Nov. 3rd, 2008 12:15 am
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dang, better start shaping up.

also I'm far too embarassed to share it very many places as of yet. It's all boring exposition and no action so far.
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Alright, so those of you from EoFF are probably tired of hearing about this, but I finally donated blood yesterday.

Those familiar with my antics through the years might remember the first failure of a time that I tried to give blood. That was junior year when I signed my name on a list ready to do my 17-year-old duty, and sat in anxiety all day only to have the moment of truth never come for me. It did for everyone else, but not me. I cried harder at having been overlooked than I did fear of the needles.

The second time was the next year. This time, I made it to the blood suckin' room, read the paperwork, and sat down to take an iron test. This was where I started crying and the room started swaying because I was so scared. The lady noticed my evident distress and forbade me from donating. Again, I was foiled.

At freshman orientation, I got the first shots since like I don't know, 7th or 8th grade. I'm afraid I made a fool of myself, but thankfully I had a very sympathetic nurse to talk me into calmness.

Then this year, I sat in on an Alpha Phi Omega meeting where they were discussing an upcoming drive, and while I was less than impressed with APO, I made a note in my mind to consider donating. I had a boyfriend for moral support and a prescription for mental stability, could I overcome the crippling fear?

I had actually decided against it when walking out of the cafeteria, Stu said he needed to pick up a lab manual from the union bookstore, and that reminded me the drive was going on in the union right then and when I realized the rest of the day was free for me, I suggested we go do it.

I picked a flower for extra comfort, and went through the rigamarole once more. No, I haven't had sex with a gay dude, no I haven't been in india or europe for five years.

Then, the moment of truth arrived. Could I survive the iron test? The nurse remarked that the flower I had was a Rose of Sharon, and I admitted readily to her that I was afraid of being nervous, and she did an admirable job of distracting me. I tried to use the rhythmic breathing meditation techniques I use to go to sleep better by, but stu was rubbing my other arm so I had to make him stop first so I could concentrate on it xD

I don't know if accepting the pinprick made it hurt less or if it had been placed in a less painful spot(same finger), but it didn't seem as bad as the last time. My vision had gone a little dark, but I wasn't crying, so I felt a little more confident about The Real Thing.

Stu had a class at 2, so he waited around long enough to see someone put me on a cot and start hooking me up before he jetted. I didn't feel drained or weakened by his absence as I've done some times in the past.

I didn't want to hint at any distress to this woman, because I was determined to go through with this vampiric process, so I answered her questions about my state of mind and body truthfully but scant.

I asked questions and learned she was required to scrub down my injection site for 30 seconds, but is that so useful when you walk away for another minute? I don't know.

It hurt to go in, I didn't watch it. I stared off to the side afraid I was about to drop the ball I was given to squeeze. My arm was going to sleep so badly, and it didn't really improve when the lady loosened the tension around the upper arm.

I looked down and there was a deep red-violet, burgandy, warmth flowing across the piping taped to my wrist. I was pleased it had already started so well. I couldn't watch it very long because my stomach started to turn, so I focused on squeezing the hell out of that little ball, but my fingers were heavy and wouldn't work, so I had to settle for spinning it around slowly in my hand.

Eventually the pain went away and my fingers started to work, and it was so peaceful, but soon the bag was filled, the flow staunched, and a physical misery equal to if not greater than the original was upon me. However, the deed was done, and I acquiesced readily to change in posture. Thinking back to when Hannah was giving, I asked for a drink and sipped some icy dr. pepper.

Of course they were out of the appropriate size of t-shirt, but whatever, we can do some mods at home. The zebra cake I had after managing to get up was simply delicious, but almost too difficult to eat.

I had a long walk back to Yocum, and I had to stop to rest and finish eating my sunflower seeds (shelled), but I made it.

Sent an IM to stu who was worried that I hadn't made it back yet, he came and hugged me, and we napped.

Thinking of someone at Washington Regional getting my unit of blood made me cry the first two times, and my eyes are glistening now.

I just don't know when I'll be able to do it again.
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  1. Get your toothbrush and toothpaste.

  2. Apply toothpaste to toothbrush.

  3. Begin vigorously applying toothbrush to teeth

  4. Go to the bathroom with your water bottle, walking quietly so as to not hit the most noisy floorboards

  5. Urinate if necessary

  6. Do not flush the toilet, but instead, spit the toothpaste out, and rinse your mouth with water from the bottle. Do not put your mouth near the sink.

  7. Rinse the spittle and paste down the drain (with faucet)

  8. Drink the last of the water

  9. Push the toilet button(the US has levers, the UK and stu's house has chains, France has buttons. I hate to see what the japanese use.)

  10. Exit the bathroom, avoiding the loud floorboards

  11. Listen to the toilet flush from your room and try not to imagine the water from the bowl travelling up to the sink and possibly gurgling out.

what else can I teach you. Hmm. Oh I know!

How to eat dinner (in France)

  1. "On mange!"

  2. Seat yourself awkwardly at the dinner table because no one else is there yet

  3. After everyone else is there, allow Manon to fill your glass of water, or if you can do it yourself, fill it yourself and maybe someone else's

  4. Take some of the cantaloup, boiled eggs, corn, cucumbers, cranberry sauce, cheese things, tomatoes, and yellow mustard stuff.

  5. Eat these

  6. Listen closely for french conversation you can engage in, start, or need to reply to

  7. Watch the bowls those were in be replaced by the main dish, something like kebabs, pizza, lentil soup, egg rolls, salmon, chicken, or steaks

  8. Eat these

  9. Listen closely for french conversation you can engage in, start, or need to reply to

  10. Refill or have your water refilled.

  11. See these dishes disappear also to be replaced by cheese (three kinds) and some type of dessert to be chosen from fruit (strawberry and kiwi), yogurt (apricot, pineapple, pear), cakes and pies (rasperry, cherry, peach), delicious ice cream custard concoctions (delicious), and the like.

  12. Eat these

  13. When finished, take your plate to the dishwasher and listen closely for any instructions given in french as to the fullness of the dishwasher or anything else.

  14. Today the kids talked about self harm and cutting. I gathered this from the words 'blood' (sein), 'more' (plus), the gestures at arms (across the road), and the red faded scars on two siblings' arms.

    I got really uncomfortable. Like you must be right now.

    I keep wanting to ask Tristan (the brother) "pourquoi es tu triste?" because it's a pun, but also because he's so beautiful in a moody black haired (except I have a feeling he was born with his) emo kid kind of way. I don't know why, but I always want to make friends with that type.
    (stu is emoer than you'd think, really!)

    oh yeah, stu, manon's copain Nicolas has a complexion just like Ron's. kinda medium shaggy brown hair (well before ron dyed his blonde xD), pale skin and blue eyes. Kinda like my mom too! I didn't see any long scars across his arms, but there were a couple of round marks at the elbow I couldn't place but they made me very uncomfortable.

    I should ask jeff later if he was following that conversation. or was he there @_@ I don't remember!
    (jeff is the other hostee living here right now. We're in the same class and he and a bunch of others are from penn state)

    Oh yeah, I got the most useless coin in the world the other day: the €0,02 coin. Five of them. Everything in france is priced at multiples of fives, and I dont' even know why they bother. I guess maybe they have something in germany or somewhere that's €6,32 (does germany use euros?), but not in france. HOLY CRAP I HAVE FIVE OF THESE USELESS PIECES OF METAL.
    Good advice would be 'spend them!' but I want to do this pokemon style and catch them all, except I dont' need FIVE FREAKING COINS. And they're worthless unless in a set!

    if anyone would like a postcard from the US with a two centime coin in it, get back to me.

    I used my bus pass for the first time today. I was so happy. I was not quite so happy when I pushed the 'I want to get off button' and the 'stop requested' light did not blink on. Nor did it blink on when I pushed another 'I wanna get off button'. Luckily, someone *did* wish to get off at the stop after that, and that's how I started my trip to the Citadelle!
    this place took a freaking hard walk to get up to )

    I took a walk around the block yesterday and took some pictures maybe I'll post them tomorrow. I gotta get to bed for class in the morning!

    bonne nuit~


May. 21st, 2008 01:57 am
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Sara pulled on her woolen overcoat as her high heeled boots clacked across the wooden floors. The hour was late, but her night had just begun.

I did more work on WILT tonight. Also started packing. Well, laying out clothes. Got my euros. the bank gave us a shitty conversion rate, like €40 less. it's our bank, they should at least give us an incentive here.

Anyways, it's kinda weird because when I handle them it's so loosely, like 'hey lol this isn't actually money, it's just meaningless pieces of paper', when you know that if they were the $1300 in USD I would be slaving to keep them protected and hidden.

Went ahead and got some travellers checks too, and good thing too, because I forgot that the budget's 'books and supplies: $100' won't actually be disbursed to me until after I get back, if at all. The fellowship may only just pay for whatever charges show up on ISIS -.- that charge was mostly just a 'lol whatever, here see if you can get more scholarshp money for this' anyways.

Speaking of ISIS, I hope the money for that shows up soon! I always feel uncomfortable when I have outstanding fines. Because someone else pays for them, if they stay there too long, I start to grow doubts. Like that 35¢ fine last semester. I still don't know what that was for. Oh well. I did go ahead and pay it xD maybe I should've left it.

Speaking of fellowships, remind me everyone to apply for this next next semester:

there's only ten positions, so I really don't stand a chance unless no one else knows about it, but I'm sure they do, but this is exactly what I would like to do my undergrad research in ;o

Pottsville's graduation was tonight. I didn't go. It didn't rain. Go figure?
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My first car is my current car-- a silver 2003 chevy cavalier. it's a wonderful little coupe with mirror tint on the back glass (scraped off the front for legality :()

It had 30k miles when we got it, and I've put about 13000 miles on it myself since dec 2004, including a 1600 mile roadtrip to ohio :]

I kinda drove it over a curb at the beginning of last semester because I parked it in a lot that was supposed to be vacated and I didn't want a ticket, so it's been creaking and groaning ever since, but it hasn't affected its mileage any; with me and stu in tow, it usually gets about 33mph on the interstate.

It has manual windows and locks so I have to always remind my riders to lock their doors, but often I'll leave my window cracked enough that I can just reach in and unlock it. Stu doesn't think this is a good idea, but then it's my car and not his 8)
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Une nuit quand j'étais très petite, j'ai compris que je détestais mon berceau, donc je me suis décidé à partir. Ma chambre etait bien éclairé donc j'ai pu voir pour l'organisation. Une joue a jeté au-dessus du côté, et j'étais libérée. J'ai marché à genoux et j'ai trouvé mon papa par terre. Il regardait la télé. Je me suis blotti contre lui, et j'ai dormi avant le fin de Mama's Family. Après ça, mes parents comprenaient que je devienne indépendant. Les soins bébé disparaissaient.
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First off, tomorrow I need to get a blue book for my american government test! and then I need to study for it. (I am not too worried. It is an easy class and will be mostly vocab, although I am disappointed that I just missed the study chat for it. Dang.)

Anyways, the luck;

Someone sent out an email a week or two ago asking for volunteers for a 'freshman drinking survey' and of course not being a drunkard, I participated and recieved a $20 barnes and nobles gift card, so I used it to purchase used copies of Sabriel and Abhorsen.

I got an e-mail yesterday saying 'hey lol your book is here' and I went down to retrieve it but the secretary had LEFT for the day; she doesn't need to leave until 5, but always does by 4 and tells us that, but sometimes she's there later so you might as well try at 4:30 anyways.

So stu says to drop by before physics the next day (today) and I grumble and say k FIEN, but really that's almost the only time I have to do it.

so this morning, I make sure and leave a little early so I have time to squander at the front desk; I get up there and say I have a package, and she finds my name on the sheet, and omg, there's a note written on it. While I'm mildly 'wtp?'ing, she goes 'oh no!' and I go 'W:ELGN:ELGNS:DG WHUT' to myself, and she continues 'Are you a resident here?' I say 'yes' because it's the obvious truth, and she says 'well, I couldn't find your name, so I just put it back in the mailbox just now!' and she sends a lackey standing near out with the key to open the pale green mailbox and fetch out a book -looking package. She flips open her rolladex, and goes to Alec Bynum (a charming lad in my french class this semester) and my name does not follow his.

She says 'hmm' and starts asking for some details and says she will make a replacement, and I mildly freak out, because I've gotten packages before, and gosh how come I always have to disappear off of record? When I was trying to buy books with my fellowship last semester, I had to go through some hoops to get it activated for some reason, which was very trying.

Maybe someday I'll be happy to be able to fly under the radar, but I can't help but wonder, against all intellectual knowledge, if I haven't missed out on amazing treasures by being missing.

I also took a picture of myself today. I was rather pleased with the way I managed to take it
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After watching Monsters Inc. for the first time (well first time to watch all of it except the end) around 12:30 and you come back at 3:30 after you spent some time discovering 'hey these earrings really are made out of silver!' and doing some toothpaste polishing, and generally going through all the jewelry you've ever had, including some of your first earrings and that little necklace you think your grandma gave you when you were six, and then finding out where all your hair ribbons went off to after your mom cleaned up your room when you were gone at stu's like she always does (it's so annoying) and sorted out your necessities for the next school term and you should be good on those until spring break at least, and sorting up other things you need to remember to take such as John Fgt's MtG cards, and trying to teach your dog not to chew on everything in the floor, that soap really does taste bad, yes I told you so, and don't take reita's bone, it's hers and not yours. . .

It's REALLY nice to come back to your laptop at the aforementioned 3:30 and upon grabbing the unplugged power cord and waking the display, finding out you had three minutes of battery life left and aren't you the most awesome person in the world because of it?
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Oh, right.

This happened like a week ago, but I kept forgetting to post it.

Stu and I were driving down this street (two lanes) to go to some stores by the mall and we noticed there were a ton of cars in the oncoming lane. There was a little red car with a lady trying to turn left and since it was just two lanes, no one could go around her since she couldn't turn. So I slowed down and let her turn, and as I drove on, I realized the line of car was much much much longer than I had thought. We're talking 50 or more cars perhaps. 50-80 people that were all waiting on one woman in a little red car that just wanted to get home at 6pm.

The sheer magnitude of a good deed like this just really floored me. I mean it blew my small mind. That one simple act of courtesy could have such long reaching reprecussions like that.

So kids, do your good deeds because they might be more far-reaching than you think.
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(I am actually listening to You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth at the moment, but I have grown to love this song so much that I felt it should be tributed. I always want to play it first when I pick up guitar hero.)

Speaking of that, I've almost beat Medium on it. I got 98% through Bark at the Moon before I failed :( I tried playing it without the guitar controller and it was so weird xD

In other video game news, I have dropped any pretense at continuing my game of ff7 (not only have I accidentally written over two random files on my only psx save card that I was using for ff7, 9 and vagrant story x.x;;;;;;; but seriously, the game lost its charm after disk 1 for obvious reasons) and am in disk 2 of ff8. I haven't been playing with a guide, but the d-district prison is so annoying that I think I might consult one just to get out faster.

In other non-game news, I saw OOTP on the 12th. My friends were waiting there all day/afternoon (depends on which one we're talking about xD) so I called one up and they said 'shore come hang out with us' so stu and I hung out with them for the two hours before they started selling tickets. We were like second or third to get our tickets because the people working there were like 'lol we're only selling them at one window' and then they were like 'lol psyche, come on over to this window'

It was so neat, but boring waiting half an hour for it to actually start. My friends and assorted took up almost the entire back rowxD

The movie was pretty good. I wish they could've gone more indepth on some stuff, but I can respect it for being a pretty gosh darn good movie! At any rate, after it, I was driving home, and I said to stu 'oh my gosh, in two weeks, I'll know how harry potter ends:O' and he was like 'lol don't spoil it for me' and I was like 'OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG' and it was a good thing that I can drive pretty great while I'm under emotional duress (ie: excited about fandoms, crying bitterly, horny, etc)

when we got home, I played GH with my friend while stu packed, then she got on facebook, and I started to get worried that she would end up staying forever late, so I had to try and nicely ask her to leave so stu and I could cherish the last night together. I won't go into those details, because I'm sure they wouldn't live up to what you guys could imagine! But we did stay up too late for getting up at 9:30 x.x;

so yeah, no stu until COLLEGE starts :( Just over a month now.!!!!

I finally got ahold of my roommate. I guess she's not an internet freak, she just gave me a cell # and no aim/msn/y!m so that's kinda disappointing. She seems pretty nice, if athletic, and I think she's another fellow, so we have some things in common ? x.x;

I'm getting all kinds of excited about colledge. I want to see all the effort I've exuded culminate into this money stuff I should recieve. I want a stipend check, goshdarnit! I want to spend money and make a fantastic dorm. The only difficult part is waiting until I'm actually in the room to figure out what to put in it. I have got a bathroom rug to go on the floor (not of the bathroom, those are communal :|) and a chair to sit in, and ordered loftage for the bed, and got some sheets (it was funny, at orientation they were like 'LOL companies will try to sell you extra long sheets. You don't need these unless you need an extra long bed, and you only need that if you're like 6'5", and then I got a catalog from target in the mail (with OSU stuff int eh back, of all things! It was addressed to Alice Modell, so there's no telling where they bought my name from) and they were like 'LOL XL SHEETS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO IN!!!!! and I just kinda laughed and said 'Well I guess they were right')

I need to get used to using my macbook again. Since stu was here I've barely gotten to touch it! He got the screen all dirty :(

A few days before he left, I was like 'I wanna go on a walk' and he's like 'where to?' and I was like 'dunno' and dad was like 'how long?' and I was like 'dunno'

We ended up walking all the way down my road (~.8mile) all the way down the mountain (~1.2 mile) and all the way to a little pizza pro/sub place they put in the tiniest strip mall ever (a long way). Before we went the last .3 mile, it started raining! and my toes were getting blistered, so I was like 'stu trade me shoes' (lol we can do that) so I put on his converse and took a few steps and demanded his socks as well.

By then it started pouring. So I ran. And he kinda sidled awkwardly in my sandals xD after a short breather under an awning of the old historical Bank, old trading post building, and current photography studio, I decided it wasn't going to let up, so I kept going. When we passed the Manse, I saw the preacher's littlest daughter outside with her umbrella and she was so cute! We took some shelter under the methodist church's eaves, and realized after we got to the front that they were having bible school xD

Some cars stopped for us on the last road to cross, so we ran across and into the pizza pro and asked for some paper towels. After those, we ordered, and you'd think that after a three mile walk that you'd be hungry, but I couldn't take but four bites of my sub. I finished it up after OOTP though, and man it was the best both times. I have a mind to go back for another.

Anyways, we were soaking wet still and I was blistered and tired (my legs are still kinda stiff) so I made a call and we were picked up by the Dad Taxi 8) kinda anticlimatic, but hey, I don't htink I could've made it back UP the mountain. It was bad enough going down!

We did find these cds on the side of the road though, mostly not scratched or broken (the cd stuff is peeling off the front though. i never really understood how cds were made, so this was cool to find out without having tos acrifice any of mine.)

If the crappy cd chain gets started back up, here are about 15 prime candidates. I haven't even listened to them all yet. I have only listened through one of them halfway!

I waxed part of my legs the last couple of days. They're still kinda red and stingy from the last time, but thinking about all those hairs that came out (they looked so cool all aligned so perfectly xD) and how long it would've taken to tweeze a corresponding amount, I feel pretty good about it. I just wish it wasn't such a boring process. I was going to do it while stu was here, but the hairs weren't long enough then :( I need to make a judgment call tomorrow on whether i'm going to shave around them and wait another week or if I'm going to try and get more off xD it's kinda funny looking right now, but that's okay, I haven't really gotten dressed all day long.

Something I've started doing a lot of again is reading. I think I have four books started right now. In order of how much of them I have finished:

The Drawing of the Three; it's pretty good, and also has pictures! win. I really like Eddie (why are so many guys named eddie?)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; I still haven't found my copy. I got this one from (it's a UK edition! the guy who sent it to me probablly paid more in postage (10,65E) than it cost to buy (7 something #L) It's so neat finding all the little differences between the versions. I haven't read poa in a long time (that's why i've been wanting to read mine, but it's been missing) but I keep catching stuff like 'torch' 'defence' 'minister for magic' 'timetable' and the single quotes, and the lack of chapter illustrations :(

It's still one of my favorites though. Harry is still a little boy, he hasn't had to grow up yet. Quidditch is still his main worry. What happened to peeves in later books? Have I just read over him? I've been wanting to fangirl over Lupin all over again :|

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; got this off of bookmooch too. It's pretty good. Makes me want to ride a motorcycle :} I can judge how much I like something by how much it makes me want to go do something. I want to ride a motorcycle for this; I wanted to fly through the air suspended by webbing after watching the first spider-man movie. I can't remember any other examples off the top of my head.

Eternal Enemy; this is probably the one that no one has heard of. It's by christopher pike. I have a forever fondness for his books (they were a staple during late elementary/middle school years) I remember some important things at the ending, but not how they turn out exactly. I hate remembering what happens at the ends of books; it makes reading them seem so futile.

Um, this is getting long. I will end by saying I have more mosquito bites on my derrière than any human ever deserved :(

(I want stu back here)
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Rather intense for not having stepped into the building in 11 days!

The situation:

I fully intended to miss Monday, not being in Arkansas until about 5pm. I planned on going Tuesday because we had State quiz bowl.

However, my first flight into detroit was delayed.
And delayed.

And cancelled.

Stu and his mother were with me, which was excellent because all I wanted to do was sit down and cry. Profusely. Also my cell phone was dead and the charger was stuck in a suitcase which I had already checked.

Also I had this funny feeling that I was going to start bleeding soon. (and as a bathroom break a few hours later showed, I was!)

So Vickie and stu and I stood in this line at the NWA counter, as a lady directed people who weren't supposed to be on that cancelled flight around us so they could be checked in, and slowly we were assigned alternative flights.

When I got to the front of the line, we were directed to one lady, who seemed grizzled and capable, but she was needed for something else, so we were relegated to a novice with chipped pink fingernail polish. However, since she had no clue on what she was doing, another veteran came by and pretty much did it for her.

Sadly there were no flights going from Indianapolis to Little Rock yesterday. The first one left at 8 this morning. Indianapolis is two hours from stu's house.

Then stu had the remarkably clever idea of trying the North West Arkansas Regional Airport; the 'Fayetteville' airport. An hour longer drive and my parents hadn't ever been there before.

But hey, there was a flight that connected in Minneapolis/St. Paul that got to NWARA at midnight. Home by 2:30.

During the several long hours of sitting in Indy, while stu and I amused ourselves ate pocky and played with my macbook, I had completely forgotten all about Quiz Bowl the next morning.

As the night got later and I got closer to home, I comforted myself more and more often with how I could just sleep in and stay home that day and relax.

When I got to NWARA and found my mom and was relaxing in the bathroom, with a much needed toiletry item from my suitcase, I breathed that idea to her, and was answered with this jarring answer:

"Oh you can't, you got Quiz Bowl in the morning".

Oh you're kidding. No you aren't. I remember now.


Apparently Mrs. Jones, our quiz bowl sponsor, had called mom that afternoon to remind her since I hadn't been at school that day, and mom had told her of the ridiculous happenings, and she told her "Well, just get some sleep"

I cried. Not quite as much as I cried when I thought about how I was going away from stu (the 26th!), but my mom told me not to cry (I can't remember if she was snappish like she is when she gets irritated with me when she's tired) that we'd just tell mrs. jones too bad

I laid in the backseat of the Blazer and thought and prayed.

I figured this "k, I can say screw it and not go to school at all and feel guilty. or I can get up at 7 on four hours of sleep and go and be pretty miserable, a lot like state quiz bowl back in ninth grade! (That's kinda ironic. This year is supposed to be ninth grade all over again. I just realized that). Maybe I will not go, but still go half a day at school to make up for the half I skipped last thursday. Yeah that sounds good; then I can catch up on stuff I've missed and see my friends and can still sleep in. But man I'm not going to get any sleep right now if I let this stuff bother me, so I'm just going to forget about it on the drive home since it's futile to think about it"

And I nestled down and slept the entire way from fayetteville to home. I dreamed about something I think. I toitered into the house, brushed my teeth (stu is a terrible influence, I didn't brush my teeth for several days in a row! he didn't badger me about it like he did last time and now i"ll get cavities. STU IT"S ALL YOUR FAULT. MAKE ME BRUSH MY TEETH WHEN YOU DO) pulled two heavy comforters off my bed (it was way too hot, especially compared to those cold Ohio nights, bunkbuddy or no bunkbuddy) and fell asleep again and dreamed some more.

Dad woke me up with the closet light (I hate that) and I thought 'oh lord no he woke me up at 7' but no, it was 10 and he was asking if I was going to go to school today. I told him yes, at noon, and he left and I decided to get up anyways because it'd probably take me a couple of hours to get around.
It was kinda reminescent of not going until noon the monday after Prom last year.

I did some dumb computer stuff and got mad because windows tried to make me use a login screen but there was no account present to choose because that's how I roll

Anyways, I went to school, signed myself in, tried to give my sob story, and was told to come back later because the secretary who handles such things was on lunch duty. So I went to the commons, wondered vaguely where my friends were, and ran into hannah. I got several "you're back?!"s, which at first I attributed to my having missed two days and two half days of school in addition to spring break, but was instead instigated because of quiz bowl.

Apparently mrs. Jones had called mr. cato's (1st hour) class looking for me, and he said I was not there, and they told him to send me to the office. Then he went to the office to clarify and they did an all-call. Looking for me.

I guess it's kinda neat to obviously be regarded as the supreme necessary member of the team, but kinda sad to be sought out so hard.

And kinda scary to think of how I probably let the whole system down, unless the boys did magnificently and then I can't share in their glory. I won't know until tomorrow. man I hate waiting, the anticipation makes me crack.

So yeah. I think this might be termed the year of disappointing people.

But I did get an invitation from Cambridge college to go to England for a summer program. Sadly $5600 not including airfare and extraneous meals is outside of my budget.

(the belks card I charged an insanely cute dress to because I had no cash and their cardin' machine was on the fritz is successfully paid off. I see now why credit cards are a big scare to people such as stu's mom. I'm not used to being scared ofthem because my parents use theirs successfully. I didn't believe my dad when he told me he'd never paid a cent of interest; it's impressive)
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I'm 60% LiveJournal!

Maybe starting to get into it a bit too much.
Either that, or your life's really interesting.

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Hello, Kids. Welcome to "Junior Paper Hour" with Allie.

Today's lesson is on open source software and why it is so much better than that silly stuff you paid $350 for.

Take a certain well-known free word processing suite. Today I saved a one page file, with all the proper formatting I needed for it and it was about 6.4 kb in size.

Well, a "friend" of mine, for some reason, does not have that program installed. Is that a problem? No way! I use the handy Save As: function to save it as another popular, but costly program's filetype.

The size? It was now 11kb.

Still with the proper formatting. The text became a big hyperlink for some reason, but I wasn't complaining.

Then I decided to paste the original file directly into that costly word processor and see if it was any better than the imitation filetype.

The formatting went to hell.

I spent five minutes getting the spacing to stop adding an extra space between paragraphs, and then I had to fight with hanging indents, which had to be manually reset every single time, rather than just once, or just adding a tab where I wanted it. No, when I did that, it added a tab for every single line in the paragraph, above and below.

Eventually I beat it down to how it was before.

Saved it.

A whopping 24.6 kb.

Now children, I had noticed open source software saving files in less space in the native format of their commercial competitor (Hello, graphics editing programs!), but to find out that it seemed to be common in the industry, that was a little mind blowing.

That's all for today, Kids. I hope you all learned something very valuable from this.
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she's gone and taken him away;.;

it's sorta necessary, since he's got to be back in little rock to catch the flights home. I have SKEWL, and since neither he, nor my parents, nor his parents will let me let my schoolwork suffer, I have to be a good girl and type up lj entries until noon, when I'll eat lunch and get ready for afternoon classes. (we worked to dismantle prom, so I get to skip the morning)

So like. Friday night, I dressed up all pretty, we left sometime around ten to get to the LR, and a ways yet before we got there, a diamond up in the sky flashed and got bigger and bigger. Little Rock's airport is like tiny, so how many flights are there at nearly midnight coming in? This was really when I was ever nervous. tiny whatifs kept trying to invade my mind. 'what if I get play'd. I'll look like a tool tomorrow with no intarwebz bf to speak of' etc etc.

They were so completely unfounded.

I did my best to look nonchalant t00bing up in front of the exit from the terminals, but when an entire friggin' planeful of people went by, but no blue shirt'd curly haired dork showed up, it was difficult.

Then through the windows, I noticed one, so I sorta stepped behind a column to work on my nonchalance, then he came out, and I sorta stepped towards him, and he sorta ran towards me, and we both turned very giddy and fumbled off a sloppy kiss. (as in, nearly totally missedxD)

as it turned out on the way home, he was much better at kissing than that.

I can't remember how many times we made out, but they all were fun )
and of course now, it's monday and he's gone and I'm sad and have to go to school in about an hour. And really hungry now, actually.

Here is a modest sampling of pix. They're all really sorta big, I didn't want to bother resizing them yet.

sentimentality )
I guess in a way this weekend was a bit of a gamble. "can two kids off the intarwebz hit it off for realz?"

Dangit, they can.

It was more than I could've expected it to be, and far less than I was ever afraid it might be.

I love you, Stu <3
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Who Should Paint You: Gustav Klimt

Sensual and gorgeous, you would inspire an enchanting portrait..
With just enough classic appeal to be hung in any museum!

long crap story! )

That's the most I've written creatively in a while. It was like writing a big fanfic, except the the fanbit hasn't come out yet:(
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from the_odd_one )

We got a 2 last night.

Better than last year (3, 3, 4 compared to 2, 2, 2) but not what I wanted.

Paris got a 1, and when they played us in football and performed that night, we were better than they, I think.

It was interesting when we were talking with Riley, who used to go to the largest 5-A school in our region (russellville. They performed second to last, and only Tech was after them). She said that they didn't work nearly as hard as we; instead they relied on a few good players and their reputation for excellence to pull through.

I was disappointed in Northside's show. Brent asked me which of the fort smith schools I thought would do better, as Northside was taking the field. I chose Southside immediately for the mere fact that northside didn't have a pit, and thus no keyboards. And it was true-- Northside's show turned out to be rather boring.

Southside closed with Turn Turn Turn, and it was the exact same arrangement we played in ninth grade. Opening with bass drums, with the bells having a moving eighth note line on Eb and Bb and the xylophone with 'one (and two) and (three four)' repeated on Eb and Bb. They had the triplets in the same spots, and it was as though I was back on the field (we didn't have a pit that year, with only seven percussionists and only three of those being battery, so we stood back on the second hash behind the band, stationary) listening to david tanner play all four bass drums himself, Derrick on snare, adam with quads, Jill playing tambourine, or cowbell, or whatever it was she played. (we had a tom for Spring break, sleigh bells for Winter's Tale, cowbell for School's Out, but I forget what she played on Turn Turn Turn).

They did it so much prettier than we, but I don't begrudge them that.

Oh, the Ozark band had quite the gentleman for drum major. He was dressed in a pinstriped black suit with a black fedora and rose, and his salute included an indearing bow to the audience, so Megan and Riley and I made him into a bit of a pet xD His name was Spencer xD

Clarkesville had a nice james bond theme, which I look forward to seeing again friday night. Then we have to go to Dover and see theirs again (although I've forgotten what it was), and Dardanelle comes for the last home game, and maybe the end of the season. Dardanelle's band is so much more huge than ours that it's frankly frightening. They've got 90 members. Whch is bigger than this year's senior class.

anyways. I was tired as all get out all day today. I still am.

You know what I dreamed of this morning?

I was awake and looking into the bathroom, looking at the glow from the nightlight we keep in there. Then I heard someone SHOUTING. At 3 in the morning. There wasn't anyone awake in our house, but I heard someone shouting inside.

But the thing is? It sounded like one of our flagline members.

I turned over and tried to go back to sleep, and then I started to hear TRUMPETS WARMING UP. This was about when I realized that I must be dreaming, because clearly there were no trumpets in my house at 3 AM.

So I went to sleep dreaming of marching band, and got no rest at all that way.

Then before I woke up, I had a weird dream about a kitten. shut UP denffe.

And now, some southern tourism tips I picked and chose from BST ;)

3) Don't order a bottle of pop or a can of soda down here. Down here it's called Coke. Nobody gives a flying damn whether it's Pepsi, RC, Dr. Pepper, 7-Up or whatever- it's still a Coke. Accept it. Doing otherwise can lead to an ass kicking.

4) We know our heritage. Most of us are more literate than you (e.g., Welty, Williams, Faulkner). We are also better educated and generally a lot nicer. Don't refer to us as a bunch of hillbillies, or we'll kick your ass

13) Don't ridicule our Southern manners. We say "sir" and "ma'am," hold doors open for others, and offer our seats to old folks because such things are expected of civilized people. Behave yourselves around our sweet little grey- haired grandmothers or they'll kick some manners into your ass just like they did ours.

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They won 36-34 for SHANNA

It was an awesome game:D

we scored two touchdowns in like, the first quarter, then subiaco (the trojans we FLUSHED xD) got two, but we got another in the second quarter so itw as like 21-13.

Then we marched, and shanna conducted in her TIARA, all sparkly, and I played really sloppy, but it felt like it was good. I had my wrist wrap thing on, so I played full-on, instead of just half hitting the notes like I did in practice.

Then it was halftime/third quarter break. I teased hannah by telling brittany's older brother danny about brent and telling them how to find him xD then megan and I looked at the engraved bricks they're FINALLY putting up outside the concession stand (IT"S BEEN SIX YEARS NOW) I saw mom's homecoming queen one from 1976, grandpa bill's, great-grandpa marshal's school board one, robin, ryan, and david's (my cousins, robin plays baritone), emily mobley's, daniel reidmiller's, tish and amy and ch and pam's, and like a ton of others.

Then megan and I went to go gather up band members and hi-jacked cassandra, brent, tried to get t.c., riley xD then megan decided she needed a drink, so we RAN back to the concession stand xD

At this point, subiaco decided they wanted to go and start BEATING us again, and they got up to 26 points, so we went to 29 some how. then they ended up getting another touchdown about halfway through fourth quarter for 36, then subiaco gets ANOTHER one bringing them to 34. but then we manage to go four minutes without them doing anything more and W00T!

It was a very good and entertaining game. Kathryn kept claiming I would break the cow-bell beater, but I promised her I wouldn't until after Region (TUESDAY) I had a nice little woodchip pile htough xD I have got to get a picture of that xD

walking back on the track to get out of teh stadium, I captured brent, and we started singing My Girl (the song we played for the homecoming) and substituted shanna's name xD "talkin' bout. . . Shaaaan naa!" we decided we'd sing it to her on monday xD he might do it before then, since he stayed for the dance (hannah didn't know if she would go or not until today since she was seeing if he would xD) and obviously I'm not.


Way to (finally) win!

you guys busted those trojans REAL good.
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Oh man, today rocked.

It was almost completely different from the norm~

1) Decade Day: wore my mom's blue flower shirt, three braids in my hair, a wreath of fake flowers from walmart, my PANTS, a wooden bead bracelet I'd forgotten about, and a strip of orange fabric tied around my thigh. there were some 80's dudes, and some other 60's and 70's. Shanna dressed up as a pioneer lady xDD

2) PSAT test. It lasted until about 11:15. I think I did well on it. I didn't have hardly any doubts about the math section, but I probably didn't do too well on the reading/critical/writing whatever part. it's hard not trying to use southern slang in the suggestions they give xD There was probably about twenty of us taking it. I remember a few of the math problems: "x^10=5555, (x^9)/y=5, find xy", "so and so is 10% of 36000. If 25% of an unrelated part is removed, what percentage is so and so then?", "a circle has a radius of r. two lines extend as the radii of another larger circle. They go out 3 from the smaller circle. the section they mark is a part of the circumference of the smaller circle and equals 6. if x is the corresponding part to the larger circle, find x." (wow i worded that badly)

3) staying inside in band. Mr. Ray was reworking ALL the spots in seven bridges road, to make sure they're absolutely perfect. So we stayed inside and practiced a little and did cartwheels.

4) pizza for lunch in leadership. I forgot to bring my jessieville coke so I bought another xD

5) the observer dude in mr. cato's class was still there. He had been in mrs. jones room the other day and mentioned how imbalanced the student abilities in pre-ap algebra II were xD "some students struggle and slow down the entire class while others sit in class and knit" and mrs. jones was like 'yeah, that's her sitting right over there!" and he was like ":oo" today he was like "are you headed to art class?" "yeah" "we'll I'll meet you there" xD

6) French class was fun. we played Telephone (and had some weird results, mostly because felicia and brandy were the last two, and they're probably the most inept at itX.x; everyone had gotten the "une second, s'il vous plait" and I know riley had it, and I think even Brandy knew it, as she tried to correct felicia after she'd said something weird xd Then we listened to a french intarwebz radio station xD (

7) I got mrs. garza to take my picture, stopping in her room before seventh hour xD I'd missed her, mr. johnston, and mr. wagner's classes because of testing. When I went to art, tristan was there from journalism and she took my picture toox.x;;

8) mrs. jones told me I reminded her of my sister Nichole xD Then Melissa Deweese was like 'oh you have a sister?' and I mentioned I had three, so I had to say their names and stuff xD Then mrs. jones mentioned she'd dropped out of school and melissa was all 'was she pregnant' and I was like yeah, but later. and then she and samantha started talking about rivendale and bridgeway; a teen . . . sorta a cross between mental hospital and disciplinary school I guess, and a straight out mental hospital. I've been to both of those places and was thinking back to when nichole was in rivendale, and when mom was at bridgeway and visiting them.

and now I'm home. <3 home.
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Well, looks like hannah c. was the one who won our Band Bachelor.

(if you'll think back to early may and before, she and megan had been into him, and he nearly went out with megan, but never really seemed interested in her when we got back from louisiana. Apparently hannah f. also liked him, and she's taking it really hard I think. I need to figure out some way to make her feel better:O)

Oh band love.

Anyways, the game tonight is at Lamar. That's like, really close, so it'll be a short drive. I'm thinking about taking my poncho and working on it on the drive if no one is talking about anything interesting and maybe during the game. I can always make Riley play, since we only can take one keyboard into the stands. it's more than a foot wide now! I'm stoked:DDD I was working on it during math class and when mr. cato went to explain something on the other side of the class, I put it on and was dancing around in my seat xD Then riley put it on and decided it was too colorless for her xD

Oh! We watched more of Les Miserables in french today:OOOOOOOO and it got so GOOD. spoilarz )

in CSU at lunch, we had fabulous friday, and even if we didn't do anything all lunch but sit out on the walkway that goes behind the artroom, it would've been awesome.
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the spider's web is gone. I guess dad knocked it down.

The cold front that was supposed to meet hurricane rita is FINALLY making its way down. c'mon cool weather!

I'm going to ask mrs. garza tomorrow if I can get my grade any higher in her class with accelerated reader, if so, I'm gonna take a test on The Listeners, by Christopher Pike. Right now, I have like a 113 for AR because watership down was worth 44 points and I only needed 25.

The Listeners is one of pike's more out-there books. He should've stuck with writing teenagers; this book is 400 pages of pseudo egyptian lizards. but that's what I expect from him xD

You get points in AR depending on how many questions you answer right on the tests. the hardest test I ever took was in like seventh grade on some non fiction book on native americans before columbus. that was one boring book, and i got a 70% on it.

Apparently only one person has passed the test on Les Miserables, rachel francis' brother (rachel played trumpet in band and graduated last year, she's one of tisha's friends, and her brother is weird, from what I've heard xD he graduated several years ago). Interesting the things you learn when your librarian teaches you french.

but yeah, my english grade is 99 right now. That's a lot better than the 94 it was before, or there abouts, I forget exactly.

So, if there's a point cap I've reached, I'll wait until after october 5th (ar deadline) or ask mrs. cioppa if I can take the test and have it count for next nine weeks.

if not, more points here I come!
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There's a spider spinning a web out on the side porch. I was going to go outside and kill it and destroy the web, but then I realized something.

She's doing a beautiful work of intricate art. Is that much different from that I've spent all afternoon doing? Except instead of using eight legs with various hairs to position a silky excrement in a pattern, I just use eight fingers and a metal hook to position yarn in a pattern.

We're really quite similar, after all. And I think she's just a wolf spider anyways, big and ugly, but hopefully she'll eat mosquitos.


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