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I've noticed that when I have to rush posts on WILT (most often from not having updated recently), they're much more terse. Does that make them more or less readable, I wonder?
(that's if you're willing to pass judgment).

Playing post catch-up means I have to go through my History to find things I read earlier instead of the more profitable process of relaxing my mind to retravel my steps the last few hours, finding all the things that caught my attention. Obviously the latter would provide the optimal results as far as accuracy is concerned; if I remember it hours later, it was therefore interesting to me in some regard. Of course, these aren't always the things that interest other people, but getting 2 comments a month means I don't have a gauge on what interests people to learn about learning ;)

Ideally, I would like to avoid being some sort of amalgation of slashdot and metafilter, which is what those hurried days' posts essentially are. It's rather dishonest.

I think I'm going to have a hard time going back to classes tomorrow. As will every student at this place. We haven't had class since last Monday, after all.

Last night, coming back to Fayettetown, I was stricken by the most intense bout of nausea I've had since, well, the last time I threw up (right before finals last semester-.-) I hadn't heeded the double-warning for Loratab and Bactrim, both of which can cause nausea on an empty stomach, and I hadn't eaten much that day. I felt a lot better by the time we got back to school, but still not just fine. Why didn't I have that effect friday?

It came back today, but I didn't take a loratab (hydrocodone+paracetamol (I can't remember the other word for this)) so it wasn't quite as pronounced. It kinda lingered all afternoon until I had eaten properly (breakfast was some delicious and malnutritious french toast) and inflicted a killer headache. Or maybe that was something else, but it was terrible.

I'll be glad when this infection is gone! I still have three days of antibiotics left x_x

It's really nice to be able to sleep on my back again. You really have no idea (unless you're like [ profile] bondchick_nett and you do)
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Sometimes I forget to update WILT before I go to bed, so when I think about it the next day, I wonder 'do I want to keep trudging on?'

well I think it's become too much of a habit to give up too soon xD It's nice to think back over a day and realize just how much information I am expected to absorb in a day.

Anyways, that was just an excuse to plug it if some of you have forgotten or never saw it before :)

I had another France dream this morning, except Mrs. Cioppa was there. We walked up a staircase with famous quotes by french people on it, and I was reading them and exclaimed 'oh wow, I totally know what all these mean now!'

More interesting though, was the first part of the dream.

I dreamed I went on a trip with a lot of young people my age. We stopped at a place that looked like my elementary playground (that's been showing up in dreams a lot lately too). But this had a large tract of sodden sand. I walked over it pretty easily in my flipflops, but there were 50 girls wearing high heels with us, and after they walked over, the sand was filled with these cute little holes that the heels made.

I made an awesome 3d model today. I guess it's not really that awesome, but it's a lot more awesome than my wedge.

I also borked my tablet in a new way. Well, not today, but I discovered it today. Apparently when I had rocked my chair onto the cord, it'd actually rocked onto the plug, so when I tried to plug it in,hmmmmmmmmmmmm didn't fit! UGH. Mike and Stu managed to pound it back into shape enough that it can be jammed into a port and used. Ugh. I sent an e-mail to wacom to see if they would be generous to fix it (and the cord) for me.

Anyways, my teacup pot.

I initially wanted to do a teapot, then forgot about the lid and started drawing a handle, then decided to make it a spout instead, then still forgot about the lid. so it's kinda weird. The other thing is just a random object xD
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On dentist appointment day, I can't do anything but be productive. I guess once you take initiative in a day you have to keep doing it all day long.

I even woke up early (before noon) for this special occasion!

Dentites said my teeth looked good if stained, my gums looked neglected, and my wisdom teeth looked peaceful, so I celebrated with a burger from Sonic. I dropped in at the Pope County Library (main headquarters) to see if their copy of Support Your Local Wizard was in, and apparently it's GONE.

"System availability: 0 out of 0"

why;.; that was a staple of my teenhood! It allowed me to answer yes when my art teacher asked whether we would pick a book with a plain black cover on a library shelf! Now I have to find my own. I don't think I'll find one as friendly as that plain librarybound book though.

anyways, once at home, I had the idea of installing wordpress on my jasonspace at, I had come up with an idea for a blog the other day anyways, so lo and behold. . .

I should have plenty to talk about anyways. I hadn't thought about it, but stu asked if it was going to be a france blog, and I think it should be a good idea to blog about things I learn in france. Probably mostly dirty words that seem like they should be innocent.

Anyways, I spent several hours pouring over the css and php. Holy crap is wordpress annoying to use! There's only like twenty includes files! No wonder all those blogs all look alike.

I also started writing a tutorial about how to be a doller on a mac. It's mostly just program recommendations right now, though xD see?

Then I decided to finish reading my mom's Chronicles of the Witch World book. I love in ;.; It is also going on the List. Maybe I should start making a list of all these books I like.

Anyways, it's really late now, and I'm going to start my amazing book list, then I will go to sweet sleep xD

(and maybe dreaming of hilarion as hyde the magician)
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It's never totally pleasant to be without stu, but as foa so kindly informed me, I'll live.

Things I've done in the last week:
Got a B in Calculus (hoes yeses, dont have a clue how that happened, but am pleased about it nonetheless)
Got As in everything else
Opened some christmas presents with stu (I got superbad and the x-files season1 and he got some houseshoes to warm his feet)
Watched the first six eps of x-files (it is sooooooooooooooo good)
Found and decorated a christmas tree (it is pretty good looking this year!)
Stayed up until 6 making a new layout for
Stayed up until 5 watching Lord of the Rings with stu (fellowship), and then again until 1 watching the rest (ttt, rotk)
Enjoyed the lord of the rings movies! Want to reread the books now!
Forgot to return my library books to fayetteville. Will have twelve days * 3 books of latefees. Ho wellz.
Continued reading Interview with the Vampire
drank a lot of tea yesterday when I was majorly sick feeling.
had a birthday party and ate a bunch of brownies
probably not bathed as much as I should have
played a ton with my dog
continued my search for kindred spirits

and very little else. Seriously, I'm pretty stoked about the website thing. I got the whole layout pretty much done in five hours; two hours to visualize and implement the design, three hours to get my doll database working properly. Then the next day it was another two or three hours to figure out how to make it be able to sort in fancy ways, and then since then I have been applying styles and cosmetic HTML changes, and recoding the whole pictures section (I was about to fall asleep yesterday when I was sick, so I sorted my pictures/ folder into several subfolders. In the process, I discovered a bunch of pictures that are missing, and wish I could explain them. I also discovered that cyberduck uploads pictures with the same file permissions and file modified date as they have on my system. Very disorienting to discover files from 2004 when I expect them all to have the created date of june 27th, which was when I moved onto this webserver. Ho wellz.)

I also keep trying to doll, but nothing comes of it. It's kinda depressing. I want to make something! All I can do is write for the time being.
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It's not finished, but I think this is really starting to look awesome.

This is the project I mentioned in this entry. I don't mind showing it to you guys now because the display is prettified now!

It's not done, so don't hax it or anything :(

(fyi, there's more code making the little links at the top than there is to display the dolls xD well not counting css or DATABASEAGE)
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My one and only big brother Cory Tyler is getting married tomorrow! My mom is excited xD

Also hey, if you guys didn't do this johari thing (picking attributes that fit me) the last time I did it like, two years ago now maybe? Do it now!

I dolled myself as miss scarlett xD From Clue!

It was kinda funny, I opened ws ftp like I always do to upload a doll, then I stopped and thought 'heyyyyyyyyy wait, I have the dollanator thing all finished now, let's TEST IT OUT!'

So I used my form for the first time the way it was intended :)

Of course I added a field to the myql table and didn't reflect that in the form (I love phpmyadmin) so I'll have to add that later, but man!

(I have been having to make up all kinds of sql snippits to work with this database thing, and I don't have a book or anything and the documentation on the web is pretty. . well, unintuitive if you don't know what you're doing (if they'd make that better they'd have more people being web programmers and stuff! php is similarly a FIEND to get a hold on early on! well I guess it might not be if you had patience to do dumb tutorials instead of coming up with what to do yourself and trying to reverse engineer a way to do it, but hey I'm getting some of this stuff down.) ANYWAYS, I've been saving up the snippits in a text file so I won't have to relearn them every single time I want to order the rows in the table xD)

How many of you will actually ever need these? I dunno, but you never know! )

I've been listening to radio-fr again, and I really enjoy it.
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I just finished adding 347 dolls to a mysql database for future ease of snowy-day.

I can think of at least three off of the top of my head I did not add because I don't really have them saved other than as a psp file.

I can think of about ONE MILLION that I did have saved AND uploaded BUT not actually on the site's like pages. So I got to hunt down base links. I posted a big long list of base links/names/images that I wanted people to check for me to find out where they go xD But I have the vast vast vast majority!

But yeah, that was a huge project and I'm numb because I've been doing it all afternoon with small breaks while listening to radio-france

I would show you the php pages that I can generate with all this info but it's really ugly and nothing you all haven't seen before (I think) When I get it pretty (I kept thinking of so much more info to add to the DB while I added these! EX: oldness vs newness/goodness, color, gender, whether they are of people/characters, myself, whatever etc and other things of that ilk.)

I'm really really tired right now though. I think I started at like. . . 161 today and ended up (obviously) at 347.


Also my sinuses are mean to me :(
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lol, hosting ran out with hostexcellence yesterday, but the files are still there today. But no ftp access xD

So when I realized I hadn't uploaded all my photos to the new server, I took a moment to download the flashgot extension and also get right. I used to have getright when I had dialup, but hadn't redownloaded it since then, but man, I don't remember it being this yucky to use. oh well, it did what I wanted to, so the files are all peacefully uploading.

( still points to the files on host excellence, where snowy-day points to the ones on asmallorange, so that's how I can tell)

I don't really have any use for so I guess I'll just let it die. I just had a free domain registration when I signed up with hostexcellence that I used. Did you guys even know it existed? It lead a very quiet life. I mostly registered it so that subdomains would work on snowy-day.

did you guys know that I have registered also? It doesn't do much, but you can upload a picture there if you want.

I mainly just wanted to post about how silly it was to have removed my ftp access but kept my files. I've never really looked back from changing hosts before. I kinda hope I won't ever need to again.

I should make some new lj icons. I mean I think I have room for a couple more. I just don't have any images I really am in love with atm.
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If you guys don't have a weirdo awesome mouse like stu's that has like a back button and a forward button and a copy button etc etc etc or you're on a laptop, man look into the Mouse Gestures addon for firefox. Did I just say add on? My word. What's come over me!

It's love, guys, seriously. I was trying to do it in Safari! (with one mouse button at that xD) Not to mention explorer!

But yeah.

Um, I've mostly just been chilling since graduation. I went fishing with a friend of mine, dani, on Friday and got my shoulders sunburned. They're bearable now. It was pretty terrible the first night (couldn't sleep on my back or sides!)

Saturday, I was supposed to meet the governor, 'cept I couldn't find the invitation that told the time, nor could I find out from elsewhere. I'm kinda bummed about that, but whatever.

Helped my mom pick out a new microwave because the magnetron in ours is broken (or so dad says). It was really cute ont he box, except it's a midget! So I'm going to take it to college with me xD Stu, it cooks very little very fast! It is seriously dinky compared to our last one (which dad is still thinking about repairing, it just depends if he wants to blow $100 on a magnetron xD)

I kinda want to get a crockpot to take too, but everyone I mention the idea to seems dismissive>:[

I want to get that HP 48gII calculator still though, apparently it does more than just RPN mode! And if it's dumb, I still have my '83.

My towels are fresh out of the dryer. I went to belks and bought the most expensive, most fluffy ones I could find. They were on sale anyways, so whatever 8) I also paid for my dad to get my mom some, so now he's going to pay for me to get new car tires. ($30 for $200? Score! I think I'll be on my own for an oil change though xD)

these towels are seriously so great. The softest ones I've ever felt. They make our old ones show up as the thin rags they are! well not quite rags, but they're starting to get stringy :( (which sucks because they were really great, but now we have these AWESOME ones, so whatev)

HEY LJ FRENDZ WHO HAVE BEEN TO COLLEGE IN DORM What should I really really consider taking/not taking?

I just spent this evening reorganizing My Pictures\. I had so much junk in the top level folder xD So I made a folder for all the screen shots and for all the web grafix and for a bunch of other stuff, so now everything's all super organized! I thought I'd be working on it for a few days. Well, there are still some files I need to reorganize (.html files in Sigs and Stuff\? Weirdo beardo)

I am also listening to my playlist all the way through. I am somewhere in 2002, about september I suppose (just heard Let it Be, and I think I downloaded that after I heard it at the fair) Mostly it's been an exercise in 'oh my word, why did i ever used to listen to that?'

Man I'ev also been doing some dolling! I don't even remember what I've posted in here lately! Wow, apparently not any.

In backwards order:

Hmm. I'm holding a doll contest, if any of you guys are intrigued xD lol need entries :(

Hmm. I put my valedictorian speech up on snowy-day, and another speech I made last year. Eventually I'll start to catalog my poems(hahahaha) and put them up too. OH!

I found a .txt file full of my dreams I've had (I compiled it for my boyfriend in ninth grade, Robert, but I dont' think he ever read them xD I was so upset that i lost them, but now there they are! in My Documents\My Pictures\Dollz\Sigs and Stuff\? Yeah I don't understand it either) It's three and a half years out of date, but that's okay! There were some pretty obscure ones I dug out for that thing!

Mussie is still a puppy but needs fixing (badly) He's so adorable though! When he's not scratching me or jumping on me or clutching to my leg or biting me. Stu you'll still have a chance for him to be cute! Unless my parents get him fixed while I'm gone, in that case there's no telling!

I decided that I would buy a trumpet this summer (I decided this like a month ago) so the other day I started browsing through craigslist, and of course there was practically nothing in the little rock or fayetteville sections. Then a couple hours later, I got a clever idea! "Hey, I'm going to be in ohio for a couple of weeks, why not check out them!" The dayton section is closest to stu's house, so I started there and lo and behold, there's a dude wanting to get rid of one for $50, case included. And he talked like he was a band geek! Or at least used to be. So I shot him an e-mail and come june 1, I will join the ranks of the brassy and arrogant trumpeters.

Heck guys, I even started reading again. The last couple of years, AR burned me out so bad, I was just reading to get my goals and then stopping. I told myself I would read the whole year since it was my last chance, but I got so busy that I just stopped. But I've read the first five Last Vampire books, and am halfway through rereading Purity and Passion etc etc, I have a stack a mile high.

I also want to sell a bunch of my old books. Any ideas on how I could do that? Mostly YA stuff.

btw, we did one more performance of our play, Larceny and Old Lace (yes it's a knock off!) and it went great! I was very happy with it.

I love summer vacation.
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So things I have been doing lately:

Actually first I'll post the answers to moviememe

Foa knew that this was X-Men! 1) Super Power / Kicked In The Crotch / Brotherhood / Anti Hero / Jet
roto guessed that this was Kill BIll (vol. 1) 2) Overhead Camera Shot / Animated Segments / Murder Of Father / Girl Fight / Shot In The Head
NOBODY got that this was Disney's Sleeping Beauty :( 3) 14th Century / Turns Into Animal / Turned To Stone / Raven / Hero
NOBODY got that this was Young Frankenstein 4) Little Girl / Prosthetic Body Part / One Armed Man / Abandoned Laboratory / Grave Digging
stu got that this was Return of the Jedi after giving up and going to IMDB! 5) Chained / Moon / No Opening Credits / Messiah / Strangler
Stu got that this was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie 6) Giant Robot / Construction Site / Martial Arts / Monorail / Skydiving
Denfferob divined that this was Donnie Darko 7) Imaginary Friend / Object Falling From Sky / High School / 1980s / Altering History
Big D realized the truth of Forrest Gump=#8 (which is funny because he's not even american, as far as I know!) 8) Autistic Savant / Kennedy Assassination / Mentally Impaired / Park Bench / Legless Person
stu intuited that this was Pirates of the Caribbean9) British Empire / Naval Officer / Pirates / Throat Slitting / No Opening Credits
after cheating again on IMDB, stu realized this was The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 10) Dynamite / Exploding Bridge / Good Versus Evil / Moral Ambiguity / Very Little Dialogue

Anyways, recent events:

I am in the school play (first time eva eva!). Because the new drama directress couldn't get ahold of the real script of Arsenic and Old Lace we're doing a knock-off version called Larceny and Old Lace which is about as hilarious as I remember the original being. Well, it would be if many of our actors weren't the ones that made you wonder if they should have been in special ed :( And I am not joking or anything here. but regardless. This is practice like after school every day on weeks.

Except not tomorrow! nor wednesday! mrs. stroud can't stay after tomorrow to direct us, which is good because I have BOOK REPORT OF DOOM due on Thursday. Mrs. Hooper swears it is not a book report, but I know better(I've never actually done a book report in my life but i know she's right. This is AP stuff). Anyways, it requires a bunch of time, and some how, I had no time tonight. I guess what with getting home late from school, realizing it was 6 and I hadn't even finished surfing LJ friends (I still haven't actually) and then going on a bike ride with dad and talking to stu my evening slipped away and I cant start on anything homework after 9 because in my heart I know I should be going to bed then but I don't.

Anyways we have to pick a book (I picked A Lesson Before Dying by Faulkner and despite having to read it twice to understand, really liked it), write a page of introduction about the book and mechanical stuff (wtp this is the hard part, I skipped it), a page on style analysis, a page dissecting a "scholarly criticism", a page on the theme, and probably something else. We've had a month so far to do it! I wrote my first paragraph today! (and as of yet, that's all I've written). However two hours of studyhall tomorrow and wednesday should help out a lot. (I know a girl that is just skipping school all day wednesday to work on it because she works until 11 the other nights)

So yeah what time I squander not doing that I waste thinking about how I need to be doing it (like right now!)

I really need to improve my study habits before college. I'm gonna die man.

Friday is leaving for stuland for his Prom. Monday is getting back. Friday is cinco de mayo celebrations in Spanish class, and then leaving on the band trip to hot springs, AR. Saturday is 'woohoo amusement park I've never been to but everyone else has!' and also a concert contest (our excuse for going!). Sunday is the quiet and solemn drive home. (also probably tired). the last band trip we went on was overnight, but this is over two nights! (albeit not out of state :()

The week after that is the last week of classes. Senior semester tests(probably only taking math and spanish(although that may not count as a test grade, but maybe I'll ask for it to since I've missed so much classtime xD), AP English test is one of those days.

WEEKEND OF REST. A 'yay people graduated' dinner at church on the 13th.

Then tuesday. the 15th. 2007.


And man, after that I really don't know what I"ll do with myself.

(note to self, need to finish sending out graduation invitations. like. uh NOW)

then there's stuff I'm doing that isn't even school related. Like trying to reupload all of my dolls with as correct as possible links in as correct an order as possible into a mysql database so I can restructure the doll section to be more dynamic (I plan on doing this to the photos section too, but without needing to research base links, that ought to go much faster) I don't know if you all realize, but I have dolled somewhere around 400 dolls in the last five years. That's a bunch GOSH!

Then there's the fact that I keep joining these dolling forums hoping to find one that is hopping (and not eden enchanted, although the last time I went there it was a saturday and they allowed us po' folk posting access! marvelous! except no one cares enough to comment! Disgusting :'()

I see myself as a kind of web saviour (why does savior look weird?) to these places, or rather a missionary. They don't understand about PNG very much, they've heard its name before though. Some of them use firefox, but there are many souls that need to be turned. And all their websites use either iframes or tables.

I have my work cut out for me!
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I'd been thinking for a while that I'd like a nice php way to sort dolls by size and stuff to have a more dynamic display on

Well I decided to start messing with PHP and MySQL to achieve this. I ran into a pretty big roadblock yesterday and I have seriously spent just about all evening doing this (six hours, but with frequent breaks).

Of course, I am a complete notive using mysql (I've used it once before, pretty much) and almost as much with hardcore PHP, so the code is all ganked from other sources, and of course I bothered jason until he helped me figure out why things didn't work, but I think I've learned a lot already.

Here's the example page (I'm trying to upload the dolls in order so there will be a chronological factor too. I had a terrible time trying to reupload some of those because when I saved them in my n00bhood the transparency was farked, and I had to set permissions on the folder that are awkwardand I kept getting permission denied, so I was all "*chmods you fool*")
It gets the things from a mysql table, then sorts them first by the base maker and then chronologically. Although with this number, that's pretty much chronological. It outputs the filename into an img tag and the basemaker url into an anchor with the title displayed.

What I plan to do next is finish uploading these to the database, and then after that I can just use the uploader page to do it in the future with pretty much no trouble, and figure out a way to sort them from the page. I need to stop going to bed at midnight, so I might have to put this off a week.

Well over spring break, I'll have a bunch of time while stu's at school, and I can't just play ff12 all day at his house (mar22nd->april2nd!) so I might do some of that then with his nice bandwidth 8)

I feel really good about this. I can't look at documentation for PHP or MySQL and understand it yet (I'm just starting to be able to understand the W3C CSS and HTML/XHTML specs after making webpages for seven years now) but if someone explains to me what these things are individually, then my literacy can rise exponentially (like it did this evening!)

Not that I didn't know that already. I found that out when I tried to implement timmie's php template back in the summer xD
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Somehow I made $0.01 on adsense today with 0 clicks.

What? I don't get it either.
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Look at it! It has stuff in it! finally.

(also, consider, which is the same thing but it's finally registered!)
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For the love of the Lord Almighty, Read this, webdesigners


(it just happened to come up as a 'helpful hint' as I validated what seems like has been a million webpages. And the most serious error so far has been either not including alt text on images, not self closing an img/br tag, or not closing an anchor or paragraph. I think that speaks for something!
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Nothing creeps me out so much as seeing WS FTP transfer a file from snowy-day to my harddrive and not seeing the little ticker bar showing progress not going backwards.

I mean, considering ws ftp's layout, local directory on the left, remote on the right, it makes sense that it should move right to left when downloading a file and left to right when uploading.

You'll notice that is a bit, empty atm. I'm doing some organizational things;o
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we are learning about quantum theory in chem; it makes most people in the class start to nod off or cry "I dont' understand!" but I like it. It's the basics, I suppose, listing the parts of the quantum numbers, and then a good deal of the time discussing the orbitals, how many of them there are, how many are in them, and what hsapes they are.

Our books were pansies and refrained from giving diagrams or even the notation things for the f-orbitals. Mr. Johnston showed a book that did have them, and I tried to photograph the page in my mind so I could have them, since he swept it in front of us rather fast. I'm looking forward to this section.

Hmm, Mr. Wagner showed us a powerpoint that he had bought as a set (for $40) that was what we had already learned more or less, and he talked about how national banks were done away with after the Second National Bank, and I mentioned the "First National Bank" and everyone laughed while I rectified that with "Or is that just a name" They laughed quite a bit. They don't take him seriously at all.

I'm tired of typing. Hurrah for staff evaluation. That's been all I've done today, is read those. man.
I swear )
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mr. wheeler preached about angels today, and I started off listening, then I had an epiphany about the suicidebf+gf storyline and started making notes about lowell. but lowell's an angel anyways, so at least now she'll be sorta canon.

then timmie got me started off trying to muck around with snowy-day again ;_;

I'm trying to better my tagboard, but everytime I try to edit tag.php and save it, all the lines run together and if i upload it, it doesn't work anymore-.- it's depressing.

I know i can do it, 'cause I've done it before, I think:O (or maybe I haven't) but how do you edit stuff like this and still have it work afterwards? ;_;

fortunately, editplus' trial loves php and now it is better:D
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Best news I've had in a long time:

"Your hosting account's billing has been cancelled in full. We have also refunded
your payment
of $65.95. Should you have any further questions or inquiries please do
not hesitate to reply."

. . .

This calls for a huzzah dance. (for teh third time)
*does a little huzzah dance of happiness*

HAHA, SUCKAS. Goodbye cyberpixels ^_^ Have fun drowning in your misery BY YOURSELF ^_^
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meme from cara! )

Just called cyberpixels. Couldn't give teh guy my phone number, dependable email address, or order number, but I still think I managed to get it to not renewxD

The weirdest part was when he said ' That sounds familiar'


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Man I hate you, cyberpixels.

I'm going to leave for the duration of June, and I'm not going to care. then in July, I'm going to get away from them firstrate.


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