Feb. 7th, 2013 10:29 pm
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There is a livejournal app for android. Well I'll be. Something longer form than twitter without being exposed to all those people I know irl!


Tonight I realized I have forgotten the companies that have hosted my site over the years. I remember about every other... That's a lot of gaps.


My psychologist has started me on Zoloft to taper off the Celexa.  I don't have a baseline anymore, thanks to the last few months of work being insane, so it may be difficult to gauge the effect. 


I've taken genetic Celexa since the middle of 2008.  this was prompted by going to France, and completely losing my shit whenever I would have to speak French. When I came back and felt panicked walking through a store, something had to changed.


During the summer of shit going down in 09, I briefly tried to go off it (taking nothing else) and did not care for the side effects.
The next summer, my psychologist at the uni health center added Buspar. I had spent that summer in Atlanta, a place I loved, doing a research project that made me want to throw myself under a bus.


That served me well enough-they are cheap and the only problem was hunting down a doctor to prescribe them to me. But like I said, my stresses have skyrocketed. Start getting careless on purpose when crossing streets, waking up in the morning with entire customer interaction histories in my mind, unable to stop brainstorming responses, or worrying what they will respond with.
My heart will flutter, skip beats, be far too noticeable. I had read that the FDA had reduced its max dosage recommendation for Celexa on account of hear issues resulting from it.


But, work is gradually becoming more manageable, hopefully the zoloft will treat me well, and I can come out of hibernation. Back in summer, I wondered what to do with my time.  Now I daydream about having some.




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