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Cibie says that I can post to LJ by typing on my keyboard, so here's giving it a shot.

Today, I woke up and thought 'damnit I am not sleeping in all day like I did yesterday' so I got up and discovered that due to Daylight Savings ending, it was only 9:30.

I got up and made an omelet with mushrooms and onion and fed Lolacat (i.e. shook her food bowl). Dessert for breakfast was a mini-Snickers bar that I got for the trick or treaters that never came to our door.

I spent some time browsing through the script of Hamlet after watching Hamlet 2000 last night in #outerheaven (Saturday night Internet Pirate Television). I keep thinking about this essay I wrote about Ophelia and her flowers for AP English in high school, but I can't bring myself to actually reread it. shuddering here. Turns out Ophelia doesn't get a hell of a lot of speaking lines. Hamlet 2000 did a pretty good job of chronicling her descent into angsty madness, I thought.

I browsed through the mail, holding onto a few coupons for car services (my dovely needs a smog check, and my car needs an oil change) and ripped a taxi service ad off a nice refrigerator magnet. Now I just have to think of something clever or pretty to attach to it.

There was also a brochure for classes held by my city/civic center. The Ballroom Dancing for Couples sounded interesting, as well as Knitting 101 at the library. My friend had expressed interest in learning, and I've never learned myself, plus it's free! so we'll see. I have my doubts about getting my dovely interested in dancing, though

I remembered that I had wanted to purchase some daffodil bulbs in order to start wintering them to bloom in spring. Turns out there was a highly rated garden center south of here, and they had bulbs in stock.

When my dovely awoke, I immediately stole all of his clothes for the purpose of washing laundry, while he took to playing Real Survival mode in Resident Evil (GC). This is the fifth RE game we've played; we started with RE1 2 and 3 on PSN classixxxx, then RE: Code Veronica on PS2. After playing so many up-rezzed PS1 games on our PS3, seeing a PS2 game over component cables looked... weird. But beautiful! Then RE:game cube version on the Wii, which is noticeably not up-rezzed, but still lovely. The high color pre-rendered backgrounds are very fulfilling.

While the laundry was percolating downstairs (have you ever heard of a three story apartment complex having one laundry room?) I worked on separating the pumpkin guts from the pumpkin pulp from the Cat o'Lantern we carved last week. (You can see what Lolacat thinks of Cat o'Lantern. Unlike all the other cats that roam wild across the plains of our apartment complex, she does not hiss or bat her claws at Cat o'Lantern.) It took me a lot of googling to decide which part of the pumpkin you actually cook, but luckily I had scraped plenty out when carving that I think I have enough for my milkshake schemes. I microwaved it for half an hour in 5 minute increments, stirring each time (and eventually draining the excess water). Due to the scraping, there wasn't much need to puree the pumpkin, which was good because I tried it in my blender anyway, to no great effect. I'm thinking my blender is kinda shitty.

After laundry, we went on the great garden center adventure. Turns out it's a lot further than I thought, but there's all kinds of great stuff. And since it's Fall, everything was on sale; I got out of there for like $25 despite buying a large planter, a large bag of potting soil, and the daffodil bulbs I've been idly dreaming of.

I also got some paperwhite bulbs, in honor of a paper I read many years ago that explains how to grow miniature paperwhites by adding alcohol. Turns out that the bulbs are pretty creepy looking, like a garlic in the back of the cabinet long forgotten.

My dovely also suggested some catnip for Lolacat to frolic in. The aeonium my coworker gave me has more or less given up, so that will be an idea use for that pot.
(I have also placed random pumpkin seeds in all my pots to see if any of them do anything. I didn't remember from my first grade pumpkin seed growth experiment whether you're supposed to put them tip down or tip up, so I did a mixture of each.
I also pulled up my orange lilies that got dried out and shriveled up. They each have new little bulbs forming in their roots, so I'm optimistic about them coming up again next year.

I started another onion, since the last one hasn't really taken off. Whenever I get to the end of an onion for cooking purposes, I usually drop it in a pot so that it will grow onion greens, which are good for omelets and egg drop soup. Garlics will do the same thing, but I don't run through them as fast.

After the garden center, the next step was to get ice cream for the pumpkin milkshake I ultimately intend to consumer. The best place in Los Angeles county to get ice cream is Handel's, which is an Ohio transplant. This location has some pretty good pizza in the same lot, so that was dinner, then S'mores ice cream (with a graham cracker flavored ice cream base, small slabs of chocolate, and honest to god marshmallows bedded in) was dessert.

After that, we returned home with our quart of plain vanilla and found that it was completely dark already. Hurrah for daylight being squandered! However, the effect is to make me feel like I have a lot more time before bed, so I kinda like it.

At any rate, back online, I got to thinking about people I'd been lj friends years before, and after an hour or two of googling them, decided I felt like blogging.

So here you have it!


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