've started doing a lot of again is reading. I think I have four books started right now. In order of how much of them I have finished:

The Drawing of the Three; it's pretty good, and also has pictures! win. I really like Eddie (why are so many guys named eddie?)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; I still haven't found my copy. I got this one from (it's a UK edition! the guy who sent it to me probablly paid more in postage (10,65E) than it cost to buy (7 something #L) It's so neat finding all the little differences between the versions. I haven't read poa in a long time (that's why i've been wanting to read mine, but it's been missing) but I keep catching stuff like 'torch' 'defence' 'minister for magic' 'timetable' and the single quotes, and the lack of chapter illustrations :(

It's still one of my favorites though. Harry is still a little boy, he hasn't had to grow up yet. Quidditch is still his main worry. What happened to peeves in later books? Have I just read over him? I've been wanting to fangirl over Lupin all over again :|

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; got this off of bookmooch too. It's pretty good. Makes me want to ride a motorcycle :} I can judge how much I like something by how much it makes me want to go do something. I want to ride a motorcycle for this; I wanted to fly through the air suspended by webbing after watching the first spider-man movie. I can't remember any other examples off the top of my head.

Eternal Enemy; this is probably the one that no one has heard of. It's by christopher pike. I have a forever fondness for his books (they were a staple during late elementary/middle school years) I remember some important things at the ending, but not how they turn out exactly. I hate remembering what happens at the ends of books; it makes reading them seem so futile.

Um, this is getting long. I will end by saying I have more mosquito bites on my derrière than any human ever deserved :(

(I want stu back here)
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hey it's like Harry Potter's birthday today
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You guys have nine hours and fifteen minutes to remind me of what I'm forgetting to pack.

I'm going to be bandcore and use my stick bag as a carryon. It's not like I'll need much anyways. besides it's slender and I can pretend it's a fashionable purse. The bandcamp tag from summer after sixth grade might give me away though xD.


(the song I am listening to right now is so awesome words can describe. )


And for those of you who haven't gotten the memo, I'm going to be in uselessrandomstu-land for two weeks.

Can you imagine anything hotter than that? I can't.

Stu is geek, so I will have unfettered access to the normal computron things such as email and lj comments and trillian, however we may be off doing UNMENTIONABLE THINGS (like holding hands)

(or kissing)

(or shopping with gaymen MARI THIS MEANS YOU DO NOT FORGET JULY 2)
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Am I a bad person for taking advantage of horny fangirls to try and get six months of paid LJ? You'll have to copy and paste it, so don't yell at me~

That is clearly not work safe. Lol I'll say it again. Don't open it unless you love tentacle porn or have a good sense of humor. I have the latter, that's why I was giggling the entire time of working on it.

(there was a contest to draw a yaoi sephiroth picture. There was little to no competition, and I was discussing with foa and stu, and foa said I should do kefka (which I thought about doing, but I got lazy) and stu said he'd be sad if I was drawing super sexy gay porn, so I made it funny, and he helped me try and find a good background image to use xD)
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I read a collection of ghost stories called "The Phantom Cyclist" a couple of nights ago when I didn't feel like sleeping.

Something I noticed was that none of them were scary. All the ghosts were benevolent or at least good-intending.

Maybe that's the difference between british and american ghosts.

In one story, about a brother and sister who sled to these mysterious kids' large mansion, I nearly got scared, but even the mysterious kids just wanted someone to play with.


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