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"Congratulations! You are under consideration! Fill out these forms, as we get your hopes up but never actually promise you anything."

still felt good. Hi Boeing. *crosses fingers*

Went to campus for Friday Night Live for the first time since moving out of the dorms. It was about as exciting as it ever is, except the crew this year seem to be particularly inept at advertising. There should be more than three rows of seats filled for the Upright Citizens Brigade, no?

But I did draw a cute darth vader on a journal and make a purple orchid lei (I think they were real flowers :O). And figured out how to eat hot dogs with no bun (answer, wrapped in ruffles)
And I "performed" at open mic. I couldn't think of anything to sing, so I just whistled the opening theme of Wild Arms xD kinda improvved on it anyway xD

Kishi gave me a whisker and claw skin he'd found Lola had dropped. I never knew cats shed their outer claws before I had her. I imagine the reason for that is two-fold-- having declawed front paws, and having outdoor cats. her whiskers aren't as long as Aomy's were, but she's just a little baby still <3

I finally beat FF1. The beginning was terribly dull, but once I was able to deal damage with my mages, I enjoyed it more. Definitely wouldn't've have liked it on the actual console; we abused save states quite a bit xD

I think I have an idea what to do for my Creative Project next semester-- they have three big projects that a lot of people work on collectively: Design, Build, Fly; Mini Baja; Solar Boat. It doesn't make any sense-- I should want to do DBF (airplane), but something is leading me to solar boat. There are people working on it I haven't really gotten to get to know very well yet, and that appeals to me, and the beloathed professor with the hardest classes organizes it, but what can I say?

Going to talk with a prof about research on Monday. I think he does sustainability, so that's cool (i.e. better than robotics or nanotech or modelling)


Nov. 9th, 2008 02:54 pm
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how many days was I logged out of lj!? so annoying having to backtrack.

I woke up at like 11 this morning and started playing ff4 since I had it handy near to the bed. It was too cold to get up, and kitty and boy were taking up too much bed to go back to sleep, so I wandered down from the save point in the last dungeon, got the Masamune, (last night I got Ragnarok. Dark Bahamut nearly had me messing my pants, I was scared.)
Managed to go alllllll the way down to the bottom and had a good start on zeromus, but he got me. I'll try again sometime (I would've gone back to the save, but I was tired of random encounters and Rydia wasn't having any warp, so~)

In other news, I was pretty happy about what I saw on the scale this morning, after lunch, even!
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We have always had this thing where we would both randomly message each other or just start talking at the same time in general, but today while reading an article he linked me, I saw a quote I wanted to paste to him from the comments, only to alt tab back to adium with my fingers on cmd+c to find that he had just pasted it himself.

radar love inorite?

Anyways in other news, it started pouring down rain after being a perfectly nice day before (if chilly), and being the baby that I am, I am staying in and playing ff3 instead of going to see a free outdoors concert (in the rain and puddles). It's actually just started up raining again, so I'm rather pleased with my decision to stay in.

Anyways, about ff3. This game is amazing! I can't believe I never tried to play it all the way through before. I've loved everything about it; the designers display a scope for imagination that just boggles the mind. Although I guess that's typical of late-system square game makers (ff3, ff6, ff9, ff12)

I really want to start writing a walkthrough for this, but I don't think I'd ever have the patience to finish.
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(I am actually listening to You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth at the moment, but I have grown to love this song so much that I felt it should be tributed. I always want to play it first when I pick up guitar hero.)

Speaking of that, I've almost beat Medium on it. I got 98% through Bark at the Moon before I failed :( I tried playing it without the guitar controller and it was so weird xD

In other video game news, I have dropped any pretense at continuing my game of ff7 (not only have I accidentally written over two random files on my only psx save card that I was using for ff7, 9 and vagrant story x.x;;;;;;; but seriously, the game lost its charm after disk 1 for obvious reasons) and am in disk 2 of ff8. I haven't been playing with a guide, but the d-district prison is so annoying that I think I might consult one just to get out faster.

In other non-game news, I saw OOTP on the 12th. My friends were waiting there all day/afternoon (depends on which one we're talking about xD) so I called one up and they said 'shore come hang out with us' so stu and I hung out with them for the two hours before they started selling tickets. We were like second or third to get our tickets because the people working there were like 'lol we're only selling them at one window' and then they were like 'lol psyche, come on over to this window'

It was so neat, but boring waiting half an hour for it to actually start. My friends and assorted took up almost the entire back rowxD

The movie was pretty good. I wish they could've gone more indepth on some stuff, but I can respect it for being a pretty gosh darn good movie! At any rate, after it, I was driving home, and I said to stu 'oh my gosh, in two weeks, I'll know how harry potter ends:O' and he was like 'lol don't spoil it for me' and I was like 'OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG' and it was a good thing that I can drive pretty great while I'm under emotional duress (ie: excited about fandoms, crying bitterly, horny, etc)

when we got home, I played GH with my friend while stu packed, then she got on facebook, and I started to get worried that she would end up staying forever late, so I had to try and nicely ask her to leave so stu and I could cherish the last night together. I won't go into those details, because I'm sure they wouldn't live up to what you guys could imagine! But we did stay up too late for getting up at 9:30 x.x;

so yeah, no stu until COLLEGE starts :( Just over a month now.!!!!

I finally got ahold of my roommate. I guess she's not an internet freak, she just gave me a cell # and no aim/msn/y!m so that's kinda disappointing. She seems pretty nice, if athletic, and I think she's another fellow, so we have some things in common ? x.x;

I'm getting all kinds of excited about colledge. I want to see all the effort I've exuded culminate into this money stuff I should recieve. I want a stipend check, goshdarnit! I want to spend money and make a fantastic dorm. The only difficult part is waiting until I'm actually in the room to figure out what to put in it. I have got a bathroom rug to go on the floor (not of the bathroom, those are communal :|) and a chair to sit in, and ordered loftage for the bed, and got some sheets (it was funny, at orientation they were like 'LOL companies will try to sell you extra long sheets. You don't need these unless you need an extra long bed, and you only need that if you're like 6'5", and then I got a catalog from target in the mail (with OSU stuff int eh back, of all things! It was addressed to Alice Modell, so there's no telling where they bought my name from) and they were like 'LOL XL SHEETS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO IN!!!!! and I just kinda laughed and said 'Well I guess they were right')

I need to get used to using my macbook again. Since stu was here I've barely gotten to touch it! He got the screen all dirty :(

A few days before he left, I was like 'I wanna go on a walk' and he's like 'where to?' and I was like 'dunno' and dad was like 'how long?' and I was like 'dunno'

We ended up walking all the way down my road (~.8mile) all the way down the mountain (~1.2 mile) and all the way to a little pizza pro/sub place they put in the tiniest strip mall ever (a long way). Before we went the last .3 mile, it started raining! and my toes were getting blistered, so I was like 'stu trade me shoes' (lol we can do that) so I put on his converse and took a few steps and demanded his socks as well.

By then it started pouring. So I ran. And he kinda sidled awkwardly in my sandals xD after a short breather under an awning of the old historical Bank, old trading post building, and current photography studio, I decided it wasn't going to let up, so I kept going. When we passed the Manse, I saw the preacher's littlest daughter outside with her umbrella and she was so cute! We took some shelter under the methodist church's eaves, and realized after we got to the front that they were having bible school xD

Some cars stopped for us on the last road to cross, so we ran across and into the pizza pro and asked for some paper towels. After those, we ordered, and you'd think that after a three mile walk that you'd be hungry, but I couldn't take but four bites of my sub. I finished it up after OOTP though, and man it was the best both times. I have a mind to go back for another.

Anyways, we were soaking wet still and I was blistered and tired (my legs are still kinda stiff) so I made a call and we were picked up by the Dad Taxi 8) kinda anticlimatic, but hey, I don't htink I could've made it back UP the mountain. It was bad enough going down!

We did find these cds on the side of the road though, mostly not scratched or broken (the cd stuff is peeling off the front though. i never really understood how cds were made, so this was cool to find out without having tos acrifice any of mine.)

If the crappy cd chain gets started back up, here are about 15 prime candidates. I haven't even listened to them all yet. I have only listened through one of them halfway!

I waxed part of my legs the last couple of days. They're still kinda red and stingy from the last time, but thinking about all those hairs that came out (they looked so cool all aligned so perfectly xD) and how long it would've taken to tweeze a corresponding amount, I feel pretty good about it. I just wish it wasn't such a boring process. I was going to do it while stu was here, but the hairs weren't long enough then :( I need to make a judgment call tomorrow on whether i'm going to shave around them and wait another week or if I'm going to try and get more off xD it's kinda funny looking right now, but that's okay, I haven't really gotten dressed all day long.

Something I've started doing a lot of again is reading. I think I have four books started right now. In order of how much of them I have finished:

The Drawing of the Three; it's pretty good, and also has pictures! win. I really like Eddie (why are so many guys named eddie?)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; I still haven't found my copy. I got this one from (it's a UK edition! the guy who sent it to me probablly paid more in postage (10,65E) than it cost to buy (7 something #L) It's so neat finding all the little differences between the versions. I haven't read poa in a long time (that's why i've been wanting to read mine, but it's been missing) but I keep catching stuff like 'torch' 'defence' 'minister for magic' 'timetable' and the single quotes, and the lack of chapter illustrations :(

It's still one of my favorites though. Harry is still a little boy, he hasn't had to grow up yet. Quidditch is still his main worry. What happened to peeves in later books? Have I just read over him? I've been wanting to fangirl over Lupin all over again :|

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; got this off of bookmooch too. It's pretty good. Makes me want to ride a motorcycle :} I can judge how much I like something by how much it makes me want to go do something. I want to ride a motorcycle for this; I wanted to fly through the air suspended by webbing after watching the first spider-man movie. I can't remember any other examples off the top of my head.

Eternal Enemy; this is probably the one that no one has heard of. It's by christopher pike. I have a forever fondness for his books (they were a staple during late elementary/middle school years) I remember some important things at the ending, but not how they turn out exactly. I hate remembering what happens at the ends of books; it makes reading them seem so futile.

Um, this is getting long. I will end by saying I have more mosquito bites on my derrière than any human ever deserved :(

(I want stu back here)
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More Scientific

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Also, this is the smartest meme I've seen.
[ profile] jume's Halloween party:

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darkkyuzo didn't dress up, spoilsport.
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vallywally dressed as a third baseman for the Dodgers, and it suited them disturbingly well.

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Created with phpNonsense

ff2j has the funnest stat levelling system, I swear. Next time I play that game though, I'm definitely training up a black mage. I found myself with only half of the neat spells I wanted to try and about ten that I didn't plan on using.

The ending is also very short, but sorta sweet (in a way that fits its unique storyline)

Spells to use:
berserk (it practically DOUBLES your physical damage dealt!)
aero/bolt/ice/fire (elements)
aspil (mp drain=<3)
haste (a few extra hits)
flare (since I'll have a BM)
dispel (lower enemies' resistance to elements/attacks)
change (for keeping up mp and such for people without aspil)

Man, I had a lot of elixirs and ethers left.

I thought that lionhe was going to run out of mp, but I used change on him on a whim, and realized I could easily replenish it this way. Guy had just over 5000 hp, maria and frioniel had about 4400-4900 each, and Leonheart had about 3300. Maria had about 310 mp, and guy close to that. Frioniel and Lionheart both had about 250. Hmm, Definitely want to get some shieldage going on in any future games-- I equipped guy with dual shields and he gained about five agility in an hour xD May want to outright give maria a bow next time, so I can keep her in teh backrow permanently.

yeah anyways. Woohoo daylight savings is DONE.
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"A Blessing," by James Wright, from Collected Poems (Wesleyan University Press).

A Blessing

Just off the highway to Rochester, Minnesota,
Twilight bounds softly forth on the grass.
And the eyes of those two Indian ponies
Darken with kindness.
They have come gladly out of the willows
To welcome my friend and me.
We step over the barbed wire into the pasture
Where they have been grazing all day, alone.
They ripple tensely, they can hardly contain their
That we have come.
They bow shyly as wet swans. They love each other.
There is no loneliness like theirs.
At home once more,
They begin munching the young tufts of spring in the
I would like to hold the slenderer one in my arms,
For she has walked over to me
And nuzzled my left hand.
She is black and white,
Her mane falls wild on her forehead,
And the light breeze moves me to caress her long ear
That is delicate as the skin over a girl's wrist.
Suddenly I realize
That if I stepped out of my body I would break
Into blossom.

This, my friends, is the only poem in the world that has my approval at the current time.

There are those of you who know of my distaste for things with such meter and rhyme, and there are those of you who still unwitting try to share your poetry with me.
I sorta wanted to TPCASTT it, but I've done that already. So I'll wait until tomorrow/friday and try to see if my copy of that is still in my folder at school. I hope so. If it's at home it's probably lost. And I remember loving the job I did on it.
title, paraphrase, connotation, attitude, shift, title, theme.

But yes. This should be the only poem in the world. The rest is just emostuff. Or songs that need music.

That being said-- I got a start on my essay today. Two whole paragraphs. They took up the entire first page of paper. And I write small :( I have it sorta outlined what I'll write next, I just need to SIT DOWN AND DO IT.

Band was sorta weird today xD Mr. Ray made up a fake drillsheet and we marched it a few times. I have never *Needed* to read a drill sheet before, nor have I marched in anything but straight lines, but I think I did a fairly okay job. Forgot to guide right though ;)

Took pictures to school and Megan was all 'OMG I can't believe you have that picture in there, don't show ANYONE' just like I thought she'd be xD I forgot the four Pet ones though, and they're my favorites:O

Dani's birthday party is on the 27th. Need to decide if I'm going to go/find out if other people are. She was my friend in kindergarten, then she changed schools sometime afterwards, then I saw her at band camp and it was 'YES! Someone I KNOW!'. Now she's going to school at Pottsville again. I'm not entirely sure why she quit going to Russellville. Rumors say all sorts of things, but I doubt they have much behind them. But she's short, self-diagnosedly fat, and red headed (although she says it's more brown now and she just dyes it xD)
She is, as we call it here in the South, a "Pistol".

Which means that she turns most people off from her, except a small circle of mostly now-sophomores, and of course, the people that don't want to be mean to her ever:O Like myselfxD

But yeah. I didn't go to her birthday last year:O I probably won't this year either.

Anyways, its been raining since saturday. It's definitely a change from 100+ degrees every day, although when the sun comes out from NINE AM TO NOON it's a bit miserable with the humidity.
I swear. Every single day it's been sunny from nine to noon. And THEN it gets cloudy. It was friggin' hot by the time we stopped marching today, and around 3PM it started RAINING again.

Maybe the field will get so soggy we can't march on it >:D

Hee^_^ I played ff8 from like 11:30 to 5:00 today, from the bottom of the D-District Prison to Fisherman's Horizon. It was awesome. I actually did a lot of it on my own intuition+memories of the last two games instead of relying on the wonderful printed material I have gathered through the ages. And somehow, I gained two SeeD levels in there somewhere:O Because I was at 24 and became 26 when I got payed while getting rid of the Garden Masters.

and I'm sleepy. RAWR.
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I would've finished ff2j sooner if I knew Lionheart was going to be hot like baralai.


(and no, I've not finished it yet, but I did get to the top of paramekia castle or whatever. so he's in my party now)
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Addendum to HDM=FF8, upon the beginning of the rereading of subtle knife:

explorer's son isn't quite fixed on the idea of having the love interest as a . . . love interest, but she's perfectly comfortable with him.

I went down to the pond tonight with mom's camera. . . )
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Oh, I was reading The Golden Compass last night. And I had an epiphany.


At first I thought some of them would be a stretch, but after a while, I thought a bit harder and OMP it makes SENSE:D

aust you need to play ff8 so you can laugh at this with me:D
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Mystic Quest so far is. . .cute.

I feel cool 'cause I actually named a sprite after myself-- I never do thatX.x it's cool:D

And I forgot what all I did today. I think I played simon's quest for the longest time. I swear, I could NOT remember how to use holy water@.@;; then I did it accidentally. it sucked:D

but anyways. This song is t3h r0x.
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took up the initiative (because of Wu) to finish ff7 and watch the ending.

I don't know why people are always so negative about it, I thought it was rather nice.

Makes me interested to see how Advent Children will tie in with it.

(I hope this doesn't turn into something like ff9, where I went and beat the final dungeon late at night and never looked back)

(I also hope that second save spot I used wasn't in one of the ff9 places. stupid ff7 doesn't show any of them as being used, and I know they are@@:;;;)

sleep now.

Oh, and bizarro sephiroth is much hotter than safer sephiroth, for some reason. It must be the hair.
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Oh, how uber am I?

I found an AWESOME party in ff5. Like, by accident. and it's working!

World Two: When you're chasing down that stupid moogle--

Bartz: Lvl33, Callerlv3, !DragonSwd
Lenna: Lvl33, Chemistlv2, !Whitelv4
Galuf: Lvl33, Time Wizlvl3, !Dance
Faris: Lvl33, Samurailv1, !Blacklv4


That desert you're supposed to not go across because of the monsters with five digits of hp? I decided I wouldn't bother going around, so I took a couple of shortcuts across the sands in a few places, and got right up to the very end where the opening to the moogle forest is, and I got a random encounter. Right where it was almost grass again.

And these kids pulled through.

On a hunch, I had Faris going bio (after attacking a couple of times) and it would do 1000 dmg. Bartz used dragon sword over and over (Which was good, because the sand worm dude kept using maelstrom=single digit hp) Galuf danced, usually either jitterbug or sword dance. Once tango of temptation caught and the worm smacked himself for 200:) Lenna mostly just panicked. Cast cure until she was out of mp, then one last libra to see if it was worth trying to finish. only 4000 hp left, so I continued on, and he kept using maelstrom so I quit healing, and I BEAT THE SUCKER!:D
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My wrist hurts ;_; (no, it's my left wrist. no, I'm not left handed) and my right wrist hurts a bit because of excessive coloring in art. (I got that stupid thing done though:D I'll turn it in tomorrow)

Region tryouts on saturday-- I'm so not going to make it. Especially with this unsolicited pain. (what exactly does carpel tunnel feel like anyways?)

also have a weird bump on my left index finger that hurts immensely when it's rubbed against anything. My left hand is just going to the dogs. Or cats.

Anyways, we watched teh commercials in english today. Tyler, David, and Erik's was AWESOMEFUNNY. Those three have like immense charisma in groups together. Even when they don't try.

tryouts saturday Xxxxx.x

They built a new Dairy Queen in town. Except it's DQ Grill'n'Chill. But still. the last dairy queen building still hosts seedy car loan businesses. Amy says it's good. I'll convince dad we need to go there sometime soon maybe. maybe.

If I make region then that can be our thingydinner ;_;;;;;; so I better think of other ways to get them to town.

dad's on the phone right now¬¬ I feel like blaming that for being dced twice already. and I've only been on an hour. Need to get cory to help me convince mom that we need dsl. then she can help to convince dad. hahaha *plotz*

anyways, I'm replaying ffx. It's so awesome. I forgot what it's like to have weird sudden camera swings and the party stopping every now and then. And the stupid monsters are so hard to overkill! Like the basalisk types on d'jose, and the horn types on mi'ihen. I was *just* starting to get auron able to overkill those sans critical hit, and I went on and did operation mi'ihen-_- Didn't see seymour's overdrive. I used ifrit's overdrive twice in a row (grandsummoned I think) and it accidentally killed the mofo. I was going to sweat it out a long time and see it, but nooo. And I think i missed some items in the area where tidus washes up, but I voted to continue on. I just entered guadosalam last night. And I was trying so hard to get kimarhi to Steal before I got rikku¬¬

I was looking at rikku's section of the sphere grid and musing on how friggin' easy it'd be to make her another wakka, lulu, auron, tidus, or yuna. it would be easy. so easy.
But then I wouldn't have rikku:D It was so funny how she kept getting koed like crap with her 320 hp:P luckily she has a million hp+ spheres to fill.

can't wait for teh aeon's soul. I want to get rid of these extra physical thingy spheres. I've had like 99 since op mi'ihen. 'Bel-ga-meh-nay' Never realized she said her name like that. and I beat her ixion with ifrit:DD HAHA, I GOT THAT HASTEY UNIPONY! found out ifrit was good for overkilling ochus. Then I switched to overkilling ochu with lulu's fira:D I feel so l33t.

anyways. Art contest. Going to cg this year. I swear it. (And I'll probably wimp out://////)

!!!!1 Have I written ANYTHING in here about things I meant to draw for this stupid contest? Dangit ;_; I can't think of anything right now, sucksucksucks. Someone remind me/tell me something.

and I can do fanart, just not ripping off the existing stuff.
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because it's way too late and I've been reading too many ff forums. . . )
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On the subject of the opening video for FF8. Subtitled: "Why Didn't I Realize This Sooner?"

spoilery. Enjoy )
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I like omnislash.

That is all.
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a summary of The Black Mages' first album.. just for my own reference@.@ )


"sparks from the fire. . ."

Can't wait until the 22nd, so I can find someone who has ripped them and leech off of them. (like my parents would let me import from japan?:/)
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Sparks from the fire rise up to the sky,
Higher and higher, Oh I want to fly,
Oh though the story this time I'm a dream
Wake up for a moment,
A memory of me

(odd though, winamp pretends it doesn't accept these .wmas, but when you type the name it'll play them fine)

Man, that is *not* good singing, but I'll allow it, because I've wanted for a long time to be able to sing along with To Zanarkand, instead of adding in words from Silent Night:)

But get someone that's not a guy sounding as though he's really bad at opera singing, that'll be awesome.
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in ff9, when you're looking around for the rocks of the forms of ramuh or whatever, and it tells a story, DUDE!

That story is from ff2!

I remember it, Frioniel, Maria, and Guy are going through the snowfield and they have to stop at that town to pick up a dude that is going to take them to the ice cave, and !!!!! I SO REMEMBER THIS!

(wow, Square, ff9 is just full of surprises. Maybe I should've gone back and tried to listen to the tracks from whatever it was in trenoithink. First the whole horn thing, and now part of ff2. wow. )
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Sweet sweet justice.

a post about how people should quit using IE, made back in april--

this chick was all like 'oh, mozilla doesn't support css or html 4.0' and this page lists her problems with it.

Go to her site, and notice that by about september she changes her tune to 'Ive decided to make this site more accessable to browsers, use CSS instead of tables and stuff'

man, oh man.


this song is also awesome.

man-- I forgot how good ffx-2 was. I've been playing it since about ten o'clock. I'd probably still be there if I didn't want to get to bed at a decent hour (see what happens? that was half an hour ago, and I've been 'going to bed' since then. . . including reading stupid cnet articles from april.)

But we're under bevelle right now and I'm thinking 'how on earth can people think that this game is shallow? It makes me feel scared, the thunderplains concert gives me chills every single time I see it, sphere break is going to make me pass mr. cato's class with an A, and it can theoretically get tidus and yuna back together!

good grief people. it's also pretty and eyecandy and probably fanservice, but geeze:P


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