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is dirty old food.

There's just something about slimy smelly food touching my skin, even though my skin is largely waterproof and impermeable, that I just can't stand. I mean, there's a little bit of that with dirty clothes, but I don't spasm when a wet sock refuses to let go of my hand.

I've always been pretty finicky about things sticking to my hand. I don't like to put my hands in wet dirt, dishwater, etc. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

You'd think as reluctant as I am to perform hand washing, I couldnt' possibly feel the same way about dead skin cells, but I do. I picked up a nervous tick in middle school where I would rub my hands to get the excess trash off.

Yes, I know it's much simpler to just wash, but it's a little "this is a waste of time and resources" and a little "anti-biotic soap is such a waste" and a little "DON"T WANNA MAMMA".

Anyway, as you can imagine, this has made it kinda difficult for me to do composting. I have a little bowl I put small vegetable mass in for a while so it will build up and I can dump it all at once. Hopefully it will also dry out a little in this time, to make it less disgusting. Then a few times a month, I go out on the back step with my old cat litter jug and carefully dump as much biomass as will easily go into the jug. Then, very gingerly, I pick up the pieces that didn't make it, trying to touch the least-squishy parts, all the while thinking 'ew, ew, ew, ew, ew' and holding my breath.

Stu and I had an arrangement: I'd wash the clothes and he'd run the dishwasher. Laundry's a bore, but goddamn it's not disgusting.
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So, the seal on the front door is really shitty. Like, it's closed and I can see a speck of daylight down at the bottom, and I'm sitting on the couch.

Anyways, since the outside light keeps going out (we got these notices on the door saying DO NOT MESS WITH THE LIGHTS THEY ARE LANDLORD PROPERTY WE PAY ELECTRIC and of course, it stopped working immediately after that), if we have the living room light on at night, bugs are attracted to it, I guess. Or they sense the draft or something.

Anyways, at the beginning of summer, I'd see the occasional big spider. I decided to just let them go because they weren't going to do anything to me. They were definitely terrified of me.

Then, for the rest of the summer, there were these beetles. My hopes that the spider population would feast on the beetle plague were unfounded. In fact, I haven't seen any more big spiders, just tiny ones. (which I squish. They're not big enough to kill anything!) But I have to sweep out the bathroom and the front door area because for some reason, beetles only like to die on tile surfaces. They refuse to die on the carpet (which is pretty convenient).

And one night, particularly disturbing, I heard a clicking sound from the kitchen. I was in here by myself, and nothing was running. I decide it's my imagination, or next door, etc.

Next day, I'm smashing coke cans to recycle, and BAM, this guy shows up, making the same clicking/buzzing sound

I mildly freak out, never seen anything like this before, run it under the faucet to wash the bug back into the can, it tries to crawl out, so I smash it with something, then crunch the can xD

Anyways, right now, it's crickets. There are freaking crickets everywhere. Stu always has to kill a couple before he takes a shower, so there are many corpses behind the bathroom scales, in the corner behind the door, etc. There are many corpses by the front door, as well.

Needless to say, I'm kinda interested to see if any others make it before frost.

And I want to get that freaking gap sealed before it turns freezing cold.
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I swear, they know just how to get me aggravated in the worst way (sorry foa).


Yes, I realize most children butt heads with their parents as they grow up, but it seems like mine are particularly worthless at planning vacations. Going to florida with them was a huge headache
(ask stu)
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If I did not have Materials homework, I would be studying for my Statics quiz tomorrow.

If I did not have a Statics quiz tomorrow, I would be doing my cal homework before Drill tomorrow.

If I did not have drill tomorrow, I would be studying for the statics make-up quizzes tomorrow.

If I didn't have a statics make-up quiz on tomorrow, I'd be working linear algebra matrix problems and doing the take home quiz for monday.

If I didn't have the take home quiz for linear, I would be studying for the linear test on monday.

if I didn't have have a linear test on monday, i would be studying for my statics quiz on tuesday.

If I didn't have a statics quiz on Tuesday, I would be studying for the cal test on wednesday.

If I didn't have a cal test on wednesday, I would be doing my materials homework. due thursday.

Can you see how this is going?
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Because then I could take my laptop into the bathroom with impunity.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH I hate statics :( It requires this basis in math which is pretty much "hey, remember everything you did in highschool algebra, geometry, and trig? And remember everything you skipped? Also all of that calculus too. You need that".

It's so frustrating!
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My dream this morning had dateline doing a special on african boys who'd never driven a car before, so a lot of people drove cars down to PHS(including me) and then while waiting for the chance to leave, I ran into my PHS friends.

It was kinda strange. Nina, a girl a couple of years older than us was leaving town to study architecture. She was going to rent an apartment in the same house as a really nice man, the only issue my friends' eyes turned wide at was that he was sharing *his* room with his boyfriend.

Nina left and everyone started gossipping. I heard Hannah in particular, and she just started to piss me off, so when we left the building we were standing in, I just kinda yelled 'what the hell is wrong with you guys. You shouldn't care what gender or sexual orientation the guy is. It's none of your business.' etcetc except I was more articulate in the dream (strange). And they just kinda ignored me, so I went back to my car and started leaving the school's back parking lot, and that's when I realized it was Dateline there, because someone was like 'hey if you don't want to be on tape, then go left. They're taping off to the right'

Well I'm a camera whore, so I set off to the right. They gave us headsets so we could listen to the broadcast in progress.

dragcave now has a 'we have detected you might be using an adblocker, that's not nice!' at the top of every page in boldface. Ugggggggggggh. It's not your business what I do in my browser. Buzz off. If you weren't a behavior whore or shitfaced 18 year old, I might GIVE you money, but oh wait, you have a big obtrusive button for that too.

I really want an iPod. And these moccasins I saw at payless.  )

I even decided what I would get engraved on the back of my iPod.
Regardez toujours les Ă©toiles.

Someone broke google translate really badly. Or maybe this is a Flowers for Algernon moment and it only looks broken because I have transcended its previous ability.
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Warning: Descriptons must be appropriate, and contain English only. Any descriptions found to violate these rules (E.G. descriptions containing swears, descriptions in other languages, or descriptions containing HTML/bbCode) will result in that dragon's death, and possibly the burning of your scroll.
Note: Descriptions require approval before they are displayed.

To ensure that your description is accepted, please read the Description Guidelines before giving your dragon a description.
Description Status: Awaiting Moderation
"Hilarion is named for an Adept from Andre Norton's Witch World series. This Hilarion enjoys lying belly-flat on a cumulonimbus cloud to watch mortals flee from the driving rains. Perhaps, just perhaps, if you stayed to relish her watery gift she would enjoy your company . . . Just don't call her Hilary."
User Comments
* Reject: F - Wrong setting

Description Status: Awaiting Moderation
"Dahaun is named for the Lady of the Green Silences from Andre Norton's Witch World series. This Dahaun has burrowed over an aquifer where she has used her vines to net and trap several species of blind fishes from the Abyssal depths of a far-off Sea. These fishes were carried inland through underground currents many centuries before and only the hardiest survived the change to fresh water. The stock is growing rather low, so Dahaun merely munches pensively on a specimen every fifty years or so, as a private treat. However, she remains confident another flood will renew her stock before too long."
User Comments
* Accept: 'fishes' should be 'fish' on both occasions.
* Reject: reference to an actual book
* Accept: Excellent
* Reject: F -Incorrect setting- Modern referencesf

Description Status: Awaiting Moderation
"Kaththea is named for a Sorceress in Andre Norton's Witch World series. This Kaththea has no witchly abilities whatsoever, but her companions do say her ability to arrange flowers is almost magical in itself. She spends time noting the effect of different herbs on her friends, and stacks "bouquets" in her corner of the Cave accordingly."

User Comments
* Abstain: Without this phrase (in Andre Norton's Witch World series), I like it.
* Reject: reference to an actual book
* Reject: F -Incorrect setting- Modern references

And on the "Description Guidelines":
Please note that descriptions do not have to be in-depth. The following is a perfectly acceptable description:
"Fromage, as a Cheese Dragon, was named after the French word for "Cheese." He is very paranoid and constantly fears that T.J.'s other dragons are plotting to eat him when he's not looking."

I can only hope the actual moderators are not so ridiculous.

I really need to stop doing anything with this site that has to do whatsoever with trying to interact with the insipid people who frequent it. This is getting pretty ridiculous! I mean people think EoFF has it bad with people having their heads up their asses, but that is some sort of miniscule fraction of this headupassery, I hope! I mean sheesh.
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How come people still don't believe that this is a problem that they can help with?

In class today (in french), we read this little article about the looming famines for the world due to overpopulation, stealing crops to make ethanol and biodiesel, inept husbandry, and storm destructions, and we were asked to come up with ideas on how to stave it off, or stave off the fuel crisis.

Some of them were (in english):
limit the number of births worldwide
set gas prices (we talked in american government why this was a bad idea!)
unify the african countries
SUV ban

mine was 'limit consumption of food'. Even today, I tossed away some pizza crusts that had plenty of calories and starches in them. (and I regret it because I'm starving now) Almost every day at the house I toss something like cantaloup hull (fertilizer), rice/pasta (rice, pasta), meat bones (soup stock), plastics (recyclable, made of crude oil), or any chose like that.

It's not a ton, but I am one person out of 350 million fat greedy guzzlin' americans. (we had a nice exposure to our stereotype today, M. Chokri was surprised that we didn't eat hamburgers every day, but also surprised that some of our families had five cars). My 10 grains of rice multiplied by the population of Arkansas is 20 million grains of rice. How many words on is that?

There is consumption of everything that is the matter. Wal*Mart puts a ridiculous amount of packaging on products (also other stores. When you buy a USB key, there's easily more plastic on the package than there is making up the thumbdrive)

The printouts we have in class are a huge use of paper. There's about two dozens sheets of A4 lying on the floor right now that I've gotten from class. When are we getting our flexible paper screens ;.; that would be a good use of our packaging plastic!

There's a big cardboard box from last week's pizza that I'm probably just going to toss in the trash because I don't know if my host family is interested in recycling cardboard.

And of course, wastes of gas. My car, which is formidable in terms of mileage in america, is at the low end here in europe. It still compares, but is nothing to brag about. (my car gets about 33mpg or 7.12 L/100KM where m. chokri said his VW ranged from about 5-7 l/100km. btw europeans, that's a really weird way to have a unitxD I don't think physics will let you move a car without using any initial force, but you could concievably roll forever once you got started, so taking the limit of each of the units means mpg is superior notation 8) or something)

Continued )

lol tmi

Mar. 4th, 2007 11:09 am
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So, why does photoshop use a ridiculously difficult to access keystroke for multiple undos for macs.

I mean it's the same keystroke, logically, as it would be on windows, but did they forget that the cmd key is on the opposite side as control? You have to warp your fingers in disturbing ways to hit cmd alt z, whereas I got used to ctrl alt z pretty easily.

I mean I noticed this back when I first tried out the cs3 beta but i just tried to undo again and got irritated with it all over again.
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I am going to snap. I am going to freaking snap.

This looks like it's going to be the worst birthday in a long time.

Why can't I be one of those vandals where I could take out my frustration and my rage on material things; cars, buildings, people.

No, I'm too scared of my anger to let it do anything, so I hold it inside me, clench my steering wheel and cry.

I am so freaking sick of this. People should not have to live like this for months. When is it going to be over.
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I was just looking through pix

(generation loud was tonight-- pretty fun, not as big a turnout as expected, but whatchugonnado?. now I'm tired xD)

and I saw this
Apparently I live on mt. everest. )
and now I'm really sleepy, even though it's like not even 11 and I would omly be thinking about going to bed now on a schoolnight but because of that I'm low of sleep anyways and should take any chance I have to restock.

ap language class is meeting at cracker barrel for breakfast on testin' day (monday) but I'm not going to.

1) cracker barrel is rather expensive
2) I find it difficult to fully enjoy a breakfast that isn't my dad's
3) they want to be there at 6:30AM
4) I generally wake up at 7:10 to get to school.

Then I'm going to skip a LOL WE WENT TO LONDUN 2GETHER A MONTH AGO!!!!! pix party. I could barely stand most of them after a week. I do not speak with katiebrookeangel in the hallways, and I do my darned best to not see them (which is difficult as brooke's bf's locker is about two away from mine (he is such an idiot. if she thinks he's hot, I definitely don't need to approve of her) and they are stuck up each other's butts, to use a phrase the athletes @ skewl do)

There is no way I'm going to spend however friggin' long in their company, paying to do so for some crappy greasy pizza when I could be doing something INTERESTING.

Am I bitter? Maybe. As far as I'm concerned, Riley hasn't stopped being cold to me since the trip. I freely assign blame to them in my mind.

anyways. This song is definitely worth being on UP (utter perfection, the quintessential playlist)

That leads me to a question all of a sudden.

If you were to recommend one (1) song to me that you believe would be the most worth of being on UP, do that in a comment.
(plz try to read comments to not use the same one as someone else. You can say you agree with them, but if you comment you have to pick something different xD)
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I'm 60% LiveJournal!

Maybe starting to get into it a bit too much.
Either that, or your life's really interesting.

The LiveJournal Quiz

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

Hello, Kids. Welcome to "Junior Paper Hour" with Allie.

Today's lesson is on open source software and why it is so much better than that silly stuff you paid $350 for.

Take a certain well-known free word processing suite. Today I saved a one page file, with all the proper formatting I needed for it and it was about 6.4 kb in size.

Well, a "friend" of mine, for some reason, does not have that program installed. Is that a problem? No way! I use the handy Save As: function to save it as another popular, but costly program's filetype.

The size? It was now 11kb.

Still with the proper formatting. The text became a big hyperlink for some reason, but I wasn't complaining.

Then I decided to paste the original file directly into that costly word processor and see if it was any better than the imitation filetype.

The formatting went to hell.

I spent five minutes getting the spacing to stop adding an extra space between paragraphs, and then I had to fight with hanging indents, which had to be manually reset every single time, rather than just once, or just adding a tab where I wanted it. No, when I did that, it added a tab for every single line in the paragraph, above and below.

Eventually I beat it down to how it was before.

Saved it.

A whopping 24.6 kb.

Now children, I had noticed open source software saving files in less space in the native format of their commercial competitor (Hello, graphics editing programs!), but to find out that it seemed to be common in the industry, that was a little mind blowing.

That's all for today, Kids. I hope you all learned something very valuable from this.
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Mrs. garza told me I should really try to improve my handwriting for the AP tests ;-;

Perhaps I should make a key that says 'this squiggly thing is a T, those indescriminate humps are ns, and man, I don't know what that is, but it's pretty unique, wouldn't you say?'

I have been discriminated against my entire life for my handwriting;_; I have worked hard for years to get it to the point of beauty that it is now; why just in the last week I've discovered I've taken to writing bs a new way that saves time. And in 7th grade I worked hard to get my letters with descenders (y and g particularly) to be beautiful and open at the bottom (like in writing Mexico City)

My letters *are* distinguishable from one another, it's just people don't know what to expect to distinguish between:(

Maybe I should just start writing in print.
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my mother irritates me more these days than she used to.

When I was little, and she had gone on disability for her back injuries, I had wanted to protect her, as all little kids should.

They never mentioned that she had underlying mental disorders. I saw 'unipolar disorder' on her medic alert bracelet, but never really knew what it was.

She would be active one day and have to lie in bed all the next day; I thought that was solely caused by her back hurting after she had overdone it.

Really, even after going to visit her in Bridgeway on two different occasions, the fact that she was crazy never really stuck me until she went to college for a semester or two and wrote a paper she had me read about her entire ordeal.

And I don't know, but since then, my dad has become my more favored parent; this may be because I have some underlying bias against insane people.

Or perhaps it's because she keeps herself in the mindset of a small child.

I'm not saying she thinks or functions on such a level; She has been beset with grandchildren for six years now (though none of them are six years old) so that's obviously a factor, playing Grammie to them. (but dad is JimPa and doesn't have the same affliction)

But when she bounces into the living room of a mornin', and makes a big play of finding her 'bankie' a la Baby-Bop from Barney. (you all remember that, right?)

The only audience is her, myself, and dad. no children. and this irritates me to no end.

It feels like she doesn't want to treat me as anything besides a *little* kid (because once you turn five, barney is "stupid")

This is further illustrated in her attempts to clean up after me. Now, it's not entirely mature of me to disregard the mess on the living room table, but if she would ask me to clean it up, I would do so. I had started Sunday morning in tidying up some.

I had also placed three items that I needed to remember to bring to school in close proximity to the couch I habitually inhabit on school mornings.

This morning only one of them was present, the ACT registration form.

The second, a library book I barely spotted before leaving, as it was under two other books she had started 'tidying'.

I never saw the third until this afternoon, therefore I did not remember it, a video of Blast!, until third hour when band crossed my thoughts and I recalled that I had intended on returning the video today.

Good intentions and good housekeeping do not mesh.

At its most basic, this is a violation of my "stuff". It would be akin to her coming and clearing off my dad's desk in this room, where he keeps his business's paperwork. And then perhaps he would forget to inquire about that bill Mr. Burger hasn't paid, or forget about the balance he owes on some parts. And then where would he be?

I had to tell her not to throw any of the paperstuffs away before I left this morning. I could feel that she would like nothing better than to dump all that 'clutter' into the closest trash can. She may have anyways. Sometimes I do make notes on the bulletins they give us at church; even though most of them I transport to this room, the den, for safer keeping, perhaps I circled the name of a hymn that i liked and wanted to remember in future. (if she had thrown away my thoughts on the angelicness of Lowell then I would've been quite ticked off, same for if she threw away that envelop that baylor sent me, which has my most secret tic-tac-toe strategies on it)

Anyways, "why are you telling us this stuff, allie? We are not your mother!"


But any time I try to tell this to her, she withers and protests.

If I suggest that she should leave my stuff alone, she acts like I'm accusing her. And perhaps I am, although I try to be as level toned as possible whenever I say anything.

But she refuses to let herself listen. I don't know if that's some delicate condition she's worked herself into in the last 35 years, but still.

It's aggravating.
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A rant.

Guys, browsers are *web browsers*

They are not image manipulation programs. Despite what programmers may want to plug into them, the fact remains that firefox HATES resizing images on the fly.

Plz don't do it then. Just friggin' make THUMBNAILS.

You do not save bandwidth by forcing an image to display at a fraction of its size, but you do cause my RAM usage to leap through the roof.

Thank you.

(I finally realized that #eoffstats page was so slow about loading because of THOUSANDS OF RESIZED IMAGES. It makes me ;_; )
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man oh man.
I love this game. Hover! from windows 95 era!

I'm pwnzing it up at level 11 currently, 364,250 points ^_^

and now I just realized that all those pictures I had color balanced so nicely then resaved have some AWFUL artifacts in them.
So now I get to recolorbalance them all. again.
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Good GRIEF. some people make me annoyed.

and if you couldn't assume, it's more of the "OMG TOOLSHADING IS CHEATING!!11' people.

that ticks me off wonderfully.

I really really really DO want to have a 'PIXEL SHADE *THIS*' thinger.

(and to be PC there could be one in reverse.)
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Hmm. Another tuesday and amy didn't come for her ride home. Instead, she was sitting in Roy's truck, and when his sister got there they left.

It seems that this is the third week in a row, and tisha noticed it last week.

Definitely going to be having some words with tish about this.

Amy, you dork. -_-
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Why do people think that they can take your Prismacolor markers you got for Christmas and only use for special occaisions or markerintensive assignments and WRITE ON THEIR HANDS with them?

That ticks me off so much. I'm doing this stupid poster for French, and I had it with me in band trying to color, and Jessica kept trying to take the markers and color on it with them, and took some to write on whitney's hand with, and when we were playing song without words (which no one else in percussion plays in) cassandra had teh friggin' black one drawing a little butterfly on her arm. Then later she had the nerve to ask to borrow one to write on her folder.

WTP? I want to say that these markers are worth more than every one of their worthless hides, but they aren't really, and they're not always worthless (but dang it's close)

This was after they stole my chairs. I always set one with my stuff under it and my jacket on it, and Jessica decided to sit in it (I don't like her. She knows this, but I'm not sure if she knows it's because SHE ACTS LIKE THIS) so I decided to play it cool and went to get another one, then cassandra was sitting in it-_-

Geeze freshmen. Grow up some.

And learn to ask first.


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