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"Congratulations! You are under consideration! Fill out these forms, as we get your hopes up but never actually promise you anything."

still felt good. Hi Boeing. *crosses fingers*

Went to campus for Friday Night Live for the first time since moving out of the dorms. It was about as exciting as it ever is, except the crew this year seem to be particularly inept at advertising. There should be more than three rows of seats filled for the Upright Citizens Brigade, no?

But I did draw a cute darth vader on a journal and make a purple orchid lei (I think they were real flowers :O). And figured out how to eat hot dogs with no bun (answer, wrapped in ruffles)
And I "performed" at open mic. I couldn't think of anything to sing, so I just whistled the opening theme of Wild Arms xD kinda improvved on it anyway xD

Kishi gave me a whisker and claw skin he'd found Lola had dropped. I never knew cats shed their outer claws before I had her. I imagine the reason for that is two-fold-- having declawed front paws, and having outdoor cats. her whiskers aren't as long as Aomy's were, but she's just a little baby still <3

I finally beat FF1. The beginning was terribly dull, but once I was able to deal damage with my mages, I enjoyed it more. Definitely wouldn't've have liked it on the actual console; we abused save states quite a bit xD

I think I have an idea what to do for my Creative Project next semester-- they have three big projects that a lot of people work on collectively: Design, Build, Fly; Mini Baja; Solar Boat. It doesn't make any sense-- I should want to do DBF (airplane), but something is leading me to solar boat. There are people working on it I haven't really gotten to get to know very well yet, and that appeals to me, and the beloathed professor with the hardest classes organizes it, but what can I say?

Going to talk with a prof about research on Monday. I think he does sustainability, so that's cool (i.e. better than robotics or nanotech or modelling)


Nov. 9th, 2008 02:54 pm
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how many days was I logged out of lj!? so annoying having to backtrack.

I woke up at like 11 this morning and started playing ff4 since I had it handy near to the bed. It was too cold to get up, and kitty and boy were taking up too much bed to go back to sleep, so I wandered down from the save point in the last dungeon, got the Masamune, (last night I got Ragnarok. Dark Bahamut nearly had me messing my pants, I was scared.)
Managed to go alllllll the way down to the bottom and had a good start on zeromus, but he got me. I'll try again sometime (I would've gone back to the save, but I was tired of random encounters and Rydia wasn't having any warp, so~)

In other news, I was pretty happy about what I saw on the scale this morning, after lunch, even!
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We have always had this thing where we would both randomly message each other or just start talking at the same time in general, but today while reading an article he linked me, I saw a quote I wanted to paste to him from the comments, only to alt tab back to adium with my fingers on cmd+c to find that he had just pasted it himself.

radar love inorite?

Anyways in other news, it started pouring down rain after being a perfectly nice day before (if chilly), and being the baby that I am, I am staying in and playing ff3 instead of going to see a free outdoors concert (in the rain and puddles). It's actually just started up raining again, so I'm rather pleased with my decision to stay in.

Anyways, about ff3. This game is amazing! I can't believe I never tried to play it all the way through before. I've loved everything about it; the designers display a scope for imagination that just boggles the mind. Although I guess that's typical of late-system square game makers (ff3, ff6, ff9, ff12)

I really want to start writing a walkthrough for this, but I don't think I'd ever have the patience to finish.
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I spent yesterday afternoon playing ff5-a, mentally comparing the translation and failing to oogle the battle backgrounds after a time. They didn't use the line 'Crystals, we're on our way!' that I thought was so cute of galuf to say, so I was kinda disappointed about that, but I guess they think they know better than rom hacker translators.

Up to the fireship in karnak. I forgot what a loathesome place this is.

Watched the dudes from 404+kolin play DOA4 yesterday, and failed pretty hard when they handed the controller over to me, but I beat a segment of Kokoro's story (finally). Kolin started talking about successful ways to slit someone's throat (triggered by me pretending to slit my wrists with a pencil at failing so many times in a row) and I have a pretty low threshhold for graphic disgustingness (ie, lots of blood and gore, or apparently mental anguish, judging from my bad reaction to the end of Requiem for a Dream ;ooo) and I kinda had a bad reaction to that, so i let stu try to fight the round so i could get ahold of myself and stop crying ;o

I don't remember being this sensitive about stuff when I was littler, but that might be explained by perhaps my never having watched such things when I was younger.

anyways, after that, the gears switched to halo 3. which I am just as bad at as I was with halo 2. I did manage to get one kill (in two rounds of 'whoever gets 25 first') I could never get the controls to be like i liked them. I mean obviously I have problems with the standard 'push up to see up, push right to see right' controls, but when I tried the inverse controls, I had up and down fine, but I couldn't figure out why I could never look right when I wanted to, then I realized it didn't switch right and left, just up and down. So that was frustrating. It was almost worse because there were two different logics to the viewing. So yeah, one kill.
(the justification for the down=up right=right is supposedly LOLPILOTS, but if you were pushing levers, the down=up right=left would make sense. I just don't know where I got used to that kind of movement. )

anyways, my parents are going to Boulder today, so if you see a grizzled middle aged lady smoking who looks remarkably like me, don't say hi or anything, 'cause that would be weird and probably not them, but you never know.
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Oh also, can I get some opinions? Please comment on which sprite is more pleasing:

I was trying to screenshot some sprites to replace the hideous ones in eoff's ff5 section and didn't realize that snes9x had a blur filter on, but I kinda like it, but I kinda like the old-school style also. give me some opinions in comments, if you would.

on a completely unrelated subject )

I added my lj to my facebook notes feed, but I am so in the habit of just typing whatever in here about real life, and now that there's a greater chance that rl might see it, I think I might reconsider that decision. It's not like anyone was reading it anyways:]
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I'm trying to think if I've done anything interesting recently, and well I have, but it's not the kind of thing I would journal about (unless you subscribe to the wesfen enquirer) pretty close to getting into a groove with college. I definitely haven't done my homework I should have, but I don't feel like it just yet!

been keeping my laundry and half of the dorm room under control; stu's finally got a power supply so I can stop wasting cell phone minutes on him (unless he forgets to wake up!)

it's crazy how little time it seems like I have now. I dunno. I'm kinda envious of the people with course loads that let them have time to actually do stuff (ie, not engineering). Since I have a 7:30 physics lab, that pretty much just takes up the whole evening's worth of doing stuff on mondays and wednesdays, which sucks. well, it's not like I'd do anything anyways.

I've been reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance again. I'm pretty close to the end (well, more than halfway). It's fabulous.

But yeah, I haven't really done anything of importance. I made a php page yesterday that will convert temperatures between fahrenheit and celcius, though. It's the first coding thing I've done in forever. It took a while because I didn't have the php files I'm using on snowy-day handy and I tried to ftp to them but it kept rejecting my password. I filed a ticket, but never got an e-mail confirmation, which is weird, but it let me ftp later, so I dunno.

I'm still trying to think of something interesting I've done, and it's driving me nuts that I cant think of anything. Did I tell you guys that stu and I beat guitar hero on hard? I had one song left and he had one song left, and I was playing mine and almost got through it, so I handed it to him and he went back to his band and played his song and I was like 'man I can do that too!' so I took the guitar back and played my last song and then went to start failing on expert 8)

I feel like I'm kinda legit at this game now. I mean, most of them are just 3* on hard, but hey, I managed to get through most of them without failing the first time through ;D (most xD) I've had that thing happen where you're doing these crazy out-there up and down arpeggio things (I'm not sure what they are for sure) and your hand just kinda moves the right way sometimes of its own volition and you just nail a passage.

That's the coolest feeling in the world, I think.
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I got second place in the pre-cal math competition today 8) Sadly the state competition is on April 28th, on which date I will be enjoying the presence of one [ profile] uselessrandom.

I guess this might be spoilery as regards ff12. it involves a certain lighthouse of 100 floors )
as for math, the only ones I didn't know how to do were mostly circles (although I figured the important ones out by the other questions) and this weird vector thing. I wasn't aware that i and j were assigned concrete values, so being told to find their exact values added together wa a big mindboggling.

Also, what is the coefficient of x^6y^9 in (x+y)^15? I think I said it was 3003 xD I just kinda circled one because I'd only worked it out to (x+y)^8 by the time they called time because I didn't know how to do it xD

I watched a new part of forrest gump I hadn't seen [in a long time/before]. It's the part when he's actually in vietnam. Usually I pick it up when he's mooning the audience getting his congressional medal of honor. I didn't watch past the part where he and lt. dan are in the floor at the hospital.

It's kinda weird. My dad was almost old enough to be drafted back then, he missed out by about three years. How weird would it be if he was one of the bitter amputees who come back to face people who hated them for going and the realization that going was futile in every way. That would be pretty terrible.
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Someone talk me into or out of asking my parents to get me this as my graduation present.

Another day full of ff12. I'm kinda proud of myself for making it through the necrohol without dying. I was so scared going in there xD And later I was scared because it was three hours and four levels since I had last saved. But I made it! That's pretty much been all I did today, really. Well, and the racing thing at balfonheim. I have 80 something hours on the clock x.x;;;;; this game is so long :(

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

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I hate flans.

If someone has an excellent way to kill off say. . 8? 20? A bunch. of them at once, without them respawning instantly, I would love to hear it.

They are listed as having roughly 2000 hp and are "weak" to fire. I have no way to cast mass-fire damage to 8 flans at once. Do I just run from them as fast as possible?

And I was almost done with the dungeon too, I think! ;_;
lol stu don't read )
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a day's worth of ff12 xD )
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my thoughts on a certain ff12 Hunt beast )

This game is so great.

happy new year guys:D

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I woke up this morning and totally forgot that yesterday happened. I thought yesterday was Sunday.

I have got to finish that fellowships application (==writing a couple of essays) but I DON"T FEEL LIKE IT

I also need to practice for all region, but Ij uts can't make myself do that.

Whatever. I'll get desperate eventually. In the meantime, I'll continue playing ff8 (rinoa is almost level 100; 93 hours on the timer so far!)
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so what if I'm posting twice in a row, shut up all of you!

75% version of something I'm working on; I traced the lineart of This Pic via paths in ps7 (which I am finally getting around to messing with; I mean I pirated it like ;lsafj;asdfjk;asdfk samillion years ago. It's not very good, but I kinda like it anyways.

It's a very infuriating thought to realize just how far behind I am in the CG scene. I could've been doing this five years ago! well, not with my tablet but I could've been doing that two years ago! So late! so slow! So :(((((((

It's neat to have stuff that I can post up though; for so long I didn't have any sort of creative work coming out; I blame stu! Also I blame AP art class; it was a struggle to get enough stuff for that, and then I go and get a 2 in it xD

oh man I take the SAT next saturday. WHICH is the morning after our last home game, WHICH is senior night. Man I am going to fail at that. I'll get like a 1400 :( (sat2)

Also, I need to learn to draw better. There's nothing for it but to buckle down and do it, but that's boring! and takes a long time! I don't have enough time as it is! Maybe I should get another sketch book (the one i have would be weird to draw in again)

I have been playing ff8 like a fiend. I've got almost all the cards now (I'm missing the one above Jumbo Cactuar, Siren, Phoenix (but I'm in esthar on my way to get it), and it seems like maybe one other? I forget. Where on earth do you get siren? I'm too lazy to look it up. I bet it's one of teh CC quest dudes isn't it >:[
Squall's about halfway on his quest to level 100, everyone else is still 15 or less. His stats are looking very nice so far. I'm looking forward to trying Omega without Defend or invincibility.

Stu's mom sends me more email than he does :(

umumum I was going to say something else, but stu's going ot bed, and I'm gonna go play ff8, so~~~~~~~~~~
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A coloring book page for you guys to color!

Starring Kishi!

This is what Pssy made of it:
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so we were playing strip chess last night and. . . )
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One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster )

When I was little, I used to play with our chessboard, except I didn't know how to play. I remember knowing the names of the pieces and asking my brother if he wanted to use them to play 'Friends' with me.

Isn't that adorable?

I used to set the pieces up in rows and pretend it was something like a king and queen walking through their gardens with their courtiers.

And in reality it's a desperate battle scene. Those kids. Always tearing up the ground out in the garden right after you tend to the flowers.

Also, I sorta want to do a podcast type thing. Is anyone else even remotely interested?
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my dad and I played an amazing game of stock market this evening.

I'm sure stu was disappointed, because that's time i made him go sleep and not talk to me, but he'll have other evenings which won't be school nights we can do that.

for some reason, this game got crazily high dollar. usually the goal is to 'break the bank' or get $100,000.

At the end, we were keeping up with shares and dollars on paper, and had net worths of 2.6million and 5.4 million (dad and myself respectively)

I had bought several hundred shares in maytag (as in the washer) and was about to roll.

"man if I could get a twelve, that would be perfect!"
"haha, you know the odds for rolling a twelve, that's like being a prospector (in reference to the jobs you can use to earn cash at the beginning or if you go broke. You get $400 for rolling 2 or 12, compare to $300 for 3 or 11 or $200 for 4 or 10 or $100 for 5 or 9)"
"*tries to mentally calculate odds and just rolls*"


"oh my gosh!"
"oh no you just didn't!"


I had landed on the opening square for the maytag stock holders meeting. you can easily double, or quadruple the number of shares you had. my next roll was a snake eyes, the other outrageous low-odds roll for prospecting, and I ended up with many many shares ^_^

it was so great.
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This like this make me sad on the inside.

Also, day later, I am klutz.

I spilled so many things today at work xD it was hilarious xD

I went to bed at 5am this morning and got up at 2. It was so deliciously summeryfeeling. 90 degrees outside with the airconditioning on and the blinds drawn most of the way.

Summer is a Solid look. I'm not sure why, but our back patio, a uniform beige concrete color looked like the epitome of summer. No shadows on it (maybe that's what, the sun is far north so there's no shadows on it?)

But anyways.

Playing ff5 again. It's love. hard wet and true.
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I made up a theme song for richard while takinga shower this evening.

it's got a new beat to it too )

I should work out the notes on the piano. The words are silly and crappy, but that's the only way I can remember how the song goes, and I don't wanna lose that.

I feel like making up a scorecard again. I was looking at my list of tags and saw the old ABC (which is outdated now, but still cute).

Any suggestions on whowhat I could keep up with this time?

zomp, my dad found this 'smell-um' thing in the newspaper, and it's DKNY Be Delicious for women or something. . . and ZOMP it smells so good, and I want some, and I told dad to get me some for christmas, but it's like fifty bucks for two ounces or something :(((
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Semagic, I'm already ticked at you not remembering my window setting when I close you. Don't make this any worse.

Anyways. Did a lot of nothing today. Need to take legos to skewl. Hmm.

Played Princess Maker 2 again tonight. Finished it and actually got to see the ending.

I played it as shannon and ironically she came out as a fortune teller who married a wizard.

Honest govnah, I never gave her a single magic class until she like turned 15! And then some how she came out working at the graveyard the most. But I built her constitution up by making her work the hard jobs-- farmer, lumberjack (rsl, she had your birthday!), then mason. so she had a ton of hp everytime she had to fight. She only won half the time because she had crap morale xD

She won for her Art and her Cooking, beat a demon in the graveyard a couple of times.

But her patron diety, the Moon, said I had only done a passable job;_;


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