Mar. 25th, 2011 09:41 pm
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Am I moving in two months or five? I have no idea. My landlord never returned my call, so I might not have a choice anyway (2). That won't really be a problem, but it'd be nice to know.

But I can't know anyway; I'm supposed to hear back by the 7th if I am in the running for what seems to be an awesome job, in everything except possibly location. But I'm all for it.

I've felt this way for months, but there are an inordinate number of ways that the next few months could work out, each with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. I just don't have enough information to make any firm decisions.

In fact, I had already made one, and then got an e-mail asking if a lady could interview me over the phone for a position I hadn't even heard of. So now, I'm back to indecision.

In the meantime, I am definitely not trying to make things as easy as they could be,

but I still have my sense of nonurgency. Even if I fuck up, it'll still be okay.

la musique

Jul. 10th, 2010 03:29 am
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in a strange way, this song is ambassador from the best and worst times of my life. Both bring me to tears.

don't read this if you want to just linger with the romantic implications above )

you know

Jan. 10th, 2010 11:26 pm
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This year, I feel I like should try making opinions for myself. I'm a pretty big sheeple, although this extends in any direction (including yaw and pitch) in any spectrum. maybe that will be my resolution.

I've done more gaming in the last month than... the last year and a half I'm sure. It's pleasant in a nostalgic kind of way. Makes me feel like I'm 16 again, you know?

I'm not really sure what to say, other than the last four weeks were fantastic. Although, it seems I have completely lost my English skills. opz.
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Just a couple of links for my old Magic Hogwarts friends. Comment after you see them, please.
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I am, as they say, tuckered out.
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Done with working now
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useless meme from _mags_mags! )

in. . . 26 days, should most things go according to plan, I will be once more in the warmest, securest arms I belong in, in a strange new land of robots and factories and cornfields, staying with people I've never seen before but one I have, meeting several more people I've never seen before, but one I have, doing amazingly mundane teenager things I never could before, but some I have.

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I have the sexiest picture in the world in my posession.
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I was going to post that stalking meme thing but apart from it saying stu's name was 'Zella' it wasn't too funny xD I mean some of it was, but not worth posting, plus I lost the original page.
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ow ow ow owowowoowowoww



nose (is unbreathethroughable)
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zomp lol wat wuz nintendo thinkin'!!!11

It amuses me to see the fanboys jumping all over this. ^_^

School has been zomp busy. I wrote on my essay (rough draft due tomorrow. Gotta get someone to proofread it first thing in chem xD) for two class hours and got two pages written. So now it's at five pages. If I didn't have to write about Kate Chopin's major works and writings etc hey wait, I started writing about her writings. Okay, that's five pages without all my longhand transcribed.

anyways, I could stop now if I had written like my best friend or like the regular junior english class. 5-7 pages yo. Time to hurry.

Anyways, Generation Loud (my school's Christian Student Union's little sorta-annual youth rally) is tomorrow evening 5-8. I'd invite you guys to come but it might be difficult to get down here xD

I've been messing with that http://pandora.com thing that roto recommended, and it's been a bit useful. I found out i like a lot of artists that my parents did-- Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot, and especially Jim Croce and Cat Stevens.

I really like this song xD

k so transcribing+new writing.

I like this being able to use a default icon for lj. it;'s hard not changing it though.

58 days.

for something far more important than the end of school. that's like in 20-something days.
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This afternoon, I picked up a shirt I had worn nearly all weekend, but not since sunday morning, and happened to smell it before putting it on.

it smells like stu still.

I did that with the blanket and the shirt I made him wear for a while on sunday night

it might be because it isn't nearly as strong and concise a scent, but it hasn't made me cry like it had been.


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my feet hurt so bad.


oh geeze oh geeze.

prom might look pretty. I put in 11 hours of work and there are still people there.
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linked from Dave's lj.


A movie about irc. movie piracy.

And it has good background music.

I'm digging it, but I don't have any time to watch any more (past ep3) right now. Gotta do ~23 notecards still. On the downhill drag now. I just hope my sources don't run out.

That reminds me, I need to write about specific authors influenced by chopin. l;gknaswg

Three days.


and a little jaunt down to little rock in TWO.

my wallclock is wrong. I will blame it for my procrastination. It says it's a quarter 'til seven now, which would leave me a healthy amount of time to finish work. Ironically, it's on the sort of time that I would be on if I hadn't had jazz band today. sadfd
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It hurts to swallow.

all star honor band tomorrow. Should be fun.

again, with the hurting :(

Also, nine days nine days nine days nine days nine days nine days nine days nine days nine days nine days nine days nine days NINE DAYS NINE DAYS NINE DAYS
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that's better now^_^

I need a shower like a bleedin' mofo needs a bandaid.

piano jazz music makes me scared and insufficient feeling. I can't read five notes at once!

um. man I don't want to do this junior paper. it's going to make april busy like :LKWNMEOG:ih.

exactly like that. :LKWNMEOG:ih.

(sorry azzie)
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I'm not giving up on reading lj friends. I've made it back to the 24th.

Then again I've not read anything since yesterday, so I don't know.

argh, I feel like I'm going to be really busy.

I need to finish getting sources for myjunior paper. I'm writing about kate chopin. I think I just have to have the biographical note cards turned in thursday and we're supposed to go over them tomorrow I think hope awdlgjk.

Then we have a jazz band meeting tomorrow afternoon that I need to remember to tell my parents about before I leave.

Then there's all star honor band clinic on the weekend

and a lovely kitten just hopped up on my chair.

11 days.

stu, baby, you are very precious to me, and I'm sorry that I do and think silly things sometimes<3

Man, it feels like I've been posting a ton at eoff lately. I guess I have to make up for missing a week.
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Hi kids!

Man I'm tired.

(it's 5 am atm (GMT in DST time) so I want to sleep soon. Fortunately I'm not going to school tomorrow. FTW)


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