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click this, vote for me

There is a contest to win a reading part in the American Gods 10th anniversary audio book, and it's an amazing book, and I've kinda gotten myself excited about this, so if you would, please <3 You can vote once per day, and I know it's LAME when people whore this stuff, but it's just for a few weeks ;D
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When I went to Florida a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't find any particularly spectacular shells but it occurred to me that a lot of little cute ones would make a nice necklace, so I set myself the task of making one.

The initial design. I swapped the order of the very tiny and the second from the outside large shells for increased symmetry and gave up on the black shells on the right side; they're simply too thick. I can't even get a dent in them. They've been replaced with white/orange shells which are more cohesive color-wise if a little too large.

The small shells are mostly chosen for their beautiful purple interiors. They won't be visible worn, but I'll know how purple they are :)

I did some google searching, and it turns out that seashells are notorious for being difficult to work with. Luckily, I had plenty of extras to practice on. I've only broken two so far though, so! (and had suitable replacements for those!)

I took a pin with a broad head and a panelling nail and started off by digging the nail into a suitable spot on the inside of the shell. Working from the inside makes sense because then you can support the outside of the shell (the convex side) with your fingers, spreading out all the pressure to prevent fracture. Once a dent had been made in the shell, I would switch over to the pin and basically just bear down on that until I could hear the shell begin to break. The pin makes a hole about 1/30" in diameter. Some of the shells had holes already in them, and those are about 3/60".

The only one I broke (my dad broke the other trying to use a drill on it) was because I had just been trying to puncture a particularly thick one (which was why my dad tried to drill it), and forgot how little force was necessary on the smaller ones.

I would estimate it takes about 15 minutes for the more difficult ones, and as little as one minute for the easy ones. Some of the mother-of-pearl looking pieces were very easy to pierce.

I haven't quite decided how to arrange them on a necklace, but my plan right now is to make little clasps out of copper wire and then tie those to fishing line. I might switch to an all-copper get up though. originally, I was going to use all fishing line, but the copper was too tempting <3

picccccctures~ )

I hope it turns out well! I've been afraid to start working on it the last two weeks, and it took the looming hulk of a test tomorrow to get me eager enough to procrastinate to just start.
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well, do you?!

go join join join and post post post and write write write.

(here's looking at you, jackie, carabit, claudiall, fairsmithchild, etc)
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Who has a twitter? (besides rebek and bleys) plz comment plz. Its search function is incredibly broken.
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There's a delightfully violent thunderstorm tonight, so while I'm nestled in my dorm reading poetry, there is no fear of tornados coming inside.

I want to talk about food for a little bit, now.

This semester, i have been doing my darndest to eat a helping of vegetables every day, compared to not so often. This means I've eaten a lot of green beans, stir fry, carrots, and "capri boiled veggies". I'm not too big on brussel sprouts (gag) or cauliflower (gag gag), but I can handle broccoli if it's slathered in nice tasty asia sauce.

It has made my eating experience a little more interesting, I will admit.

Continuing on with food, Stu and I went on an epic bike ride this week-end, and we stopped by a little hole in the wall I have been dying to visit since last year. For whatever reason, we'd never been to Wes's BBQ, so I took the chance to incite stu to stop for lunch as we rode up on it.

It was *wonderful*. Maybe it was the exercize, but I really utterly enjoyed this meal. Even the bun was perfect: tingly toasty on the bottom, but still soft and bready on top.

As for dorm time, I have my tea boiler here and have made several cups of tea so far. The only hard part is waiting for it to cool, really.
I ate some red grapes today, and they were wonderful. I'm never getting dark or green grapes again. EVER.
And now, I'm eating pumpkin seeds, and they are very nice too.

Anyways, that's all about food. Now, I will ask you, if you generally read these posts via friend's pages, to see my current lj layout if only because it's the first time I've ever customized a livejournal, and I'm pretty excited about having done so.
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For my part, I found this to be an excellent compilation of all the research I have done over years, and a lot more intelligently also! (since I am not an anatomist or a premed or anything, all I can do is say 'lol it's kinda white and sticky today' and not 'lol hey this hormone must be increasing).

You can comment with 'OMG SO GROSS WHY DID YOU LINK THIS' so I'll just go ahead and answer this now; I have been wanting something like this for years.
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you can read some of what I've done at WILT

anyways, yeah, france is really humid and rainy. I can't get my hair to feel clean xD Or my skin xD or my teeth :O

my homework for tonight is to learn to say a tongue twister really fast. My homework for tuesday is to write an article based off some notes on sugar and eating healthy.

I wonder how much I weigh now. it's weird not having eaten so much junk food.
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I read all of it (well mostly)

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Someone send (mail rapidshare dcc whatev) You Were Meant For Me by Jewel to me plz :(
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What's the good in being smart and talented and pretty and funny when most people don't care one thing about it?

Oh, people, if you ever read or used to read HP fanfic, please recommend some stuff, thank you!
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This is where you tell me what your favorite books are.

for the record )

so yeah, bukz.
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We should memorize stuff for English class more often!

Featuring Allie in her beatnik getup, with mood lighting and appropriate dynamics (you'll have to turn your speakers up probably xD)

Hamlet's soliloquy from Act 2 Scene 2 (I think. it's somewhere in there!)
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Am I hot or am I not?

(I recorded that on sunday; it's raining viciously today. It took me that long to figure out iMovie wanted me to update Quicktime before I could save it as a movie)
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hahaa rounded edges rounded edges rounded edges rounded edges~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh man, I want to whore out snowy-day as long and as hard as she'll stand up to.

base by anlina

I love her hair. Really.

I got stu's box of presents today and only opened the ones with the birthday wrapping like a good girlfriend, and the first one I opened was a stuffed moogle <333333333

There's also Pupu and a shirt and jacket thing. I wasn't too het up on them, but stu and dad both said they looked nice.

I got my christmas stuff mailed off today; I could've sworn the post office lady didn't ring up the EoFF christmas cards going to the US. I gave her the international stack first, then canada, then she did us, and it gave her an error, and she punched in 2442 which freaked me out but she promised it wasn't the cost, but then I never saw her ring up the us stamps? It was like 10 dollars after the rest of the world, and then stu's box was like $9 and it was just 20.93 all together. How do 8 or 10 $.39 stamps come out to less than a couple of dollars? I had it figured out to be $16.70ish for the stamps alone for all of them. Well, whatever.

Christmas concert tomorrow.

Oh! speaking of christmas, Andrea and I decided in math that we needed to get mr. cato a little popcap gun so he can shoot at his students at school xD She suggested a watergun, but I thought this might be less dangerous for us.

I might get in trouble for bringing it to school, I might have to bring it and tell him to open it at home or something.

oh! there was a shooting in town yesterday someone said:O and in Glen Rose (down towards central Arkansas I think) some kids got arrested for having a hit list or something :o freaky teen violence ;.;

and when I went to the game tonight to sell stuff at the basketball game, there was a highway patrol car with his lights on sitting on the side of the road next to a van. I have no clue what was up with that.
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I should look at my friends' sites more often.
Aex's is super cute what with his little blogs on how to do stuff and google ads and his ideas on IRC policies.

jason, is that hte one you were showing me when you were bothering me about colors?
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Foa gave me V, for VD

Things I like that are V

Vincent Van Gogh (do I get bonus points?)
Veronica Lodge
Verve Pipe


I calculated tonight that if I wanted to clean out my EoFF PM folder, getting rid of all the duplicate PMs, assuming that RSL and Stu made up 95% of my PMs, and they averaged 30 PMs per final message, I would have to delete like 6890 PMs, not counting the ones in my inbox. I have 15400 odd PMs right now i think. I did have 15700 the other day before I started deleting. Oh gosh man.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow after raining all day. I sure hope so, I really don't want to march the Christmas parade. Also I like snow a bunch (check out my site, it's called LOL!)


Oct. 27th, 2006 11:21 am
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zomp lol
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Do any discworld fans still read this?

If so, please click
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This is awesome

Apparently my great great etc grandpa was in the Confederate army and in a Union POW camp for a while. I wonder if I can get money for that fact.

Hmm. The county fair is on, I'm not sure if I'm going, we have a football game tomorrow night (go apaches!), my boyfriend is going to be here in less than a month(28 daydsgl;ahds;gl :D), and ice is great for eating.
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These pages all take forever to load (kishi said something about 180mb) but the pictures on some of them are awesome ;o

oh, I guess I probably could've combined some of these half a dozen posts from today, but whatever :p


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