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I was reading this article in The Atlantic over the weekend; it insinuates that the reason the US doesn't have more engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc is because as kids, we spend too much of our time learning to read and write, memorizing and internalizing all of the pits and foibles of the English language.

I wasn't very impressed with their suggestion that spelling reform would instantly transform the US into a powerhouse of capitalism and science, but the idea of using tech to solve the problem appealed to me.

I started thinking about how Japanese children learn kanji by reading furigana, which uses kana (think Japanese alphabet) superscripted over a character to sound it out, allowing them to pick up the meaning from context if they recognize the sound of the word or idea. Of course, we can't really put parenthetical explanations that explain what a word is when it has a complicated or illogical spelling every time we write a word with complicated spelling, but we can use text replacement.

I copied the first paragraph from the wikipedia article on IPA and started writing a correlation guide for sounds. I had to make a few conscious decisions:
  1. I was going to design a phased implementation, where every couple of decades, the next step towards a logical orthography would be taken

  2. The first phase of the reforms would not involve vowels, nor semi-vowels; they're too damn complicated to make the first changes comprehendible to first-generation converts

  3. The letter "c" would be used for the "hard-c" sound, instead of "k"--K is commonly used because it is unambiguous in English; however, I think there is a greater stigma to see a large number of Ks in written English, and using C would improve the theoretical uptake

  4. The letters x and q would not be used; they are however, reserved for possible future purposes. (for example... filling out those damn vowels)

  5. Morphemes that are used as affixes or in combining forms would use the same spellings to preserve the connection between meanings. This may have the impact that pronunciations of some words would morph.
    • E.g., "Northern" would use the same "th" as "North", even though the phoneme is voiced in "Northern" and unvoiced in "north", and my reforms would show the distinction otherwise.

I tried this out by manually replacing the text in a short paragraph. But, after reading it, I felt the text was too familiar to me to have the real experience. So I set about automating changing the rest of the article.

First, I used grep to extract all the unique words in the article (which also picked up foreign words, IPA characters, and other non-word contents) to a text file. Then, I opened it in a spreadsheet program and added a column that contained all of the future transformations. I included the first stage transformation for every word that needed one, and the second or third stages for a few that I could see (stage 2 involves removing duplicated consonants). I sorted by column 2 and pasted all of the words that had phase 1 modifications back into a text document and wrote a regex pattern to turn the file into something I could feed into sed. Finally, I used sed to transform the entire article into the phase 1 orthography.

I think the only mental leaps we would need to be able to parse this easily is the knowledge that the digraph "dh" is the voiced "th" (from Northern), and that "c" is always a hard-c sound.

Other changes:


  • Soft G -> J

  • "French J" / "voiced SH" to ZH (e.g. closure)
  • X to CS or CZ, depending on voicedness

  • Soft C to S

  • QU to CW or CU

  • Ph to F

  • "Of" to "Ov"

  • "Is" to "Iz"

  • Silent letters (G and K of GN, KN) omitted
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when the guy swapped out the logicboard before we realized it was the DC-in port, he of course, replaced the thermal paste. Early MBPs were notorious for their excess of thermal paste, in amounts that inhibited heat distribution rather than aided in it. I wanted to do it for a long time, but two things kept me from it: 1) my father and stu expressly forbade me to touch the logicboard; 2) I didn't want to buy thermal paste.

But yeah, I'm running with half-speed fans, just interneting like usual, with the laptop on my lap, not on a book, and it's chilling at a cool 54°C. I am so happy.

Hopefully I will be able to photoshop now without having to worry about getting into the 85°C+ range.

Today has been a nice rainy day. I woke up this morning to a half dozen little blackbirds playing in the water on the back patio outside my window. It stopped raining by the time I went to class, but it was so much cooler. When I came home, it started sprinkling a little harder, but I just opened my umbrella and it was pleasant :)


Jan. 20th, 2009 12:34 am
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omggggg I'm never spending an entire week-end reading/installing crucial computer components EVER AGAIN. Not if it means I have to weed through 200 lj posts! (I read most of the personal ones, maybe a quarter of the feeds, no paragraphs over 4 lines long)

Saturday night: stu and I break into my laptop. We also kinda break it. See, there are these two tiny screws on the inside of the battery compartment. Turns out if you don't unscrew them, you break some flaps of metal OFF. So that's what we did. ("why isn't this stupid keyboard coming up?!?!?" Oh, that's why.)

Luckily, they are about the most useless screws we could've done that with (considering how space urgent the MBPs are, space is distinctly at a premium)

After we solved that little mystery we succeeded in getting the keyboard up. I dusted off the ambient light sensors and the Mobo (they were dusty!) and my fans. Then I held my breath and disconnected the hdd from the mobo. This was pretty terrifying as really the only way to manually interface with the hdd is THROUGH A THIN STRIP OF SILICON TRANSMISSION FUN. Or something like that. I was terrified, at any rate.

Luckily the bluetooth transceiver is coated in what looked to be very thick scotch tape, so I could roughhouse it a little, lifted it out of its little cubby hole between the battery compartment and the hdd, pulled the sleep light and some other sensor thing loose from their grip on the hdd, undone two impossible to access screws (and didn't even lose them!) and suddenly, all my data was in my hands.

PROTIP: MBP harddrives may have their little holder thingy VERY SECURELY SCREWED IN. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT STRIP THE SCREWS (they're torx, size 6 I think) LIKE STU DID. YOU WILL BE SAD. or rather, your girlfriend who actually uses the machine will be sad. ("show me your fugee face, sad face :(")

Anyways, after an incident where we thought we might not be able to put in the grommets, they ended up going, and fit, and everything screwed back into place (except the two unfortunate screws, well really just one, but wahtever)

Now the fun part: RESTORING MY DATA YAY. I can't live off an external disk. Okay, I boot off the Leopard dvd, plug in my external enclosure, and restore the disks about a million times trying to get bootcamp to acknowledge that I may in fact partition it (It didn't want a pre-partition, it had to have a certain boot record, etc etc etc) In the end, I gave up and let stu do it while I read Harry Potter (OotP) and while it was restoring yet another time, he watched serenity (I was crying over sirius, myself, looking up from time to time).

Anyways, you get the idea. I still can't boot into windows (unless I want to reinstall that other harddrive. . .) but really, since I'm not doing CAD this semester, I don't need to. I still have everything on disk if I need it. I'm starting to wonder how I should approach this back up thing now that I have more internal space than external space (well, almost). I guess I'll do some thinking about that this week.

In other, non-computer related news, I found a book I've been searching for for roughly. . . well since 2001. Seven years then. (it was december).

Watchers of the Skies.

I read this in 7th grade after I met my AR goals and could read for sheer pleasure. This book taught me a good deal of what I know about astronomy (and it was published forty-five years ago), and much else besides. I am elated to have found it again (there was a copy handy in the library on campus, especially handy because it's always open).

It's just one of those books that you see, scuffy and dark and bleak, and pick up and fall in love with. Or I did, anyways. I'm weird like that. Anyways, I decided to look it up tonight for who knows whatever reason. I think I started thinking about tycho brahe for some reason, or maybe I figured I could find it if I included him in the search. not so. But somehow, I did remember the publishing date, and that went a long way to being able to find it. I had the title completely wrong, and none of the keywords matched, but a subject and publishing year. Wow.

Anyways. Diff E is still pretty complicated, but the solutions manual is alot more helpful than for cal, so I can cypher most of it out. I just need to devote time to studying. *sighs* Same old story, right?
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Alright, I guess the honey-moon is over now! In the process of trying to get my system to realize that autocad was not actually installed on my computer, I kinda deleted a slew of registry entries, so I had to reinstall vista, and i really should've added more diskspace to that, but whatev. Anyways, it took me ALL DAY to get autocad to install. ARRRRRRRGH I was planning on having it installed oh about five hours ago. (instead of one hour ago). I eventually got electrical 2008 to install after 2009 failed in the middle and MEP2009 failed to download. Argh.

So yeah, vista is pretty terrible with things like moving files or zipping, so I grabbed 7-zip and that helped out a little bit. But I have autocad now! Now i can become awesome and don't have to go to the ME computer lab all the time to work on this stuff! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

But yeah, vista is having trouble agreeing with my tablet, and cad with a trackpad is all kinds of difficult (namely because there's no easy way to pan besides zooming in and back out over and over, but I've had to do that before, so I can manage until I figure out why the drivers which everysite in the world says are compatible with vista claim I don't have a pointing device attached. I have my cd at home, so maybe I can get that this week-end.)

Okay actually, I kept googling 'graphire3 vista driver'. But I don't have a graphire anymore. This one is an intuos3. *slaps head*

Anyways. stu and mike and I went to a vietnamese place on 6th street called Pho Qu'yen or something and had some vietnamese food for the first time in my life. I also had bubble tea :D It was almond and soooooooooooooooo delicious. The tapioca bubbles were so weird and funny xD I ate them all and my belly is like *jellyrumbles*.

I'm not sure if I really like vietnamese food, but it was pretty good as a one-time thing at least. I'd have to experiment around a bit with different things I think. I definitely want more almond bubble tea.

If all I could eat in life was pistachio-almond ice cream, all I could drank almond bubble tea, and then maybe saltine crackers and water, I think I could be happy.
(saltines and water so I could reset my palate and be able to continue tasting the nutty goodness).

heck, i'd eat pistachios too.
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After having my MBP for two years, I'm finally dual-booting with it.
lots of thoughts on the process and motivations! )
I'm just really excited about it.
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I got my ipod decal today! Instead of shelling out $16 for an ugly color I didn't like or $30 for a nice color I did like, I decided to nix the rubber grippy holder and went with a sticker. It's a lot prettier was marginally cheaper and still adds that gripability. I just wanted to tell you about it.


Sep. 16th, 2008 10:54 pm
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The other day when cleaning up my exthdd, I found all my notify sounds I used to use on mIRC. There were certain people whom I would like to be audibly notified when they showed up, so I made them a file called note - name.wav (because mirc was dumb about mp3) that would play when they signed on to IRC.

I just listened to them all and I still feel the associations with the different people. I should figure out how to get kvirc to use sounds. My computer is too quiet.


Sep. 14th, 2008 08:08 pm
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I've started a new flower pot. Let's see how the surprise lilies (three bulbs) do at school.
I can't give them much afternoon light, but maybe early morning will be sufficient.
Dad was pleased to dig them up for me because they were growing right where he wanted to put the external part of a heat pump.

Got three mosquito bites while making the pot :(

Am excited to get usb cord for phone in so I can use BitPim and put proper ringtones on there. I have the files on there but it doesn't want to let me use them 8)

Now i just got to do all that homework I didn't do.
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plastic cover cover = library
just regular cover = mine through bookmooch
no cover = my mom's, recently returned from France :))))))))))))))

and stu's letter was inside <333 I reread it and it was just as loving as it was originally. No sign of my germany rose though :( Oh well.

i finally read the docs for Coolbook today and tried out undervolting. I don't know if it means much, but I edited an image in photoshop a little bit with my 2nd highest fan setting and it never broke 60 (fyi, the highest setting is called 'photoshop lol'). I want to do some more tests with my tablet and see how it responds to that.

It has rained the last three days. They recorded record low high-temps in Little Rock and Pine Bluff, not to mention rainfall.
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For the last fifteen minutes I have been watching my battery levels in CoconutBattery, adjusting voltages and clock speeds in coolbook, and watching my battery life meter drop from 3:06 to 2:00.

I've got the capacity back to 3993 mAh. The record I have saved in coconutbattery is 4438 back in may. The lowest I have saved is 69% but I've seen it down in the 40-50% range at least once, I think.

my battery has 506 load cycles and it and my mbp are supposedly 26 months old. I think these batteries are supposed to crap out at 500 cycles. Oh well; I have another 8) I don't know what kind of mileage it gets though.
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Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

I went wardriving today in search of a network that wasn't hosted by Time Warner so I could download my e-mail. We found one, called "Dad" outside of Broadway Joe's in town. Thank you so much, "Dad"! I owe you one <3

also I got on bookmooch to mooch a copy of annals of the witch world :))))))) Now I can rest easy about losing my mothers! (and the best part is that even if it doesn't come with the cover, I still have the cover because I took it off so it wouldn't get torn up in my luggage)

I could've knuj-oned 20 spam messages but I forgot to mark one as spam. I am so happy about getting to check my e-mail. Man.
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I don't know, but I get so excited every time I post a comment on slashdot and it gets modded up. So when I posted a comment today and it got up to 5 (the highest), I was pretty just tickled.

I lurked at slashdot for so long before I finally decided to join (like uh, five years?), and it's probably for the better, because before, I didn't really have any unique experience to add, and I don't have very much now, but I do have some. It just makes me happy.

My host family served me french fries at lunch today. I was stoked. I also got plenty of laundry back today, so I'm also stoked about that. Now I just need to take a shower and my day will have been made complete.

And maybe if I could get a crack kind soul to pay $10 for coolbook so I can fiddle with blowing up my $1600 laptop that would be swell! ^_^
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On dentist appointment day, I can't do anything but be productive. I guess once you take initiative in a day you have to keep doing it all day long.

I even woke up early (before noon) for this special occasion!

Dentites said my teeth looked good if stained, my gums looked neglected, and my wisdom teeth looked peaceful, so I celebrated with a burger from Sonic. I dropped in at the Pope County Library (main headquarters) to see if their copy of Support Your Local Wizard was in, and apparently it's GONE.

"System availability: 0 out of 0"

why;.; that was a staple of my teenhood! It allowed me to answer yes when my art teacher asked whether we would pick a book with a plain black cover on a library shelf! Now I have to find my own. I don't think I'll find one as friendly as that plain librarybound book though.

anyways, once at home, I had the idea of installing wordpress on my jasonspace at, I had come up with an idea for a blog the other day anyways, so lo and behold. . .

I should have plenty to talk about anyways. I hadn't thought about it, but stu asked if it was going to be a france blog, and I think it should be a good idea to blog about things I learn in france. Probably mostly dirty words that seem like they should be innocent.

Anyways, I spent several hours pouring over the css and php. Holy crap is wordpress annoying to use! There's only like twenty includes files! No wonder all those blogs all look alike.

I also started writing a tutorial about how to be a doller on a mac. It's mostly just program recommendations right now, though xD see?

Then I decided to finish reading my mom's Chronicles of the Witch World book. I love in ;.; It is also going on the List. Maybe I should start making a list of all these books I like.

Anyways, it's really late now, and I'm going to start my amazing book list, then I will go to sweet sleep xD

(and maybe dreaming of hilarion as hyde the magician)
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got xp pro installed; kinda wtfed at the WGA but just googled it and it went away for the time being (time will tell!)

anyways, the problems I was having before getting it installed of course was that the cd was bad (not the harddrive, as I had thought! though I still s uspect that the hard drive is on its way to failing slowly but surely) luckily osx has a built in burn-a-disk image feature (disk utility, johnnex!) so after the FOUR HOURS it took to redownload the sp2 image (slipstreamed, anybody?) from the freaking site and extract the package, holy crap it seriously took an hour yesterday) I quickly ran through the second part of the setup. Luckily I didn't have to do the first part again! I thought it'd complain and say it was failed up, but apparently not. It was all just the cd.

It's sooooooooo weird though because the xp disk partition is H:

it freaked me out really badly so I renamed it to Hache Colon Slash à la my Cee Colon Slash on the MBP. (H:\ wasn't nearly as bad a shock as \users\rubahness\')

so now I have to dig back into the realm of xubuntu (everyone says to install xp first because it murders your master boot record) but it still got the dignity of being the first os installed!

I need to reinstall all my windows critical programs now I guess xD I got firefox, and utorrent and the driver for my wireless dongle, but I think PSP will be another one (or the GIMP if it does PSP files nowadays).

I'm so close to just restoring all the files I backed up to their original positions, but I have to wait and make my third (fourth?) partition so that they will be accessable from EVERYWHERE.
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After not using my desktop much for the last nine months, I noticed that there had gotten to be about a ten minutes descrepancy between what it said the time was and what my clock on the wall said the time was. I was hesitant to rely on the wallclock, but it is in accord with my wrist clock (commonly called a watch after what I do with it all day long), and some simple googling led me to this page, and a good thing too. I was set to the us government time server! (because it is one of two that are default with windows xp, and i preferred to think that the us gov would be more respectable than microsoft).

And of course now, I have changed to the pool linked on that page, and now my clocks are all in sync.
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I decided to stop photographing my flower partially because no one cared, but also because the rest of it didn't bloom and the first bloom was dying so xD. There's about three different kinds of little greens things that have shot up at the bottom. One is bermuda grass I think, one I recognize, and the third I don't.

Anyways, my laptop and my speakers do weird things. In the snow-citement this morning, my speaker I had juryrigged on my bedsprings fell and the plate came off and dented teh corner, but it still works fine, but that's irrelevant to this;

k so, when I have my laptop plugged in, my speakers plugged in, and my speakers on, they make this terrible buzzing sound.

Just now I had my printer plugged in and went to unplug it because it's an annoying cord, and BAM buzzing started. I go 'lol whut?' and replug it, and it STOPPED.

So now I'm kinda freaked out, because does that mean the power supply is supplying all these extra electrons to my laptop, WHERE DO THEY GO? If the printer can suck enough of them away that they make the buzzing stop, omp MILLIONS OF COULOMBS FLOWING THROUGH MY FINGERS AS WE SPEAK.

I also rediscovered the purpose of f8, f9, and f10. namely the toggles for the backlighting on the keyboard. I'd been wondering why that wasn't on.

So I have to ask, wtp do those electrons go and how can i make them stop. I guess I could short out one of my usb ports (or maybe the firewire one! I never use it!) buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut whatever. At least I know it isn't the MAGNETISMHO.

Okay, I need some serious help with limits. We're doing improper integrals, and I keep getting these crazy limits and I'm like 'what, no I don't know what the arctan(x) is as x->∞ (it's pi/2 btw). In fact, I can barely work limits as it is. Well, if they're at 0 and ∞. l'hôpital wasn't this bad. Arctan(x) at infinity. It boggles the mind.
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What is the appropriate way to mourn a mechanical device?

A few moments ago, I was thinking it would be cute to draw a christmas card on a couple of my characters, so I rambled from my warm bed to the cold night of the den to fetch my notebook, which was left in my scanner when I started working on a doll base a couple of days ago.

I lifted the notebook and found a disaster.

I'm sure many people would say its ridiculous to grieve or shed tears over something that's just a mesh of glass, plastic and electrons, but I am a child of the material and digital age. I am almost expected to bond with anything and everything I come across with, trees, books, computer parts.

And this HP scanjet was special. I earned half the money to buy it by doing physical labor all the way back in sixth grade; I chopped down a pen of cedar sprouts.

I remember going to staples and finding it, it cost about $130, about what the camera did that took this picture.

I brought it home; I'm pretty sure it was a sunday afternoon; I opened it up in the living room first and pulled out the huge foldout pictures-for-dummies instructions that HP loved that year (anyone get an hp pavilion in 2001? you remember what I mean)

Slowly I carried it to the den to plug into my computer (the ast adventure! 400. those hp pavilions wouldn't come out until xp did in october). It had a parallel and usb connection, which was important because windows 95 didn't support usb and we didn't have a port for it anyways.

The first time it ran it was so loud! GROWNGROWNGROWNGROWN and since it was parallel, it took forever to scan. But I scanned all the harry potter fan art I'd been drawing that year and knew what it was like to be able to color my own pictures. I had a scanner. Not many people did back then, and still many don't today.

When we got the hp pavilion, the AA!400 got moved to my bedroom, and the scanner went with it since the install software didn't work in XP, so I assumed I couldn't scan anything with that computer. The quality of those old scans then was so terrible xD Never do image adjustments in the hardware stage, kids.

When my brother showed me the love that was windows camera and fax wizard, the scanner resumed its rightful place in the den at the foot of the desktop desk. And it scanned and scanned and scanned. Little samples of handwriting, random objects, and even faces went next to that glass, and now its shattered. I guess it could only live as long as we had usb1 and xp (I never got to try it on vista. My macbook refused to talk to it)

I have my new scanner in my dorm at school. I didn't bring it with me because I had enough junk to lug back here and I figured I still had a good scanner that had several years left in it (does it still?) So no more scanning things until January 10th. (I took my sketchbook back with me out of the den, although it seems futile now).

I dont know what broke it. Common sense and instinct both point towards my nephews that were here thursday night and this afternoon both and are so rambunctious. Legality states it could've easily been my dog as well, but logic states that a dog, even jumping rowdy wouldn't have the weight of even the youngest nephew, plus it would've been half as much anyways, given the number of legs.

I guess I'm making this post mostly because I have this intense desire to TALK about my emotions, look for sympathy, anything, something. My parents are asleep and so is stu, and most anyone who would read this, but I can't wait the hours until morning to get this out.

Something that's also hard to deal with is the idea 'is it maybe still usable?' I noticed the irony pretty quickly that the green power light and the little lcd asking how many copies I wanted to print were still on. what a faithful beast. I don't think the moving mechanism or the lights are broken, but I'd have to clean the glass up first. There's tape on the corners of the glass. Did you know that?

Every so often as I would look inside, I would wonder about the quiet airless world where the light lived and I could never go. Now I can. I picked up the three large pieces that had fallen inside and set them on top of the rest, and tugged at the large piece in the corner that was still taped up, but I don't want to mess with the scene too much (first reason why I took a picture actually).

The cover isn't damaged at all. My sketchbook has some weird green dots(old crayon caked on, no doubt) and a small tear on the page and little slivers of glass.

It would be ridiculous to enfold the thing in my arms, and yet I feel guilty for shutting the door and turning the light out on it. That is no fit mausoleum.

I guess tomorrow will have a phone call to ask if any of my nephews stepped on something they want to tell their aunt allie about, delicate glass removals, and either a tearful goodbye or a lip-biting operation. I don't know. But thank you for reading this demieulogy.

O scanjet!
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It's never totally pleasant to be without stu, but as foa so kindly informed me, I'll live.

Things I've done in the last week:
Got a B in Calculus (hoes yeses, dont have a clue how that happened, but am pleased about it nonetheless)
Got As in everything else
Opened some christmas presents with stu (I got superbad and the x-files season1 and he got some houseshoes to warm his feet)
Watched the first six eps of x-files (it is sooooooooooooooo good)
Found and decorated a christmas tree (it is pretty good looking this year!)
Stayed up until 6 making a new layout for
Stayed up until 5 watching Lord of the Rings with stu (fellowship), and then again until 1 watching the rest (ttt, rotk)
Enjoyed the lord of the rings movies! Want to reread the books now!
Forgot to return my library books to fayetteville. Will have twelve days * 3 books of latefees. Ho wellz.
Continued reading Interview with the Vampire
drank a lot of tea yesterday when I was majorly sick feeling.
had a birthday party and ate a bunch of brownies
probably not bathed as much as I should have
played a ton with my dog
continued my search for kindred spirits

and very little else. Seriously, I'm pretty stoked about the website thing. I got the whole layout pretty much done in five hours; two hours to visualize and implement the design, three hours to get my doll database working properly. Then the next day it was another two or three hours to figure out how to make it be able to sort in fancy ways, and then since then I have been applying styles and cosmetic HTML changes, and recoding the whole pictures section (I was about to fall asleep yesterday when I was sick, so I sorted my pictures/ folder into several subfolders. In the process, I discovered a bunch of pictures that are missing, and wish I could explain them. I also discovered that cyberduck uploads pictures with the same file permissions and file modified date as they have on my system. Very disorienting to discover files from 2004 when I expect them all to have the created date of june 27th, which was when I moved onto this webserver. Ho wellz.)

I also keep trying to doll, but nothing comes of it. It's kinda depressing. I want to make something! All I can do is write for the time being.
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It's not finished, but I think this is really starting to look awesome.

This is the project I mentioned in this entry. I don't mind showing it to you guys now because the display is prettified now!

It's not done, so don't hax it or anything :(

(fyi, there's more code making the little links at the top than there is to display the dolls xD well not counting css or DATABASEAGE)
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aw dangit.

Kids, don't let your li-ion batteries sit for a month without charging them. You might find your laptop thinking it doesn't have a battery in!

(it's funny because teh battery obviously has charge, because it has a green light glowing on it x.x; How does that work, I wonder? Anyways, I'm glad my mom made me get a spare, so I'll use that now. I wish I had figured this out BEFORE the day before my parents and I leave on a little two night trip into the dense mountains of arkansas!)

but yeah. I guess I should've known. Or at least turned the thing off instead of letting it slumber towards its doom xD (i seriously haven't used it since stu left)

but yeah, guess I get to call applecare again!


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