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Random spam mail subject of the day:

"Panda finds herself a mate"
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I blame [ profile] kellilla for my thinking of Sirius Black every time I see wolfwood (who is so cool:D I hope he stays this cool^_^ )

man, just watching this makes me want to go all super-fanarty.

oh, and I saw a spam mail with the subject 'download the alexander m0vie.' and I thought 'oh, is that the fmv of alexander and alexandria and bahumut from ff9?'

then I remembered the movie with brad pitt or whoever. hahaha
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Now Celebrating:

Four straight weeks of low-spam filtercatching.

you heard me. For three weeks I have had (daily) not 100+ spam mails to filter through manually...


...But 20. At the most.

(although when I get back on friday/saturday, I'm sure there'll be plenty)
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stupid spam of the night@.x )

W00t! *has no ability to couple with honor^^*

*hopes benedryl starts working soon*
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... Since yesterday, I've only gotten 18 filtered spam mails.. *is getting scared*

I'm starting to think the spammers don't love me anymore.. that or is filtering stuff and not sending it through at all.. which could include stuff that I need@@ (like lj comments)

They don't love me anymore;_;
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The Secret Side of Percy

aite, so the surprising thing isn't really the email, I was more surprised at only getting 58 filtered spam mails (two lj comments included) since thursday night.. that's scary.. usually it'd be more like 158 or more for three days.. but anyways...

One, with the subject of '50 cent vs Eminem - who really is bigger

But the sender.. 'Alix' of

I figured percyfangirls would be interested to know about that^^

(it was spam of course, but spam amuses me)

Kansas City post to follow


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