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because god, it depresses me the fuck out!

So sitting in econ today, learning about why Keynesianism is not the way, and quietly calculating the bias of the newspapers we read for class and my professor, I had some ideas.


===) Is the Federal Reserve more of an independent agency, or are they a sock puppet the Congress and presidency can point to in times of high interest rates and say "Blame the Chair"? Perhaps it was just the way it was alluded to in class today, but the latter seems to be the case! or possible, at least.

===) economists have hearkened to the idea of mixing up different schools of thought, right? To avoid that "too much of a bad thing", and to use whichever tool makes the most sense at the time, then stepping back when it rights itself?

===) if temporary measures are less effective and instill less strong feelings in the constituents, let's have a short term tax increase. "it's only one year" on the back of bail outs etc shouldn't stymie the economy too much? (IANAE)

My ideal government/country would (and be able to) stop getting into land wars in Asia, use diplomacy instead, focus on infrastructure upgrades that will last X years, eliminate manual manufacturing jobs as the unskilled masses begin to retire, and switch to automated systems, but more of them (the private sector, not the govt xD), instill a healthier form of nationalism of the type of "hey, we're not so bad. Let's fix this economic mess" rather than "OH SHIT CHINA IRAQIS FARINERS@!!! WE HAVE TO HAVE BIGGER TRUCKS AND BIGGER BOMBS THAN THEY".

*drifts off, as in a dream*

national debt, unemployment, low interest rates, resistance to socialization. So so dismal. Dreary. I want to fix everything we learn about in class, but the whole thing is so huge.

(I was pretty pissed off at one of the articles we read today. It tried, pretty dishonestly, I believe, to compare the US's debt to the debt of one person. If you're going to go for scare stats, at least compare it to the debt of 300 million people. Our population, you know? We're all in this together. That's what the democratic part of representative democracy is for :|)


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