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So basically, I am in the same timezone as my lovely for the first time in many months, which is exciting in and of itself.

Secondly, I am the furthest west I've ever been. My previous record was Colorado and New Mexico. Hell yeah!

Third, I am in the City of Sin, sitting 19 stories up, looking west at millions of lights nestled in between some beautiful mountains. I thought we had mountains back home. These things are gorgeous! Not done any gambling yet (we won't be here very long, but I'll have another chance on Wednesday), but I did meet a forumite, and completely gorged myself because I neglected to eat all day! xD Mom says this is in the Mojave desert. I got no idea, and she loves western geography, so maybe it's true. No grass! So bizarre.


Fourthly, this hotel sucks pretty bad. Despite having never been to a casino before, it is stranger that everyone is all smoking indoors than that they're gambling. But that's not the bad part; the bad part is that the pool closed at 7 pm! LAME

Finally, tomorrow we're headed for Hoover Dam. My mom and I have always shared a special bond over the song Highway Man, and the third verse of that is about someone working at what [became? was?] Lake Mead. Then after that, it's the Grand Canyon and mule ride :D

It's so strange though. I've travelled quite a bit, but never really felt like I knew what to expect going anywhere. I guess so much media is based on Vegas that I feel like I know it. Scenes from Fool's Die, Fear and Loathing, and The Last Vampire 3 keep flashing through my mind. All three of these had a pretty big impact on me, with Fool's Die having the greatest (so it comes up the most)


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