Jun. 9th, 2010 11:22 pm
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I'm all moved into my apartment-- my roommate is super awesome. It's so weird to finally live with another girl who I can really hang out with.

Atlanta is so daunting-- I haven't really gotten out of the little Tech circle in the middle, but my days have been full enough.

I think I'll hit the lab about 9:30 or 10, lunch at 12, and go home sometime 5 or 5:30ish. That seems to be approximately my labmates' schedules (they're really cool, too. Nerdy and funny xD)

everything is so expensive here xD it's so dumb. 20oz cokes are $1.50 in vending machines :p the dorm cafeteria dinners are almost $10, and while they don't actively prohibit you from removing food from them like the UofA did, they don't encourage it either. (although they do seem to encourage you to take a drink with you! it is pretty cool. they even have a slushie machine in there xD) The whole thing was about on par with the NW Quads (that's mostly for stu's benefit), especially with the decentralized layout and the "fancy" foods, but some of it was pretty Brough-like. I found it interesting that they posted the nutritional info for everything.

They don't have so extensive of a campus bus system as Arkansas does, partly because campus is very closely packed, and partly because Atlanta has its own mass transit service.

and ummmm, I'l'l talk about the robot, if anyone's interested!
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The question, do we have souls

if yes, what are they. How are they, where are they, et.c.

If no, how do we develop personality? Nurture?

(is it determinism that states all this stuff goes back to electrochemical reactions in the brain? and if we knew it well enough and had big enough excel sheets we could predict and calculate reactions?)

I mean hell, we can't even figure out fluid mechanics. A little pipe is more complex than we can calculate precisely. All that stuff is done with experimental data lumped into terribly complex formulæ that are roughly more useful than not. It'll be a while before we can calculate thoughts. Although, hopefully, then I will be able to record my dreams. I've dreamt of doing that for years now.

But anyway, if we do not have souls, and have no overlying morality to accompany our actions, I see no reason why I shouldn't become some sort of bureaucrat or entrepreneur, taking advantage of anything and anyone.

Sure that'll turn a lot of people off, but there's plenty of others who can be bought with all the wealth I would accumulate.

Anyway, that seems at direct odds to my dream of teaching every kid in the states to love math and science.

I have a research prospect lined up in Atlanta for the summer. I'm super excited. I just have to figure out the logistics of 1) what do I do with my stuff in Fayetteville for three months? and 2) can I take Lola? she's looking at me as I type this, the poor darling. She's so adorable <3

It's completely ridiculous, but my hardest class has this assignment (broken up into pieces) to design a shaft for an old-model car engine (godddddddddddddddd I don't want to think about if it were modern and a V-6 instead of inline. FORCES GOING EVERY DIRECTION!!!! so many sines)

anyway, for tomorrow, we're supposed to (in groups) determine the forces and find the bearing reactions for the bearings holding the shaft the six cylinders are attached to up. The regular groups have two bearings. We have five.

A system of two linear equations is cool. We've been solving those for years. Even through 720° of crank rotation (it takes two circles to make one cycle) divided by 5° increments, that's okay, really.

However, just getting five sets of these damn equations to fit on one spreadsheet was a task of epic proportions. You have to use a different equation for each cylinder depending on what side of which bearing you're currently working with it lies, and you have to do that for all six cylinders and all five bearings. I think I got out to column AO or something.

That still just took half an hour. Once I had the equations in the cells, it was mostly copy, paste, fix whatever cells didn't change but should have or did change and shouldn't've, etc. That got me all the coefficients for the constant terms. The tricky part will be actually solving the system of equations, but hopefully someone else on my team will be able to do that in time tomorrow.

I just wanted to brag about my spatial skills.
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"Congratulations! You are under consideration! Fill out these forms, as we get your hopes up but never actually promise you anything."

still felt good. Hi Boeing. *crosses fingers*

Went to campus for Friday Night Live for the first time since moving out of the dorms. It was about as exciting as it ever is, except the crew this year seem to be particularly inept at advertising. There should be more than three rows of seats filled for the Upright Citizens Brigade, no?

But I did draw a cute darth vader on a journal and make a purple orchid lei (I think they were real flowers :O). And figured out how to eat hot dogs with no bun (answer, wrapped in ruffles)
And I "performed" at open mic. I couldn't think of anything to sing, so I just whistled the opening theme of Wild Arms xD kinda improvved on it anyway xD

Kishi gave me a whisker and claw skin he'd found Lola had dropped. I never knew cats shed their outer claws before I had her. I imagine the reason for that is two-fold-- having declawed front paws, and having outdoor cats. her whiskers aren't as long as Aomy's were, but she's just a little baby still <3

I finally beat FF1. The beginning was terribly dull, but once I was able to deal damage with my mages, I enjoyed it more. Definitely wouldn't've have liked it on the actual console; we abused save states quite a bit xD

I think I have an idea what to do for my Creative Project next semester-- they have three big projects that a lot of people work on collectively: Design, Build, Fly; Mini Baja; Solar Boat. It doesn't make any sense-- I should want to do DBF (airplane), but something is leading me to solar boat. There are people working on it I haven't really gotten to get to know very well yet, and that appeals to me, and the beloathed professor with the hardest classes organizes it, but what can I say?

Going to talk with a prof about research on Monday. I think he does sustainability, so that's cool (i.e. better than robotics or nanotech or modelling)
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So, yesterday was kinda a coincidinky sort of day

I've been frustrated trying to find something (anything!) to do this summer, and I got several e-mails saying internships I've applied for have been filled, thanks but no thanks. We'll keep your resume on hand because we have lots of diskspace.

Anyway, I asked one of my professors after class how I could keep companies from assuming that I am this academically oriented researching grad-student potentate.

Look, the only way I'm going to grad school is under two conditions.
I absolutely can't get a job after I graduate
I get a job that will pay for me to go.

I've been in school for sixteen years. I want to give something else a try.

Anyway, the irony was that while I was bitching to my professor, I had gotten an e-mail from a company asking if I could schedule a phone interview. SOOOOOOOOOO~

I did that today. Fingers crossed! It sounds absolutely incredible. It would be doing thermal analysis/chassis design for HP workstations. What a beautiful intersection between two of my interests! I didn't even have to fake enthusiasm.
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There's this guy in the ME deptartment that I always walk by. Like I pass him everywhere. Are our lives diametrically opposed? Anyways I make it a point to smile at him everytime I walk by. Maybe sometime I'll find out his name. I've been meeting other older MEs at a startling rate lately. The classes are so easy to get out of sync and if you have to retake a class it gets worse. So I'm in classes with people who are close to graduating etc. As much as I'd like to have the luxury of taking as long as I like to finish school, I'm under contract.

I feel so relaxed now that my fluids test is over. I did four loads of laundry last night in lieu of studying.
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They say my account is going to be hijacked. I get that warning every time I log in. I love getting grandfathered in on insecure passwords.


I kinda like where my life is right now.

My job is easy. I'm sure I'll get busier as their homework gets harder, maybe after their first test xD But I don't foresee it getting reaaaaally bad. Especially not on friday afternoons xD

Apartment life is going pretty well. Leo fits in about how we expected. It's messy, and I feel too sick to clean right now, but I'll get around to it.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop with regards to classes. Programming is still easy; circuits is a little confusing, but I got the hw done, MDC hasn't really started yet, and I'm starting to worry a little bit. The professor is notoriously bad at timing (I had him this summer, and I've heard the exact same thing from everyone else who has taken his class), so it'll probably be hellish in about a month. Lab is a mix of fascinating background info, tedious lab work, and confusing problems. I haven't done hardly any Fluids homework, nor has the prof mentioned a test. ho snap.

But I think I can handle it.

I'm still reading The Three Musketeers. It's getting really good :D

I've been sick all week (not swine flu; I'm not running a fever. Maybe sinus infection or something? I'm having some crazy drainage). I thought I was getting an ailment of the ladyparts, but it seems to have been nipped in the bud. phew.

There's only a couple of dark spots right now. The first is private, and the other is my dear old grandma.

The story of how she got to where she is right now is really too long to tell. It started last summer, and health problems, and self-identity, and things have all lead her to this bed in the hospital. Dad says hospice care is coming in to take care of her every day (well, maybe every day, he didn't specify). Stu and I went with my parents last week-end to visit her. She could hardly speak for having to breathe so laboriously and constantly wetting her lips with a wet washcloth. They said that was much improved over the last time they'd visited.

I think she wants to die. I think she doesn't really want to say it aloud because she doesn't want to hear the family's responses, but she's stopped taking a lot of her medications, eats very little, etc.

I've asked my dad, and he says he and mom haven't been pressuring her to keep living. Maybe I sound like a frigid monster, but I think that a 85 year old woman has earned the right to dictate how her life will play out. Many 85 year olds don't have the luxuries that she has had. Some of them are living quietly in their homes, where no one calls them, no one visits, they have no animals to love. Some are living oblivious in nursing homes. They no longer know who visits them, what their own lives were like, who they have loved.

Grandma Mary is a pretty short lady. I'm not for sure, but I think she's like 5'2" or so. But she was a child of the Depression, and like a lot of her fellows, is stuffed to the brim with stubborn tenacity. I don't think she likes not being able to take care of herself, but it's at the point now that she just isn't able to.

How terrifying it must be to watch your body fail as you're trapped inside of it.
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For several years now, I've felt that I was becoming too attention-deficit to make meaningful livejournal posts, and now that the perfect medium for insta-think quick anecdote sharing has arrived, I mean, I'm into it.
Random thought while walking to the bus stop? Twitter it.
One-off link to share? Twitter.

Anyways. I still morally oppose the idea of syndicating my tweets on LJ, but if anyone is interested, I guess I can look into it. I just know that I tend to skip them all on my flist xD (maybe then I should add ljers to twitter then. . No, that would make too much sense)

Summer Session I is over and gone; I got at least one A. I doubt I got two, but hopefully Machine Analysis ends up as a B. I'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

Session II is off to a good start. Lots of people in MechiMat, a lot of whom i at least recognize, although very few are actual mechanical engineers (apparently all the civies took status summer I and are now taking either mechimat or dynamics in summer II. Poor kids). I love Jong though. A semester of Uche has made me appreciate him so much. I was so lazy a year ago! I hope I can avenge that C I made in Statics.

My life is a whorl of classes though. I'm looking forward to this week-end with Stu, and Kishi, and my family. Yes, it's still going forward as planned. Yes, I think it will wendell. No, I don't really feel comfortable discussing it on livejournal, no matter how intimate the group filter.

Last night I redownloaded Princess Maker 2, and played out a life and a half before calling it quits way too late. Got a terrible ending. Finished the second game this afternoon. Slightly better, but still bad ending. I hope the third one goes better.

Tonight I watched Twilight. The university was putting it on as a free outdoors movie, and I partook. There were many girls, a few boys, and some twelve year olds there. It wasn't too bad. the casting was incredible.

I still can't get over being tan. I keep poking my skin and watching it change colors.

and I guess that's my life since the last entry.
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Summer school is death; I really enjoy it, but it doesn't leave a lot of time for thinking!

Summary of things that have been going on since the 18th:
seashell necklace turned out FAIL. I strung it all together and it just looked lame. The bits are just kinda hanging out until I think of something better to do with them. (ideas?)

I almost have a tan. Every day I look at myself and I am amazed by the tint of my skin. I'm serious. I haven't been this dark since 2005 (when I went outside in the louisianan sun every day for a month).
I'm almost losing weight. The last few days I've been kinda plateaued, so I don't know what's up with that. I'm not in any hurry anyways; There's still six more weeks of summer.

I really love living by myself right now. I am the mistress of my life and my domicile; don't have to worry about anyone barging in, and I can just not get dressed after a shower. I just love it. (I really love not having my parents around. It was always hard for me to talk on the phone or voice-chat with people knowing that they were in the house with me, or recording singing or anything. So I've been doing a lot of that. I don't know if my voice has improved any, but it's been fun.)

I've been trying to make a decision about something very important for a month; I can't really detail it here because it's too close, too personal, but idk. You all probably know what it is now anyways.

In my schoolwork, we've been using this program called Analytix. It was written in 1989 and last updated in 2002, so you can imagine what that's been like, but you can just draw almost any kind of mechanism you could dream of, and make them move. It's so fulfilling; I enjoy just sketching them out and watching them go through their circuits.

I'm doing pretty well in one of my classes, and fairly poorly in the other. I don't mind [too] much. At least not right now.

I also have no ability to string together a coherent post. Is that the celexa muddying my mind, or am I just not putting enough thought into this?
My anxiety levels are pretty incredible right now, as in, not high at all, so idk I haven't taken any the last couple of nights. We'll see how that pans out. I also don't want to make a doctor's appt to renew my prescription, which is one major aspect. (I have a few months' worth left, but I don't want to totally forget about it and find out I need some RIGHT NOW and not have any) I guess you're supposed to wean yourself off, but I cba to split the pills in half, sooooooo.
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mom told me once that as I become an old lady, I'll spend less time shaving my legs and more time tweasing my mustache. DAMMIT MOM, DON"T CONSIGN ME TO SUCH A CRUEL FATE.

Anyways, I had a highly productive night, involving a discrete take home quiz, diff e homework, putting up my clothes, and getting a shower.

I hadn't realized how addicted I have become to my thrice weekly showers. That may not sound like a lot to you guys, but I've gone many many years just twice weekly. In fact, I skip my drill on Fridays to be able to fit that third one in.
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There's like three weeks left in the semester. Two of classes, one finals. Then it's apartment move in time. It's so crazy.

I feel like I haven't hardly had time to think the last couple of weeks. I haven't had any big projects, but the whole momenta of my classes have been rising to a crescendo, and it's hard to keep a handle on.

I had two tests last week, and will have two tests in the next two weeks, but I haven't been told when yet. (grrr). I need to do some massive writing for my final submission for Creative Writing (my second story was much more well-received than my first one :)), various homeworks, lots of studying for finals. It's really kinda overwhelming.

I'm really behind in my blog posts at WILT, as well. But, I have drafts for the 8th through the 13th, so now that I've gotten up to the 7th posted, it should be easier to get through those. (phew).

Finally heard back from two places I'd tried to get something with for the summer, two negatories, which is kinda good, because I need these summer classes to stay ahead xD I definitely want to apply for the USRP (nasa!) again next year though.

So yeah, busy busy busy. I'm really looking forward to living in the apartment all summer (we're planning to sign the lease on monday, I think). I already told my parents they should come visit me a lot xD


Apr. 7th, 2009 12:55 am
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So my roommate has turned into über-bitch, so I've decided to turn her passive aggression back on her until school's out. If she wants to write facebook notes about how I eat too loud, I'll give her something to write about 8)

Anyways, things are getting kinda hectic as the semester draws to a close. I have a solid idea for my Creative Writing story, but I just don't feel like devoting time to writing. I pumped out nearly half of my quota yesterday, so I don't feel sufficiently pressed for time.

However, I do feel pressed for time with regards to Dynamics. we have a test on Friday on all the material I understand the least. *lesigh*

In non-schoolwork related matters, stu's roommate has gone on a sabbatical from pot, so he's actually kinda pleasant to be around. He doesn't talk to himself about random things, for example. Apparently he's trying to get clean incase he needs drug tests for summer jobs. Whatever it takes, man.

This week-end was pretty fun. It was the big frat-party week-end, so we had a lot of fun going out and watching how crazy it was out there. Hundreds of drunk college students ripe for the plucking.

Stu and I went to Old Navy on Sunday and i got the awesomest shirt ever. I like it a lot.

anyways, I've bored you all enough here. blaaaaaaah bedtime


Jan. 28th, 2009 10:41 pm
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so, as re: the last entry (locked), I'm still in considerable distress, especially since the university CLOSED the last two days, and thus my source of medical care. >:[

I'm determined to do something tomorrow or ELSE.

anyways, monday afternoon, it started sleeting in the afternoon, so yay no school tuesday. Then it rained all day tuesday so no school wednesday. then tuesday night, it snowed, so yayfun.

Anyways, we've traipsed around the university sliding and skidding and having general chilly fun time, but I'm ready to have something to do again. I'm really unbelievably bored at this moment, which is probably why I'm making this post.

Anyways, the ice is of a magnitude that there were significant power outages and tree splittings. There are several stop lights that are just dark (Even at 5 lane intersections, five lanes in both directions). Lots of people have been without power, and my dorm is hosting some, but the most here has been the lights flickering some. They closed down the elevators as a precaution, so theres been lots of bellyaching over that.

At home, my parents were without power for several hours, relying on the space heaters (propane) to keep warm. I told them not to get rid of the wood stove! they have power now, at least.

In a fit of angry exertion, I de-iced my car this afternoon so stu and I were able to go on a drive and survey the greater countryside.

This evening after dinner, our dinner party went on an excursion around the school grounds, infiltrating the various lawns and engineering buildings. We found a couple of here-unnamed staff using their office monitors for certain recreational activities ;) They didn't have power at their home, which is why they were at the office, so we hung out and shot the breeze and ate a lot of candy which was local.

we wound our way around a lot of broken tree branches, and explored more unlocked buildings. Afterwards, I reclaimed a cup of diet coke I'd left outside towards the beginning of the expedition, and the top had frozen over, rendering it undrinkable! Well, for a while.

Anyways, while we haven't been in school, I've been playing guitar hero, world tour, and I've gotten a lot better. I can actually do hammer-ons and pull-offs now, for example. I think i've completed about 40% of the game on Hard.

Tomorrow I need to catch up on laundry and homework. *lesigh* And medical issues ;)

*dies* x_X

Dec. 10th, 2008 12:06 pm
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so I finished up my CAD about 12:15 this afternoon, took an hour more work in the computer lab to get it all plotted, then I studied for cal wth stu until time for class, then sat through cal class and didn't really absorb anything but got my notecard worked on. Went to cad right after that and turned in my final project. he said it was a good B work, but later he said (verbatim) "Allison, I decided to bump it up one". WTF does that mean. I don't know for sure so I'm just going to assume I got a B in CAD until ISIS proves me wrong. Ugh ugh ugh.

And the Cal test was horrific. I didn't even answer all the problems. Some of the problems I just circled because they were kinda close to my answers. Only one or two I felt confident about. Yuck yuck yuck

Then I relaxed for an hour and did three hours of studying/note card writing for materials. I need to recopy everything. I hope I did a better job on this sheet this time because the last two tests my notes were pretty much useless. At least I don't have a final in there (or is that a bad thing because this is my last chance for a B in there?)

and that was my day. I've been pretty shaky all day, and all I want to do is just stop, but I have to keep trudging through tomorrow afternoon, then I can study at a relaxed pace (sorta).

grades as I know them:
linear; a B(?)
statics; a C(?)
materials; a C(?)
cal; an A(?)
CAD; a B (?)

I'm afraid to get my statics test back tomorrow. It'll be a boat of fail, I'm sure. I'm terrified to get my cal test back. I'm trying not to be desperate to find out what cad will be. if those numbers are right then that's a 2.86 uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh

Okay, so I recalculated my materials grade; I have a B in there and will have a B in there unless I do a lot worse than I have been doing on teh tests, so that's a little better. A 3.07 at least.

okay so that was from like the other day. whatever. gonna clean now and hopefully feel inspired to study.
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So this was a pretty busy week for me. I had two tests to freak out over, plus freak out about two more upcoming tests (and then finals in general) and my CAD project. But I think I've got it kinda under control. The Dokal players ( [ profile] lilredsarah
[ profile] krabmeat, and friends) can attest to that much! (so sorry guys ;.; )

My final in CAD is coming along pretty nice, I basically just have to make up a bunch of views and dimension everything.

I got an 85 on my linear algebra test, which was about 20 points more than I was expecting. I wish I would get that kind of score in statics (at least I still have the 5 contingent bonus points). I was so close to a B in that class too, and it was so frustrating because I studied the exact problems and still couldn't do them.

I need to get CAD done first, because the final project is pretty much our grade in there, but an hour after that I get to take a fourth cal exam over stuff I haven't studied very well. *lesigh* Then the next day is a Materials test. Need to study study study for all of that. I don't know how I can get it all done this week-end. No fun for me tomorrow, I guess. Maybe I should've started tonight. *freak out*

I finished reading Twilight. I thought it was pretty similar to the Last Vampire series by Christopher Pike, except I mean, Sita and the Cullens are very different, but there are some similarities that strike me as familiar.

Oh, I got a weird injury last night. I was going down the stairs to get some ice from the machine in the laundry room, and I was holding on to the banister, which is good, because I tripped over the steps and fell down a couple before I could get my balance back. Unfortunately, I kinda completed the arc that my arm started me on and rammed my chin and arm right into these ill-placed metal protrusions in the stair structure. It was a good thing those things were blunt, else my chin would be sliced in half atm. It's bruised, so I can't lean my head on my hand very easily :(

and that's my week. I spent an hour or so this morning making a SVG version of that weird faced yellow smiley skt posted in his LJ. FUN TIMES.


Sep. 28th, 2008 01:49 am
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going home this week-end defies all the laws of governance of time, but we did it anyways. I guess I don't feel like I've lost much in the transition because I conveniently doped up on nighttime medicine before we left (honest stu, I didn't think it would upset you to not say so beforehand) so I was more or less unconscious 3/4 of the way home.

I took the initiative and did half the laundry (four loads total) while mom was driving my nephews home, and i've just felt like doing things ever since then. I just wish I wasn't coughing up phlegm or that I could breathe out of each nostril.

The sick is a weird thing. I had a sore throat um, wednesday I think, and for some inane reason, that was the same day I decided to try going without claritin. ahahahaha, anyways, throat was marginally better on thursday, but still pretty annoying, but oh *wipes tear*, friday morning. what a joke. I felt like a zombie in class. I actually remember thinking 'man, I wonder if Cochran thinks I'm like this all the time. I don't think I've been making a very good first impression this semester, Iv'e gotta start going to bed on time.' because of course, I was watering out of my eyes and sneezing and coughing still.
I did finally learn the aZn who sits next to me and is also an ME's name though! Ting Yang, how aZn, peegies would be proud.

But yeah, I had entertained some silly notion about working on my CAD assignments instead of returning to my dorm and sleeping, but as soon as I was halfway across the street to the ME building, I realized I had taken all those papers out of my math notebook when studying calculus (FINALLY) the night before, so I did not have the necessary diagrams to replicate. So I was actually kinda relieved and set off for Yocum, my horoscope, and blessed sleep.
I don't even know if I actually took a nap or not. Friday feels like it was a million years ago. I have a feeling I didn't and I'm merely thinking of Thursday, when I took a nap after I got back from materials and didn't wake up until time to go to cal drill. Oops. No lunch for me that day, so I grabbed a snickers and regretted it because I felt all kinds of dizzy, nauseous, and terrible. so much for protein in those things.

My period key keeps flaking out on me, it's kinda annoying, especially since my pinky doesn't really have enough strength to force the issue with it. Wow, I just realized I totally type ps with my ring finger. Are you supposed to do that? Maybe I should start doing so. I just tried to type o with my pinky finger HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO WEIRD FEELING HOW LONG HAVE I NOT BEEN DOING THIS? What finger do I use for q, omg, my left ring finger. No wonder my wpm has been suffering

quaint queen quina quaszqqwaer holy crap this is impossible, tell me I am making this up, you can't seriously expect me to type with these pathetic little fingers.

This is insane. It's like my entire world has turned upside down, all because of a little typing. qpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqpq, I can type as with my pinky pretty well, and z. /me is pinky too.

okay that's enough of that, i guess. Today's post was brought to you by the letters p and q, as typed by the pinky fingers of the right and left hands, respectively. (IT"S SO HARD).

Oh yeah, friday night was kinda fun; Fayetteville was having Bikes, Blues, and Barbeque week-end so all the motorcycles were out in force. There was a sign downtown that said 'no weapons allowed' that was pretty lolworthy.

Then stu and I went for a walk to the local library, which is a bitchmile away (it took us like an hour to get there and back) because I didn't want to waste gas to drive there to return our books, and we saw something I had never seen before; a passenger train. Like with people in it, in america. A train. So weird. I'd like to ride the rails sometime, and no, the TGV does not count.

But yeah, the rest of the night is almost like a dream because we definitely stayed up too late without doing really anything, but it was a good time from there. (due to some matters, not the least of which were my infernal allergies, I was not having so good a time before the library-trip, but it all turned out well.)

And now I'm starting to doubt whether you are in fact supposed to type ps with the pinky finger. Oh no, I don't know what to think anymore.

I think that means it's bedtime.

I still wish my period key would work better.
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My first cad-thing :O

Took quite a while xD
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If I did not have Materials homework, I would be studying for my Statics quiz tomorrow.

If I did not have a Statics quiz tomorrow, I would be doing my cal homework before Drill tomorrow.

If I did not have drill tomorrow, I would be studying for the statics make-up quizzes tomorrow.

If I didn't have a statics make-up quiz on tomorrow, I'd be working linear algebra matrix problems and doing the take home quiz for monday.

If I didn't have the take home quiz for linear, I would be studying for the linear test on monday.

if I didn't have have a linear test on monday, i would be studying for my statics quiz on tuesday.

If I didn't have a statics quiz on Tuesday, I would be studying for the cal test on wednesday.

If I didn't have a cal test on wednesday, I would be doing my materials homework. due thursday.

Can you see how this is going?
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Because then I could take my laptop into the bathroom with impunity.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH I hate statics :( It requires this basis in math which is pretty much "hey, remember everything you did in highschool algebra, geometry, and trig? And remember everything you skipped? Also all of that calculus too. You need that".

It's so frustrating!
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I hope my next five semesters will be this nice in terms of time.

I woke up frightfully sick yesterday after a bad night's sleep, so I struggled through three hours of class then got in bed and slept from 1-4. Then I went to bed early at 11, (doped up), slept until 8:50, got up and went to class, came back and watched part of clerks with stu, then had another nap from about 12:30-2.

Now if only I had all my homework done!

(plus I wake up at the same time every week day. that makes for awesome good sleep schedules)
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First off; I just upended a very cold very full glass of very disgusting drink into my lap and subsequently, the floor. I don't think anything is ruined, but my rug has some disgusting looking yellow stains now.

Second off; during the last HOLYCRAP EGG DROP time at dragcave, I managed to get an abandoned egg that I did not know I had clicked. It then got clicked twice by the person who bred it (I imagine), so now it's sick because I haven't posted it anywhere. So I will post it now so it will get [some] views but no clicks (to make it not sick.)

new egg

Doing statics homework is terrifying. There were some crazy geometry problems that I had no idea how to approach. Well they probably required more trig than geometry, but either way. blank. So I didn't work them all! *swtdrp*

I didn't work all the cal either, but I got the first section of homework done. It's all vector stuff so I am happy until we have to derive and integrate or play with the vectors in ways that are not multiplying dividing or trigging.

Linear algebra is just as mystifying today as it was before, but I read the section and could remember things from class as they were outlined in the book.

I'm ready to start CADing :D


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